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Catherine Austin Fitts just made her first appearance in several weeks on Dark Journalist this Friday evening to promote the latest issue of the Solari Report, “Who’s Who and What’s Up and What’s Up in the Space Economy”. I’ve set the start point after her story about the many hoops she jumped through to be confirmed as Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1989 under newly-appointed Secretary Jack Kemp during the GHW Bush Administration.

The conversation turns to how she never conceived of a Secret Space Program until repeated episodes of space stations having problems resulted in HUD having their budget ransacked to cover the costs.

“There seemed to be a relationship between space and HUD…they were in an appropriation basket together.” She later referred to this as part of the “Space Tax” and also learned that Oliver North called HUD the “Candy Store of covert revenues.” Over time, she was informed by others of the Secret Space Program, which she was only able to confirm the only way she knew how – by following the money.

She notes that mining and elevator companies were making a lot of money during a period of massive construction of underground bases and how a subscriber of hers, who she describes as being “Really deep in the Texas business community,” swore that all of the offshore drilling of GHW Bush’s company, Zapata Oil “Had nothing to do with the oil…it was all missile silos – which makes sense, what a perfect cover.”

Zapata, which was also co-founded by former CIA chief, Allen Dulles is notorious as having been an unprofitable offshore oil drilling business that was in reality a front for covert activities. All Zapata records and SEC filings between 1960-1966 are missing, with 1,000 boxes having been pulped just prior to Bush 41 taking office as Vice President in 1981.

Fitts also says there’s a “Perfect symmetry between all this money that is disappearing,” and the infamous $21 trillion missing from the US Government Federal Budget. She deadpans, “I really believe what they saw on Voyager scared them to death and that’s when the financial fraud just went nuts.”

Although Fitts says she was too caught up in her work in 1989 to be aware of the Franklin Cover-Up scandal being publicized at the time, she did have a close brush with it because her boss, Jack Kemp was caught up in the White House call boy episode associated with it.

She says, “He was clearly being blackmailed…I’ve never seen a human being more afraid than Jack Kemp at that time.” A career HUD deputy during that period told her that she had to be very careful, informing her, in so many words, that Jack Kemp was a pedophile.

Still, as far as the “missing trillions” are concerned, Fitts says, “You can’t just bust through all those financial controls with sex slaves and control files and pedophilia…Terrorizing people – that can cut through a lot – but…somebody, somewhere has to believe that what they’re doing has a legitimate purpose – a strategic purpose.”

She then gets into the gory details of what this spells for the pension funds. “If you look at this from the highest portfolio strategy level, the US Government is simply a laundromat; to take real money out of pension funds and move it into private hands as a gift.” However, Fitts believes there is a remedy to this – and it involves disclosure.

“All you need is for 25 pension trust fund trustees with Treasuries all around the world to say, ‘OK, disclosure! This this is a violation of the Securities Law, to sell US Securities and not disclose some material omission’…All you need is for a completely out of control group of pension fund trustees and sovereign wealth trustees all over the world to say…’That money’s disappearing out the back door. Where’s the money? That’s our money. That’s collateral on our debt. That’s our spaceship. That underground base; that’s our collateral. You need to bring that back on the balance sheet.'”

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  • ….so the pension funds are significant because the fund managers are buying treasury bonds, which is the same as lending the investor’s money to the government? So the fund managers have a right to question the government’s ability to deliver on the investment? And as the government have no intention of investing that money legitimately they’re simply stealing it, that means the fund managers are in a position to expose them and the what they’re involved in?

  • This info is from Wikipedia, I know people say you can’t trust Wikipedia, nevertheless, Wikipedia does inadvertently give away relevant information.
    “Jack Kemp was a 33rd degree Freemason in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.” That pretty much says it all.
    Tribe, Ivan M., “Gerald R. Ford Jr. : The Most Recent Masonic President” Archived March 3, 2016, at the Wayback Machine., The Scottish Rite Journal of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, September 2003
    Hodapp, Christopher L., “Brother Jack Kemp, 33° R.I.P. “, Monday, May 4, 2009

  • Can anyone tell me the difference in the Liberals and the Conservatives? We elect new people from my state…8 years later that same person is a multimillionaire. are they ANY honest Politicians at this level?

  • Has ANY Government in HIS-Tory ever told the TRUTH about ANYTHING, Since their “Religious Beginnings”???
    WHY do you Think they call their Space Program a SECRET???
    Evidence appearing on line that the WHOLE NASA scenario is a Massive Scam designed to Rob the Sheeple.
    The LIE NASA told:
    I believe their so-called SECRET Space Program is actually UNDERGROUND, or “Inter-Dimensional”.
    In any event, the so-called “Alliance” is NOT working for OUR Best interest at All…Secrecy has NEVER been an Asset for Humanity (Remember What Kennedy said about secrecy?)
    WE are being fed MASSIVE LIES EVERY DAY…since 9/11 about EVERYTHING.
    the Whole “Disclosure Movement” has been high-jacked by the Satanic Vatican/Zionist, and to make matters worse WE Must (In Their minds) Pledge Allegence to the NWO:
    No One will enter the NWO unless He or She will make a Pledge to Worship “Lucifer”, and then take a Luciferian Initiation.
    Does THAT sound like “Oneness” with Divine Providence/Creator to anyone???
    Clearly TRUTH is destroying the LIES and SECRECY Daily now.

  • Catherine masterfully wove much of the Bush scum into one story line. Love it! Maybe he’ll go back to his reptilian world now.

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