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    Mouthy Buddha is a great video editor, with a very special gift for sound editing. His skills were brought to bear in this analysis of the Bob Lazar story, when he was given free reign to use the professionally-filmed footage from the recent Bob Lazar biopic, ‘Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers’.

    Until 1989, nobody had ever heard of Area 51. Lazar claimed to have been involved in a secret government project to back-engineer alien space craft that used an anti-gravity propulsion system based on element 115. This extremely radioactive substance did not exist on Earth until it was synthesized years later, in 2003 by Russian scientists who named it Muscovium.

    Lazar has said he had come forward because the excessive secrecy around this alien technology was holding back science and civilization. He was emphatic that these captured UFOs and their associated technologies should be made available for study by the scientific community at large.

    Mouthy gives a very balanced report, detailing how Lazar’s claims seemingly began to fall apart when his employment and education could not be verified. Lazar, however claimed that the Government had ordered the destruction of his records.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • As a neophyte new to all this, I find the negative comments kind of strange, as I thought the video presented a plausible case for believing Bob Lazar. I did not see in the video any enthusiasm for the critics of Lazar and the video ended on a rather accepting note. I watched twice and do not understand why the naysayers are now attacking Alexandra and Mouthy Buddha. Go figure.

    • Like Bob said: “you get caught up in the minutia”. How does one ever explain a mind-boggling subject such as ‘building machines that defy everything that has been acceptable up until now? I don’t think the indescribable Area 51 would ever let one person put their ‘doings’ up for public inspection……or perhaps Area 51 is a decoy for other hidden machines and studies elsewhere. It’s a puzzle …. sort of like how everyone thought Lee Harvey Oswald was just a regular guy….RIGHT! Hey we don’t even have the goods on our past history on this planet yet…why should we expect Bob Lazar to be our go to guy …. he stands by what MKUltra has probably given him to stand by.
      At any rate it was a great read…Thank You Alexandra.

    • Interesting show you have on Bob..I have followed this story since it’s beginning when it all was happening an unfolding.. You have many missing parts of the events and it may be best that you stay that way..
      The un-answered parts.. fill all the spaces..

    • Mouthy Buddha is a LARP of anti-common sense. He’s been contrarian to a number of ‘conspiracy theories’, which are actual conspiracies.

      While it’s good to hear both sides, Lazar knew of the flight test, and video evidence as well as eyewitnesses testimony confirm this inside knowledge.

      He had a security badge from S4, as well as a pay check from Naval Intelligence.

      He was listed in the Los Alamos directory, and colleague Dr. Robert Krangle confirmed Bob worked there as a physicist.

      His foreknowledge of element 115 is indisputable.

      He knew from the briefings of Zeta Reticluli 1 & 2 (A & B), where the Greys come from, which was unknown until Marjorie Fish deduced that from Betty Hill’s recollection.

      So Mouthing Off Buddha is just a swill swallowing smut muffin re: LAzar. ANYONE debunking him never has anything better than “his education didn’t check out..” Hell, if I hadn’t paid all my tuition money post-graduation, I would not have an academic record either. Has Buddy Buddha ever heard of WitSec? Erasing someone’s background is easily done.

      Alexandra, why publish this? Just to present a “fair and balanced” view? Oh no! You’re not becoming mainstream, are you??

      • Element-115 is now in the ‘Table’.

        When struck with an electron beam, it does NOT generate gravitational waves (Bob Lazar’s own description from his Dreamland interview by Art Bell, some years ago).

        Either Bob Lazar is mistaken, or he lied. No third way.

        As far we know, he was a custodian or a cook, at Area-51, and/or stole an S4 ID. Bit being wrong about something so pivotal is very unsettling.

        Because he is mistaken, he is possibly wrong about all his testimony.

        • His ID wasn’t stolen! It had his name on it.

          He isn’t wrong about 115! The didn’t have any idea it could exist in 1989 – it was purely theoretically. Also, their are MANY isotopes of a heavy element, so learn your physics and the idea of an “island of stability”.

          Also, Los Alamos (nor ANY gov’t tech firm) isn’t going to be truthful about such properties. Finally, we. can other create a few atoms of it – you’d need a lot of refined 115 at the proper isotope to get the antigrav, just like you need the right iso of plutonium and a shitload of it to get a hydrogen bomb.

          To suggest someone being wrong (or lying) about one thing makes them wrong about another is the dumbest idea espoused by debunking skunks. This kind of failed logic don’t play anymore.

        • Element 115 was projected to exist and it was sketched into the periodic table long before Bob Lazar came along, together with a few other “future” elements. His “foreknowledge” of its existence is a non-factor. It is extremely unstable and can only be synthesized under lab conditions for a few microseconds. It was synthesized for the first time in 2003. It does not, as Paul says emit anti-gravity waves when excited by a laser beam, as claimed by Lazar.

          Something makes me want to believe him but the business about Element 115 is damning.

    • No surprises Here, because Luciferian/Satanist are CERTIFIED Liars…WHY do you think there is so much SECRECY about Everything that involves TRUSTING anything Government do, and HIDE from US???

      • Aaaaaand..Don’t Forget the VATICAN knows ALL about these SECRETS….They just are Scared Chit-Less about WHAT is going to HAPPEN to THEM….VERY SOON.

    • I instinctively/intuitively know that Bob Lazar is telling the truth, for as a CE-4 “experiencer” in 1956 at Mt. Shasta THEY are here (and have been for millennia) but this info is SUPPRESSED because as Bob says it would be EXTRAORDINARILY DISRUPTIVE of the world economy, and powerful vested interests, and would not suit the Deep State at all, and if free energy were ever to be made available to the masses, the Cabal would lose control of the sheeple, the money, and the narrative. Sorry folks, no new paradigm today, just keep watching the boob tube, munching your gmos, drinking that fluoridated water, as chemtrails, pesticides, vaccines, and the soon to be introduced 5G system, destroys your body, mind, and soul. And if these don’t get you, then the Great Culling will, after all the Georgia Guide Stones says: Keep the human population at 500 million. So, instead of pushing up Science, you’ll just be pushing up daisies. SAYONARA folks, it was nice knowing you.

    • I don’t care what big mouth Buddha has to say to cast doubt. I have that old saying, “I Believe “. Of coarse I also believe we went to the moon using rockets. Now if Bob Lazar was selling books, or telling about blue chickens I might change my mind. But he’s not. You can believe what you wish. Have a good one.

      • When you have seen them…there is no doubt, disinformation such as these people spews forth…just do not believe in them or what they say…Big Mouth Buddha…time to close it!

    • If memory serves, Lazar displayed a knowledge of the inside of certain complexes that verified to ex black-ops workers and known whistleblowers that he had indeed been inside of them. As far as his employment records being destroyed, I have sat here and watched several of my portable hard drives light up and then be drained of data before I could reach and unplug them from my laptop. If they can do that, then deep sixing his employment records would be a breeze.. IMHO

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