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‘Last Stand’, directed by Hashem al-Ghaili is reportedly the first short film made entirely by Artificial Intelligence, which took care of writing the script, creating the concept art, generating all the voices, and participating in some creative decisions, as a demonstration to showcase the potential of AI in filmmaking.

It’s very interesting and humorous too see how the AI portrays an alien invasion and how the film ends. Considering that an AI conceived the plotline, one may ask whose point of view does the film represent?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • No matter how intelligent computers are, they can only spit out what is put in. Clearly the machines that produced this video were programmed by anti-trump atheist evolutionist’s. I think it demonstrates more of the bias of the computer programmers than the intelligence of the machine.


  • @ Josey, the movie you referred to was the first thing i thought of! “the day the earth stood still”. Also, the pyramid shaped ships were from an old issue of “Omni” magazines cover! when I was younger I loved science fiction and I used to buy the magazine. seems like the storyline in the magazine was about the Ancient Alien civilization enslaving the human race to extract Gold from the earth for their Fuel or something like that. I do know Ive heard and seen this before. There is nothing new under the sun!!

  • That’s bad news that the human collective seems to trust the tactic of aliens presenting themselves as “wise” or “cleansing”. Little fuckers. They do this world after world to the naive unsuspecting races. Truth is that it is dog eat dog out there as below, so above. Nature is mature. Territory and resource acquisition rules. Wise up world. Read “The Briefings” then tell AI to re-write this story given the secrecy and trickery involved.

    I am an advocate for The Allies of Humanity. or bust. Thank you Alexandra!

  • These are not ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCES. All these systems are derived from massive amounts of human data. They are at best ZEITGEIST MACHINES. They will show what is really in humans for better or worse. May God help us, which ever god is in power at the time.

  • Trump’s AI Voice lacked accuracy. DJ’s voice lacked dementia. There was definitely a leftist / biased twist the way Trump was presented. If the AI was deriving the narrative from present day elements, then derived a conclusion on if ETs visited, where did the idea for those octogonal spaceships come from? From this 10 m. short, the AI seems to only know what the average MSM educated person knows.

    • “AI” does not exist in our reality, and what they are calling ”AI” is not no matter how much they claim it is since “AI” was born/gendered/begotten/birthed in the realm of science fantasy and fiction and thus will never exist in our God-created nature of reality.

  • We will remain in planetary quarantine to prevent the infection from spreading to the good parts of the galaxy until the dust settles . AJ was right it is a prison planet. Billy gates and friends proving once again they/he/it is one sick puppy teaching his AI wet dream how to kill humans more importantly the last stand of white Christians. Sicko Billy and his sicko butt buddies are bottom dealing the last card won’t be long now they will be sucking vacuum after being shot out of the port hole of a galactic mothership after his tribunal. Bon voyage douchebag.

  • “whose point of view does the film represent?”

    One more predictive programming movie : on our planet, Man Kind is supposed to stay enclosed in fear, doubt, sadness, war, debt, illness, worry, guilt, ignorant of her power, in order to keep feeding the parasites that organize the SIMULATION (or Plato’s cave) we are supposed to believe is reality….
    until we decide the game is over and refuse this fraud and take back our energy for shaping and living our own lives.

  • The Electronic Revolution is the Demonic Evolution.

    The Intellectual Inception is the Perceptual Deception.

  • EXCELLENT Message!

    While it is necessary to maintain both the yin and the yang – We have tipped the balance, and our planet needs a cleansing.


  • Certainly takes the globalist twisted viewpoints and narrative lines. Doesn’t give much confidence in the honesty or benevolent AI purposes and intentions of those who created it.

  • There’s a whiff of DARVO about this film. Wouldn’t an AI see that the mass of humanity is wise and compassionate. Wouldn’t it correctly identify a parasitic clique?

  • Very interesting. If I look at the movie as a whole, I would say it is a warning. Divided we fall, United we stand (and prosper) as a race. Given the fact that AI created the whole movie. I have to wonder if the symbolism within the movie is simply derived from data the AI learned from, or is the symbolism purposefully inserted into the movie.

  • As a long time sci-fi fan, and I’m talking many decades, I can honestly say that this short sucked!
    From start to finish it lacked imagination, creativity, and was actually puerile in its predictability, much akin to what one would expect from Greta Thunberg!
    Then, as it was an AI endeavor, one might would have expected something rather spectacular in terms of special effects, such as CGI, but no, it lacked such, being no more than a series of clips from the news and TV.
    All told, I would consider it to be a pathetic attempt to convey the same tired message that has been pushed down our throats since “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, in 1951, that either the people of Earth unite or die, a noble yet ludicrous concept, as even in this sorry attempt at entertainment, it is clear that the “people”, as a whole, have little say in regard to unity, as it is the wealthy elite that have long fabricated wars, intentionally driving us apart, for fun and profit!
    There is no gain without division, no need to govern if all unite, as it is adversity that creates the need for governments, as such, governments will always create conflicts that only they can resolve, more often than not, making them worse!
    But that also creates further need, now doesn’t it?
    Governments thrive on the misery of the governed, crisis creates the demand, as such, they will let NO crisis go to waste, lacking such, they will create it, consider it cause and effect, or better yet, supply and demand, if the population is content and functioning well, they will supply the crisis, creating the demand for government!

    • “it is clear that the “people”, as a whole, have little say in regard to unity, as it is the wealthy elite that have long fabricated wars, intentionally driving us apart, for fun and profit!”

      You propagandize the common fake narrative of the pubic is a mere victim in the hands of “the wealthy elite.”

      The ruling “wealthy elite” do not operate in a vacuum, and never have. There are 2 destructive human pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED — study “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”… .

      The criminals in powers are in those positions and do what they do ONLY because of the activities, or inactivities, of the majority of “good” people.

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