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Google’s canard about sites like mine not being “advertiser friendly” is a lie. Both Google and I made lots of money from advertisements running on my website for several years before the run-up to the 2016 US Presidential Election when apparently, a word from on high came down to demonetize thousands of publishers like me and to impede Google Search traffic to our sites. Our livelihoods were squashed like bugs by means of this insidious algorithmic filtering.

It had crossed my mind that someone needed to create a network of businesses that specifically want to advertise on Alternative News websites. I knew from my successful past that these businesses exist but I didn’t have the wherewithal to dream up the business model envisioned by Commodity Ad Network (CDX) Founder, Peter Fröhlich.

Commodity Ad Network is being created for alternative news publishers and for businesses that want to advertise in the markets served by these publishers, as a replacement for Google’s advertising service.

The first stage is scheduled to be rolled out this coming January. Then, they’ll focus on building a video platform to replace YouTube and eventually, they’ll add their own social media platform and search engine; all integrated through their ad server platform, all following the same philosophy of 100% privacy and zero censorship. It’s a melding of many platforms that have had varying degrees of success; it’s like a cross between, Steemit and DuckDuckGo – though none have successfully tied all of their elements together. Most importantly, none have included the vital element of creating a powerful coalition of activist advertisers.

The lifeblood of CDX is their own Etherium-based altcoin, called the Network token (ticker symbol CDX), the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of which is happening as we speak, through September 9th. As explained on their website, “Thanks to the appreciation of value inherent to the CDX token, advertisers are able to purchase ad space at lower prices, while the appreciation of CDX already in the token pool benefits the content creators at pay-out times.”

A pre-sale of the CDX token has been underway since August 26th, with an effective price of $0.20. The value of the CDX is anticipated to rise to anywhere between $4.60 and $17.29 within the first year of the ad network’s being operational.

Sean at the SGTReport hosts CDX Chief Marketing Officer, Steve St. Angelo, who explains more.

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  • Control, google has become the controller. Out with the king! In with somebody with an open mind! Remember, “don’t be evil” , be yourself.

  • Google hates us? I HATE Google (Gurggle). They’ve jumped the shark, and need to be boycotted. So STOP buying from them, use other search engines (Bing – which sucks, or Alpha. What about Alta Vista? Web Crawler?)

    FUCK GOOGLE, those greedy bastards cheated me out of $60. One of their app developers in Turkey didn’t deliver, and Gurggle thinks they did (but they didn’t) yet these stupid computer geeks think that is truth. It IS NOT.


    • PS, Eric Schmidt is a boring tool with NO vision, who was just in the right place at the right time, and played politics well, or, more likely, he’s a Luciferian or in the Cabal.

  • Finally! People who really, really get the insidious stranglehold youtube/google have on the internet world and that it will only get worse by increments if nothing is done to sidestep these monster Deep State mouthpieces. We all know this. The corporate “priests” of these monster sites seem to truly believe they are the absolute GODs of truth who have to quash freedom of speech by metaphorically burning books and using direct economic censorship to drive out alternative viewpoints. They’ve become their own little terrorist group in the last 2-3 years. And all their efforts are in direct support of their digging-a-grave-for-themselves-fading-buddy the MSM.

    Seems the guys in this interview have the knowledge, skill, business model and chutzpah to formulate a break-away and hopefully bring freedom of speech back to the net. Absolutely fabulous! YOU GO GUYS.

    Suck it Google/YouTube!

  • Doh! I’ve just realised something…I’ve been wondering for a while about today’s counter culture. Where is it? Its not coming from music, literature, film, art. It’s coming from the alt innovators. Alt media, crypto currencies, alt trading platforms and now alt search engines. Hurray we DO have counter culture

    • Yes, the Liberal hippy counterculture has been subsumed and amalgamated into and has become the mainstream. This is how the dominant culture stays dominant. I am a social Liberal and I am totally dismayed by where it’s gone.

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