The Mainstream Media has been largely silent about the group of Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI), who were engaging in their typical, confrontational, hate-filled “street ministry” in DC on January 18th. Their disgusting, racist taunts formed the backdrop of the viral video of MAGA teens from Covington Catholic High School and from everything I’ve seen of the footage, it appears that the vile attitudes of the BHI were wrongly transferred to the Kentucky kids and ascribed to the latter.

If you don’t live in a big city, you’d likely never previously heard of the Black Hebrew Israelites, let alone seen their insane behavior, so here is a compilation I found. In this age of PC, the taunts seen here almost seem like a comedy routine and I actually began to howl with laughter, as I transcribed their surreal insults, below. If these misguided souls weren’t so serious, this might be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

I directed rap videos in the 1990s and some artists who I worked with back in the day espoused similar views, which are shared by members of the Nation of Islam, the Five-Percenters and related “Islamic” Black Supremacist splinter groups. The BHI believe that they are descendants of the Biblical Hebrews, whereas Africans (whom the BHI hate) are called “Hamites”, Caucasians are called “Edomites”, East Asians are “Moabites”. Non-BHI males of any race are called “niggers”, females are called “bitches”, “hos” and “freaks”, all whites are called “cave beasts” and they are “leprous”. I’m sorry, I had to laugh when I wrote that.

This video was shot in downtown San Francisco by members of the BHI, who are equal-opportunity haters, unleashing it upon: “you stupid-ass Persian bitches,” “dumb-ass, Tonto-ass Native Americans,” “fat-ass Samoans,” “f*ckin’ Mexican faggots,” “curry-sh*tting, coolie, towel-head faggots,” “damned Aborigine-ass that be roamin’ the desert, playing the damned didgeridoo, eatin’ lizards ‘n sh*t,” “all you so-called white women, you gonna get brutally raped out here,” “little ugly cave beast,” “all you so-called white people, you the devil, alright?” “death to Gooks!” “Have your last days of enjoying America, alright? The MOSSAD’s gonna put yo ass in slavery and gonna use us to do it! You little red punks! That’s according to the Bible! There’s about to be 144,000 Nat Turners arisen up, alright? There’s gonna be killin’ white people – babies included – and any o’ you so-called black people, if you ain’t wit’ it, you gonna get yo head chopped off – wit’ yo weave on it!”

I think humor and non-engagement are the appropriate responses to this insane anger and also an awareness and a sympathy for the fact that the trauma of 400 years of institutionalized racism is real and it’s still working itself out in the fevered minds of these people. We should not be tricked into anger at them and we should hope and pray that they may one day find peace and love.

The Mainstream Media, on the other hand, until they completely retract and apologize for their libelous claims that have put the lives of innocent kids in danger, the same forgiveness should not be granted to them.

The operation to smear these boys stinks to high heaven. Racial supremacist beliefs have been falsely ascribed to the Covington High School boys, who had likely never imagined that such crazies as the Black Hebrew Israelites and the outrage culture-grifter, Nathan Phillips even existed – let alone that they could ever become the innocent victims of an unconscionable and unforgivable high tech lynching that continues to be perpetrated against them by a Liberal media that will not tolerate MAGA hats.

This is how our cold civil war is being waged – until it goes hot.

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  • This is why the bible is such bullcrap. Anyone can interpret it any way they want. Religion ruins everything. Why do people need religion to be good. Just be good for goodness sake.
    Leave religion in the dustbin of history and get on with saving ourselves.

  • “HATE” is the crux of All evil. Our world is full of more hate than love!

    What do you expect from a bunch of ignorant Blacks who think they have found their calling in throwing out VILE hateful words? It is all about them and they do not care who they hurt — including children of 16. It’s NOT the Catholic Church, nor the FBI or CIA…IT’S PLAIN OLD “HATE” festering out of sore laden mouths, ADULT SORE LADEN MOUTHS.


    So where is Law Enforcement and why hasn’t anyone filed a harassment suit against these flea bitten demons? These Black “Supposed” Israelites are nothing but hate mongers and need to be arrested and put in jail. End of their nastiness, end of story!

  • A few observations regarding this ‘ compilation ‘, from an Eastern-European ( born under Communism ) living in ‘ good old US of America ‘ for the last almost 24 years. First, ask yourself how much is ‘ free speech ‘ and how much is harassment of the public/tax payers in a public space. Second, how can they afford to stay there day and night…who’s paying their bills, shelter, etc. Third, if another group of another color/race was doing this ( whites, or latino, or yellow, as example ), how long before the police comes and arrest them ?! The only think ‘ good ‘ in this ‘ freedom of speech ‘ of a paid delusional minority group is that many sheeple are awakening, after seeing(/interfering with) the ‘ oppressed ‘ in…” action “. Or on video, like on this site. PS: much like the election of Donald Trump: showing the corruption of the political establishment and of mass-media ( ‘ presstitutes ‘ ); he is not going to do to much ( rock the boat ), unless he wants to end the mandate earlier ( a la JFK, with his brains on the streets, or a la Nixon, framed and shamed ). Only those totally brain dead cannot see the writing on the wall…

  • Yikes!!! Isn’t it OBVIOUS “Who” is behind ALL of this “Divisive” Crap Yet…THE VATICAN???
    What HYPOC-CRAZY the Catholic Church are (Laugh!!!)…They have Satanic Rituals Daily in SECRET under the Vatican, and yet talk as if they are pro-life?!?
    THEY are the Masters of Child-Abuse/Murder/Sacrifice/Pedofiles…That so-called “Christian Catholic” high school children stood Defiantly in the FACE of AMERICANS REAL “INDIGENOUS” PEOPLE…WITH THEIR “STOLEN’ COUNTRY…WITH THOSE COMICAL “MAGA-HATS” ON THEIR HEADS?!?
    It cannot get any WORSE than THAT folks…HYPOC-CRAZY in your face EVIL!!!

    • You are totally OUT TO LUNCH! When You get your brain back from the dry cleaners try us again. Until then, you are a ghost…

  • Esau is the Sasquatch People. Ask the Native American , as they will tell you of this Nocturnal Nation of People who are of a different MANNER than You or Me.
    Who are NO QUESTION the Stronger
    Who are known to have a Dominant Red Hair gene in Their Population
    Who are covered all over , like wearing an Hairy Garment
    Who do eat Venision as a Main Staple of Their Diet
    Who is the Cunning Hunter ( not because they Hunt , but HOW They Hunt)
    Who does live in the Field
    Whoo does eat Their meat raw
    Who does have wrinkly Hide like Skin
    Who does emit a Foul Odor ( Esau’s Housecoat )
    Who does have the Dominant Presence
    Who is on every Continent
    Who does live in the High & Rocky Places ( for Tactical reasons )
    Who has NEVER Been Conquered before
    Who is considered small in Population compared to the Great Nations of today. But are Greatly Despised ( Because they are Cannibals )
    Who it is said the Males are required to leave for a Time with the Space Brothers ( NOT African Astronaughts ) is this where they are instructed to fly the Demon Craft that we call U.F.O’s today ?
    Who it is a Known Characteristic of these Feral People never to deplete a Food Source – But they will always leave a Few to regenerate the Population for the next time the Sasquatch are through the area.

  • From what I read in the Bible, the Israelites broke their covenant with “God”, more than once. They murdered all the Prophets that were sent to redeem them. They even asked for the Blood of Christ to be on their hands forever. It’s no wonder that these Damn fools are so filled with hate and remorse. Their father was the devil, and the sins of the devil they will always do. Read John : 8, and especially John 8:44. There is no way they will ever be able to escape the fires of hell. When I was watching that clip, I kept hoping to hear a report from a rifle from down the street and up a few floors, and see blood to start spurting out from between their eyes, one after the other. That’s the only way to deal with the Synagogue of Satan. Too bad someone can’t find their nest and route them out. They are beyond redemption. My Christian Dutch ancestors, who settled those strawberry fields, must be spinning in their graves.

  • What did these losers think they were accomplishing? Ridiculous, pathetic, vulgar and ignorant. Shining examples of how dumb and obnoxious BHI are…..creepy.
    I wonder if by some happenstance say one of their ilk got themselves into a situation that they could not escape from and there was no one around or near that could help them out and it meant that it may even be fatal. Lets’ say that a Chinese or East Indian or a gay person was the only one close that ‘could’ lend a hand and save their life. If they were offered this help… you for one minute think that they would refuse this offer? It would certainly put their belief about everything they believe in to the ‘test’. Screaming, using racial slurs or vulgarity to prove you are somehow superior. I can’t believe that BHI uses this cringe-worthy practice…it does stir the pot but one has to be careful about what’s lurking near bottom that may be just as nasty as you are. It’s their right to spew the hate but we don’t have to allow that hate to poison our beliefs.
    This video was hard to watch…….so sad in many ways!
    Thanks for exposing this group.

  • The mainstream media will not report on these black Hebrew Israelis because they are both the same people, (Khazarian Mafia). These fake Jew’s are not real and I call them “fake Jew’s” because that is what they are. True Blue Jewish people do not act anything like the trash that calls themselves Jewish. Just search Khazarian Mafia and they are like a rash all over the place and I first found out about them when doing a report about WW2 and how these same Mafia ruined Germany with the same tactics they are running in the United States. I have tried to warn the American people about these tyrants but my words fall on deaf ears and have for more than 20 years now. When they have successfully taken down the United States (which this was their goal from the beginning) I hope all the American’s will be happy then. I get very frustrated trying to warn people of these saboteur’s with Tweets and other means of public awareness but every time I find is a waste of my time. If only American’s would see things the way I have found things out, then maybe they would run these people down and lynch them because this is what is going to have to take place to get rid of this trash, forever.

  • Unbelievable, that’s all I can say. Hate will suffocate humanity and artificial intelligence will have an easier way to take us over. It’s really sad.

  • Mental illness is universal. Ranting and raving lunatics like these people are found in all cultures all around the world. Unless we start caring for our young people properly and feed them a wholesome, organic plant based diet this kind of mental illness is going to continue. There is a substance that causes people to go mad like that: mercury. I would say that as babies and young children these poor fellows were injected multiple times with mercury and aluminium adjuvants. The only way to remove mercury from their bodies and brains is for them to detox and then stay on a healthy diet.

    • Amen to that. And probably a good juncture to apply that “Be the Change” thing –widespread detox called for.

    • There is NOTHING ORGANIC in the United States of America! If your lucky and know a farmer that actually farms 100% organic is the only way your going to get organic food because grocery stores do not have organic. People believe anything and never do the research on what is really being sold in food stores nor do they read the government documents that is put out that tells American’s there is NO organic foods being sold…it is just a label to get your to buy it.

  • This CRAP reminds me of the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement being “Financed” by old SOROS to attempt to keep up the NWO’s “Divide & Conqor”…BUT it No Longer a secret the the White Race DID “Create” the the word RACISM, and is STILL at it trying to HIDE the REAL-Story about Earth’s creation and WHO was the “First-Born” of HU-Manity.
    By keeping “DIVISIVE” tactics at play so that Their “Agenda 2030” stays in tact…The “Arriving Female MELANIN Energy” will Removed Forever the “Luciferian/Satanist” responsible for ALL of this CRAP.
    Its also no longer a secret too, that MLK was USED to help create the “Division” between the races…NOT to UNITE us.
    Make time to SEE the Proof at: (3.5 hrs)
    Dr. Frances Welsing’s on LOVE:
    I also suggest for people that WANT REAL UNITY among the races review the ” Uhuru Movement:

    • Oooooh…I also wanted to ADD folks: RESEARCH the Real Origins of ALL “Religion” and WHY it was CREATED…Its All Over the Internet right now!

    • What does it matter what color someone’s skin is especially GOD which is spirit. Maybe Yeshua was black, to me it does not matter because I just want to make it into heaven and all the dogma that is floating around in this world does not matter one little bit. Do not let satin rule your life and be happy for whom our savior really is…He could have purple skin with yellow dots all over Him and it would not matter, period.

      • AMEN! Not that I’m religious or anything, but thank you for your effort to get it across that it’s not the suit you wear on this plain of existence that matters, it’s what you are inside. At least that is my take on it.

      • WOW!!! You have MUCH to Learn about the ORIGINS of “Religion” and WHY it was “Created”…YIKES!!!
        Obviously, You have no idea of WHAT God IS…RELIGION created the concept of a “Man-like” God.
        The MOST Ancient people on Earth KNEW What GOD “IS”…If you are one of the FIRST-BORN of HU-MAN Creation…YOU ARE GOD!

  • These troops of mental defectives don’t even know they’re a parody of themselves. With their mishmash gibberish, strutting and preening, 82 IQ performance art/gutter rat street gambol. Twisted and pathological, confused and discordant, but instructive and mildly entertaining. Now if they could only get their act together, tighten up their death chant timing, combined with fancier foot work, and a more rhythmic bombast section, I could get them some paying gigs. On Beelzebub’s Gambling Casino & Ferry Boat Ride on the historic River Styx.

  • I have my doubts about the spontaneity of the event.

    No way a sixteen or seventeen year old male could hold a stare. unblinking, no flinch, no physical reflex, no emotional reflex for that long unless that kid had been coached and practiced doing concentration exercises…ain’t happenin’.

    Then we have “the outrage culture-grifter, Nathan Phillips” great frame and one of the few real exposures of that dupe’s m/o. The MSM says nada re the ‘Native American drummer’.

    Now, let’s cheer on the ludicrous flailing the present chiefs of unethical and immoral invasion and slaughter in my name and that of hundreds of millions of my fellows presently being made into hysteria for action, manipulating, button pushing pos’s, now full fang into Venezuela.

  • I have my doubts about the spontaneity of the event.
    No way a sixteen or seventeen year old male could hold a stare. unblinking, no flinch, no physical reflex, no emotional reflex for that long unless that kid had been coached and practiced doing concentration exercises…ain’t happenin’…

    Then we have “the outrage culture-grifter, Nathan Phillips” great frame and one of the few real exposures of that dupe’s m/o. The MSM says nada re the ‘Native American drummer’.

    Now, let’s cheer on the ludicrous flailing the present chiefs of

  • BHI? I think it’s more like Big Mouth Idiots. Yeah, I know, the world has oppressed them, and they are sure full of it, and giving it away for free. I see a few have a hard time keeping a sober face. Or is it a straight face? I wonder if they take pride in their work to save the world? LOL! Maybe they need a drum to beat on?? But the names they come up with. Thanks for showing me the world I never see. I don’t watch T.V., so I miss out on the programing.

  • I think it was Hitler who said give me the nation’s children at age three and I will own them, maybe not, but the principle stands. These poor souls likely were more or less fatherless, without a dignified, respectable close male role model and instead looked up to Mac Daddies and other colorful anti-social males as the way to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

    This isn’t an accident in history, it’s part of a global plan to degrade and destroy the most ancient and successful government body in the history of mankind – the family as founded! Modern family destruction is traceable to Karl Marx who had a passion for destruction of all established institutions including the family and reorder them in a consolidated all powerful central state.

    Of late this seems to be characteristic of Democrat party policies, legislated into law by a coalition of like ilk in both national parties, mainstream media and the university.

    These misguided and impoverished souls are the fruit of the unprincipled, pragmatic monopolist-welfare state complex that uses human labor like machines without thought of final accountability. They will not be deterred by me, but if I could I would deter them. All I can do is to be accountable myself and encourage others to be accountable, that there is final accountability for everyone and its basis for judgment is how we treated others during our brief sojourn on earth.

    If more of us insisted upon the Golden Rule of treating others as we would have them treat us, Marxism and Monopolism would evaporate, because they are counterfeits of that. They promise the Golden Rule but deliver totalitarian hell in either Communism or Fascism which share the same humanistic DNA!

  • Oh and their tag line, that has been said to me multiple times, is (and I quote), ‘Esau, who is red, is Edom. White people are the devil’. Somehow Esau being described as ‘red’ can mean nothing but Europeans to these clown. The best part is, they are all Old Testament, skip over the entire New Testament, then pick back up at Revelations. They twist Scripture worse than anything Scofield could have ever come up with. Oh and some actually believe blacks were the natives peoples of literally the entire world EXCEPT Africa (including places like China and the Nordic regions). So every race and culture drove them to the worst place on Earth, but are only mad at whites. Geez

    • Their hate is unfathomable to me. It almost makes me shake, and I’ve only watched half the video so far. Not sure I’ll finish. Their teachings eliminate the New Testament, and so this is what they manifest. They need exposure, and Covington showed that.

  • I just call them the Black Klan. Actually its a bit more racially charged my name for them but I will keep it civil here.


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