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    Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar and Giza Death Star Book Series Author, Dr. Joseph Farrell. They explore the relationship between “Nazi International” and the JFK Assassination and the Black Projects involved with exotic Nazi technology and back-engineered ET technology that were the roots of the Secret Space Program.

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    • Its really Not a big secret anymore that the NAZI’s actually Won WW2 via WHAT happened with “Operation Paper Clip” and there after (Formation of the CIA)
      They have since Taken over the USA since then…Especially when the BUSH (Sherff’s)family took over the Presidency of this country (Thanks the the Vatican connection)
      Now we know TRUMP’s administration has LOADS of ex-Bush folks “Involved” with IT too.
      No wonder HE called for a formation of a “Space Force”???
      Smells exactly connected to the SSP folks too, Huh?..Witch makes IT OWNED and controlled by the VATICAN…LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IS…RELIGION=GOVERNMENT….GET-IT???

    • The CIA was started with Nazis from Paperclip and the OSI. So, would YOU trust them to look for Hitler in South America? That is why the job was given to the FBI, witch didn’t operate outside the country. Someone was NOT looking to find Hitler in Argentina. I know Joseph says Columbia, but I have heard other stories as well. Then there are the scientists from Paperclip that were going to Mexico to visit “people” while driving their expensive cars, that they could not afford, from what they were being paid. Where did “that” money come from? Lots of unanswered questions. Of course, it’s all hearsay anyway………… The Nazis won the second world war, why do you think we have a “DEEP STATE”?

      • Did you forget to mention the so-called “Deep-State” also Controls the office of the President of This country???
        Why do you think THEY Killed Kennedy??? So that they would have COMPLETE control of that office too…Next they those Nazi’s went after the rest of this nation by using ENRON (Remember?)…to get compete control over ALL “Energy Sources” by buying out the rest of the ENTIRE branches of US Government.
        ONE of the Main reasons for what happened on 9/11, was to Shut-down the investigation that was on-going over ENRON…And The SIGNED into Law NESARA movement…Remember?
        So when we talk about WHO the deep state IS…You have to include the ENTIRE “Corporate” Government…OWNED BY THE VATICAN.

        • To ADD here is Proof the Vatican is behind the NWO:

        • Yes! I use to live in Houston. Dick Chaney was top man at Enron. I remember Donald Rumsfeld found out that a lot money was missing and blew the whistle .The towers came down AND building #7. I had a feeling that it was the beginning of something big coming. People were sacrificed to the New World Order. The bu$h family were always corrupt. Poppy Bush’$ father was one of Hit!ers top men. And there was something unsettling about BarbarA.
          I remember when Creepy poppy bu$h gave his speech that night about the new world order. Government is corrupt to the bone. They killed our Republic when they murdered JFK.. And then we got LBJ., souless and corrupt. And it went down hill from then on. Then we got President Trump and look what they have done to him and his family.
          I use to watch football with my husband. But stopped because there was this darkness and evil at half time. I don’t watch TV.
          Well, I guess we will find out what’s next. Congress has gotten away with murder far too many years.
          God Bless America! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    • I like these guys. BUT…

      DJ is either unconscious or he’s running some Tavistock get-more-viewers hypnotic spelling. Sometimes I feel like I should count the number of times he keeps using the word “fascinating” or “interesting” in his seductive soto voce voice. I mean he does it over and over and over.
      And then he and Farrell giggle like school girls. Joseph! what’s so funny about Nazis and historical distortions?
      Gigi Young is pretty thing. She looks like a deer in the headlights as she gazes into the swirl of misshapen history. Sorry but I feel DJ is in love with the buzz of the Mystery, but he keeps it on a mental level. DO the shamanic work DJ. Go IN. You sell the Sizzle. NOW walk the walk. Put your soul into the Fire. NOTHING will get better from playing ring-around-the-rosarie with the X. It’s a Cross you get up onto. Vector Equilibrium. Cancellation of ego. “Hey it’s great. So many wonderful people here! (kiss kiss) . Sign up. Likes. Numbers. ” Laugh, chuckle, giggle, snort. Steiner jumped into the swamp. You sit on the edge. Atlantis sunk into the deep astral waters. Time for DJ to do the same.
      Listen to DJ purr as Joseph repeats his old stuff again.. How far up Joe’s ass is DJ’s tongue? This is SO consciously manipulative it makes me puke. “Dark” Journalist? Limited hang-out on Google?

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