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    Dark Journalist interviews Dr Joseph Farrell on the new wave of UFO and balloon shootdowns and the unusual response of NORAD and the Biden administration. Dr Farrell looks deeply at the development of the UFO Threat narrative as a prelude to the enactment of Emergency Powers and the activation of Continuity of Government with NORTHCOM General VanHerck at the helm of the new Regime.

    They also delve into an obscure program called “Bad Insider” that Dr Farrell has researched as part of the drill that happened during 9/11.

    DJ brings up the possibility that there is a second National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which he refers to as “NRO-2” that keeps its presence unknown, just as the first NRO did during the first 30 years of its existence. He believes that NRO-2 is handling this phase of intelligence-gathering towards the development of the Deep State’s false narrative about a UFO threat.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Excellent show –
      Great presentation and knowledge of such a controversial set of ideas and topics.
      Well done – BRAVO!
      Thank you.

      Creator bless ~

    • I really enjoy Joseph’s sense of humor! He could have been a great comedian but what he is doing is so much better.

      The government stories are so incredible that I just don’t believe anything they say since they all sound made up.

    • Edited version correcting typos of previous submission) Greetings, The question being asked by Danial and Dr Ferrel – “who is in charge of the nuclear football” is answered here in the links below. I’ve studied the sources of these videos and other leading edge “Channeled” and “Galactic information which I consider the missing key in almost all alternative journalism and geo politics. The real story behind it is magnificent and truly a profound culmination of a lifetime of investigating these subjects.

      Links here: Ramtha – “Who turned the nukes off ? advanced ets ”

      Pipe smoking alien crop circle video with Ramtha

      • Jake Bell,

        Enter this sentence into
        DuckDuckGo search line :

        “ Shocking allegations from former JZ Knight follower ”

        She possess an eidetic
        memory, used to prepare
        for lectures/readings.


      • Yes, and Nazis being originated to Jesuits, Ashkenazi
        Sometimes Nazi is obstruction for finding the real criminals hiding under different names and religions.

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