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Get ready for some serious woo! Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews author Elena Freeland about her upcoming book, ‘Under an Ionized Sky: Chemtrails & Space Fence Lockdown’.

Elana’s research into the Reagan Era Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) led her to the conclusion that its true purpose is to ionize the Earth’s atmosphere for a global surveillance project that would make human DNA searchable, as part of what Freeland calls the Space Fence.

According to Freeland, two key components for the deployment of the Space Fence have been achieved with the activation of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and the development of the D-Wave quantum computing chip. Freeland suggests that these two, in conjunction with the Space Fence will enable total domination of the Earth’s atmosphere. It involves the occult and all kinds of other freakiness. Enjoy!

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  • The skies over my hometown were a lattice of chemtrails today, I mean so obviously artificial and over the top. Thing is, if I stood there staring up you’d think that other people would look up too out of curiosity. What’s she staring at..? But no one ever does. Wierd

    • Oddly, my friend and I were noting Tuesday that the trails are not being laid in the last two weeks. Usually, it’s as you describe–cross-latticing the sky with intent. We were hoping they had lost funding somehow. Sorry to hear it’s in your area of the world in full swing. Apparently, nothing new is happening.

      • We’ve had wierd clouds too, like a thick band around the city. Horrible looking things. I’ll keep note though see if it’s becoming less frequent. Must be costing a fortune to keep spraying us with this muck.

      • They just send the planes where they need to for this operation or that. They have unlimited funds because they create money from thin air. We pay for it as endless debt. We are funding them.

          • Roy is, of course, correct about the money, how it’s made and who pays for it, ultimately. However, I continue to hold out hope for something to change and the money flow to stop. Stranger things have happened to high priority project funding. Nevertheless, if Elena Freeland is correct in her assessment and current theory, then the spraying is of the highest priority in order to secure the space fence and lock down the planet.

          • (answer for below, no REPLY button)

            For the spiritually bent, their offspring and their complicit ranks who have been in command off and on for millennium through fear, threats, deceit and murder it’s just another walk in the park. They’ve found a new way in the technological age to stay in control—they believe.

  • The Nazi’s, they had their name changed after WWII to CIA to hide them, are going o make the world pure, even if it kills all of us.

  • There is an DNA presence by any kind of duality/bipolarity, by which spiritual beings survive by their vegetative nerve system.
    Yes, this can become manipulated by ionisation and effect the emotional world on earth.

    Morevoer, there is also an RNA which is mostly not dual and has some dual aspects.
    This singular RNA system base on feelings, which can not become manipulated by ionisation, because it is a gravitational aspect, with the belonging mass.

    By the DNA system it is possible to reincarnate on and on and on……….
    By the RNA system it is possible to leave this survival circle of reincarnation for ever and find “heaven” within inside.

      • I’m curious what evidence you have of any consciousness expansion? What we see is people studying studying, but also following along with the newest tech. Particularly, do you see consumerism contracting? He mentions this at minute 14. I feel that delusion is expanding. People might or might not like what they see, but they are choosing a destructive lifestyle. Everything we do is based on mining the Earth and polluting the ground water. So where do you see health expanding? Studying studying studying is not expanding consciousness, it is expanding distraction. We need a rejection of the machine, and do you agree that returning to our roots is the correct direction?

    • I’d like an explanation of the RNA system to which you refer to for escape. I know it must be a protracted explanation, so not here. Ask Alex for my email and send me your thoughts. Thanks much.

      (ALEX–please give Aham my email address if he writes to you for it. I don’t want to post my address here for obvious reasons. Thanks.)

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