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Dark Journalist: New Age Deep State – Part 4 with Derrick Faust


Derrick Faust is a young man who served in Naval Intelligence for 7 years, with an Above Top Secret Security Clearance, during which time he served in Iraq and was the Information Security Supervisor for the trial of Saddam Hussein.

After leaving the military, Faust began searching for truth and he landed on the popular blog, StillnessInTheStorm (SITS). He eventually found himself working as the Admin for that site, where he still works. Faust then also volunteered to work on some Corey Goode conferences in Mount Shasta, California and he became T-shirt-wearing fan of GaiaTV’s time-traveling astronaut.

Contributors to SITS soon became a hunting ground for young talent of Corey Goode’s unscrupulous marketing team, headed up by Roger Ramsaur, which is detailed in this interview and in previous installations of this series by Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt.

At the recent Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree, California, Derrick recounts his growing concerns over the manipulation, commercialization and  degeneration of people and organizations he had previously believed in. In particular, he noted disturbing change in his friends, ‘Corey’s Kids’ Jordan Sather, Teresa Yanaros and Justin Deschamps after they attended an occult ritual led by Ramsaur in a Joshua Tree cabin, where Goode allowed only a chosen few plus some “hot chicks” to attend.

Faust has come forward to voice his opinion that, “It’s time for the truth. This can’t go on.”

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