In our own lifetimes, we’ve each seen memory-holing, cover-ups, revisionism and propaganda deployed around historic events, both recent and more distant. To re-state a very hackneyed phrase that I use a lot, history is written by the victor.

In this age of censorship, algorithmic filtering and of course “National Security”, knowing history becomes a battle space.
In a very real sense, we are our personal and cultural memories and the knowledge we operate with today will affect our future, so it’s hard to overstate the importance of knowing history.

This is why the burning of the Library of Alexandria 2,000 years ago ranks among the worst crimes ever committed against humanity. It’s widely believed that the losses of scientific research, including that of physics and medicine as well as the losses of cultural and historical knowledge and documentation set back the progress of human civilization by at least a thousand years.

There’s far more that we don’t know about the burning of the Library and its impacts than what we do.

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great and it thrived during the Hellenistic period of the Greek Empire, between 300 BC and 30 AD. The extent to which the Library went to gather information and historical and cultural documentation from all over the world is fascinating. They wanted everything: Babylonian texts, Hebrew, Turkish, anything and everything. Ships that came into the harbor were required to hand over the books they had, as well as any other documents and blueprints of ships and any other kind of technology. The Library would keep the originals and have professional scribes make an exact copy of the original to return to the owner.

According to legend, the earliest Greek translation of the Old Testament was written in the city of Alexandria, which many speculate was written at the university-like campus of the Library.

Examples of the intellectual horsepower at the Library of Alexandria include:

  • Hipparchus, the astronomer and the founder of trigonometry, credited with discovering the Precession of the Equinoxes, with making the first map of star constellations and with establishing the various brightness levels of the stars.
  • Euclid, the most famous teacher of mathematics and the founder of systemized geometry.
  • Dionysious Thrax, an early linguist who defined various parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, pronouns, prepositions, etc.
  • Eratosthenes, identified that the Earth rotated around the Sun – doing so 1,800 years before Copernicus. He’s credited as the first person to find the circumference of the Earth, estimating it correctly to within 200 miles, doing this by observing shadows in Alexandria compared to those in the south of Egypt.
  • Herophilus, known as the father of anatomy established the first known medical school within the Library of Alexandria and he identified the brain as the center of thought and not the heart, as previously believed for thousands of years.
  • Heron of Alexandria, the mathematician is believed to have created the very first working model of a steam engine, 2,000 years before James Watts

It’s generally thought that the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar ordered the burning of the Library in the year 48 BC. Where it gets interesting is the speculation that not all the Library’s books were lost and that some important works may still be stashed at the Vatican…

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  • To make it simple, good information about anything any more is very hard to find. And has been since the library in Alexandria was put to the torch. Since then there has been a lot of book burning, and censorship by the so called “people” in charge. And if any of the info survived it was hidden form the people.

  • There are many versions of where certain rescued documents made off to. Some claim that the deep looks, revelations and content on self-realization and the human connections to each other and the mass mind were sequestered in various deep desert or high mountain holds around the planet.
    Thus, for a time, that potentially deep manipulative construct was kept from the hands of those burdened with no honor, self-respect nor ethical scruples.
    In truly walking the path of learning with regard to ‘Man, Know Thy Self, _any_ attempts to influence another human or group of humans who are not aware of this power is an act of ill will and disrespect to the ‘spirit within’ those targeted.
    My take, the advent of electronics in our various cultures is a living example of that lack of basic wisdom. Individual freedom, the most necessary element in the human quest, has been totally enveloped and controlled, by the profane.
    I got into using boolean search tools in the early 90’s. At the time there were many routes to mostly free docs and access. That carrot, in the ideal of free and prolific use and doorway to knowledge, promoted with excitement, was very quickly glomed onto and dominated by a gross lack of Heart and wisdom and supplanted by the simple minded and dominant emotion known as greed. Money can’t buy Love…

  • This WHOLE piece is nothing more than an effort to “White-Out” the Real TRUTH about OUR-Story…The One that was “Birthed” Out of Africa, where “Civilization” got its Start and moved around the planet.
    Of course one has to realize those HU-mans ARE of the BLACK race of MELANIN Beings, coming out from their MOTHER Creator…The Wo-Man Energy “Divine Source Creator”.
    The Vatican Luciferian/Satanist Already KNOW this, and have been trying to HIDE the REAL TRUTH, by trying to sell their “Whited-Out” version now called “HIS-Story”…Everyday this LIE is being EXPOSED.
    I suggest everyone who LOVES “TRUTH” get a copy of “Out of Darkness” (IF you can Find a copy)…Its available on line.
    Then review the Internet series called: “From Indigenous American to African American”…It is available on YouTube and is over EIGHT hours long…WRITTEN BY WHITE SCHOLARS.

    • Its VERY Important to “Understand” that the “Father of the LIE” is going to be REMOVED Forever SHORTLY….THE VATICAN.

    • You might, but all you’ll get is Farrell endlessly chuckling like the Cheshire cat but offering up no solutions. Yes Nazis and Babylonian banksters, and Tiamat, and pyramids as weapons. All fun stuff but leading to nada.
      Farrell has a degree in Patristics, meaning he buys into the JC story. some scholar! Well, once dipped into the river and baptised they stick to their mythos.

      See I mirrored this site which suddenly disappeared recently. this UNDERCUTS so much of the Bible revisionism, yet we NEVER hear of it from Farrell… or his giggling X-mystery fanboy pal DJ, and his endless quest for “fascination” and things “interesting.” The way DJ purrs in his Tavistock PR mode… dangle the Mystery carrot… have NO answers.

      don’t expect any here either. this is daily sound-byte territory.

  • This was disappointing. I was expecting to hear that the library had been preserved and that the manuscripts are in the Vatican in the eight miles of shelves underneath the city.

    • I suspect that the library was burnt down after most of its contents was shipped out to Rome – later to the Vatican . Who were these Roman-Senators” with their curly hairs anyway ? Not talking about the general population of the Roman Empire.


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