Robert Barnes is a Civil Rights and Tax lawyer who’s probably best known for representing actor Wesley Snipes in a tax evasion case and aquitting him of all charges that would otherwise have seen him spend 16 years in prison and pay $40 million in fines. He’s offered to represent Nicholas Handmann and the boys of Covington High School pro bono and he is in complete agreement with me when he says of the Mainstream Media’s unprecedented attack on the MAGA teens:

“The press was waiting and they attacked. It was a deliberate campaign. This was a conspiracy. It was a hit job. It was a hit job on their futures. It was a hit job on their reputations.

“Imagine being a 15- or 16-year old kid. You’ve never, ever experienced this Leftie protest culture before and you think you’re just participating with the drums and with the Native American. You conduct yourself with the best possible behavior and then you go home and you discover that you’re the subject of the worst libel campaign of private citizens in US legal history.”

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  • It’s terrible that this is happening in our world. My son is 15 years old and he was in a similar situation. We were so disliked in our neighborhood, we had to move. It’s good that the moving company helped us a lot. We were able to compare all possible offers and they helped with cleaning. Really convenient service, which helped us a lot, I recommend this service to everyone.

  • Regarding abortion, if males gave birth, there would be an abortion clinic in the back of every 7/11, Jiffy Lube and McDonalds nationwide. We can either put an end to that conversation right here, or I can continue and say that there is not a Republican politician alive OR dead who has not sent their daughter, wife, mistress, niece and/or any other they deemed necessary off to have an abortion.

    Regarding the rest of this lame, video which brings nothing but heresay, a different camera angle and no factual evidence to refute the ‘in your face’ video of the snarky, little, white, male as initially reported in the news coverage…What’s your point? Maybe you should forget making useless videos and go back on Holiday.

    • Allyson Turner, I agree with you that the abortions shouldn’t be interdicted in the first stages ( under 10, maybe 12 weeks ), because you cannot force a women/couple to have unwanted kids, if they consider that they cannot ” afford “. And yes, the so called conservatives are, many of them, hypocrites…first the society you live in has to provide a safe environment to have children…it’s not the case with today US, like wasn’t the case in late ’70, early ’80 in Romania, when the Communist Government interdicted the abortions ! That’s the reason me and my wife have just 2 kids ( daughters ), not because we are whites ( she blonde ) and have low fertility ( or other bullshit )…but because we considered that couldn’t take care of more and didn’t want to be a burden for others ( tax-payers ). Saying this, I consider a crime to have abortions after 3 months, and an abomination. Instead of brainwashing our kids in schools ( for a lot of money – OUR money ! ), the Government ( and parents too ) should educate them how to have a ‘ safe ‘ sex and the responsibility of being pregnant and having a child. Regarding the video, you are not objective at all: first you have a ‘ beef ‘ with males, than with Republicans ( like the Democrats are saints – Bill Clinton…any bell ringing ? )…and ending asking Alexandra to not show videos like this one ?! Inconvenient truth, huh Allyson…?!…

  • Born in Eastern-Europe, under Communism, after more than 23 years in the ‘ land of the free and home of the brave ‘, I can tell you all that we are SCREWED ! I had two daughters in College and saw with horror that for the tens of thousand of $ paid, they didn’t learn too much, beside feminism, homosexuality, political correctness, holocaust and slavery…When the majority of the new generation don’t want to hear about facts, logic, real history, etc., but ‘ emotions ‘, when they preach love, tolerance and peace, but cracking your skull if they have a chance, and calling for the elimination of ‘ straight white men ‘, you know that it’s OVER: the Country it’s down to the drain ! Be warned…this comes from a guy born and educated ( 17 years of school ) on the other side…under Communism…it’s a deja-vue, only much worst…

    • I think the communist coup against our dear president has already succeeded. He is clearly powerless against it. AT this point all he can do is tweet – why haven’t they indicted Hillary?….he is has been rendered powerless by the communists who were put firmly in control under Obama…what happens next? I can tell you I am pretty sure it won’t be that the wall gets built and America retains it’s sovereignty. The communists hate that Trump says he’s a nationalist who puts America first….so who do the communist Democrats put first? I believe they put their agenda of chaos, death and destruction first. Our young people are lost to communist indoctrination. There is no saving the Republic. Prepare for a grim life of poverty, starvation, and enslavement….the communists – far worse than even China…have taken over.

  • Monsters indeed!
    I think just about every Republican voter understands the position of the country now. The USA is already under attack; that being by the MSM & the Deep State &their relentless pursuit of deposing President Trump. I think it’s obvious just how much hatred the Democrats can spew because of their bottomless financial aid from almost every corner of the US & the world. This entire scenario is so transparent…’s amazing how ‘in our face’ all of this has become. It bears carefully watching every news story and what they are hiding the truth behind. The only racism I saw was the BHI individuals and I didn’t really get why the Native group got involved at all. The students were there after participating in a ‘right to life’ movement. I don’t know about you but I’m happy I have had my life to live and I’m sure the babies that these students were celebrating are glad that we care. Unfortunately, even good deeds are up for smear jobs now. Way to go New York….you have let loose the ‘Cracken’. I wonder which child you will be missing now that this ‘legal murder’ is loose among us and how much loss the world will suffer for these crimes.

    • Well said, Wendy…It’s sad for us, for the entire Country and for humanity. What NY State voted it’s a crime/genocide against the Country and Humanity – I’m sure that even the Communists, back there in Eastern-Europe, wouldn’t imagine to do this ( legalize the abortions until birth…horror…unspeakable…). The young generation, brainwashed in Colleges, after paying tens of thousand of $ ( part from parents, part from loans that will bury them for the rest of their lives ), cannot see that they are the modern slaves and (ac)complice(s) in the crimes of the Establishment and the American War Machine ! It’s ” 1984 ” on steroids, no doubt about…

  • Is this guy talking about the same event? These kids were being outright racist against indigenous peoples, and was nothing to do with the event’s subject -anti-abortion. The fact their unacceptable racism took place at such an event is neither here nor there – they were attacking these indigenous people – period. Masking these fools actions is misleading, and bs!

    • My advice to you is this: STOP smoking weed ! And don’t waste your parents money in a useless College which is brainwashing you to the point to refuse to see what a normal people see clear: a bunch of colored people are caught on camera trying to entrap a group of teenagers, addressing insults and later posing in victims ! The video is more than clear…if was one of my daughters the aggressor, I will admit that. Do you know WHY ?! Because I was educated in the spirit of truth and in my time, the College wasn’t a cesspool of indoctrination !

  • Accountability, they are going to louse their account(cash), because of their ability to lie. Now, if this happens…… Maybe, just maybe they will get more money from Soros, or the CIA who funded them in the first place. And you want open boarders? To do to this country what is being done to Europe? I still say build a wall, starting with the bodies of those who don’t want a wall. Like politicians, hey Nancy come a little closer and examine the border, no, not 50 miles away like that. At the edge of the skirmish line! Sorry, I feel better now. Thank you for the space to breathe in.

  • SgtRpt on this subject is myopic…I repeat myself, but, it is beyond me how no one is questioning the veracity of a sixteen year old male undergoing one of the most intense personal and media trials one youngster could encounter. And yet, there is no flinching, eye blinks, snickers, no nervous anything, complete with spontaneous full composure with supposedly no coaching or previous practice…naaaww, I can only doubt this one.

      • Sorry, the ‘can only doubt this one’ is meant for looking further as there are already shadows on the Native American’s veracity, along with the convenient off the social emotional richter scale Black Hebrew whatever’s grating audio dominance.
        The kid seemed to have the composure sensibilities of at least a college junior. So, as little as I’ve looked and I see those anomalies immediately, leads me off into the weeds of wtf…ey?

        • Are the subliminals from the MSM TV are working on you?

          There is no veracity whatsoever to the “Native American” who was adopted and raised in a white suburb and who struggled to be accepted by the Omaha tribe, when he would later visit. He is a troubled soul who’s had problems with alcohol and employment and who has now found a way to make a living as a professional victim.

          The kid is 16 years old, not 19 or 20. In a subsequent interview, the angle is different and he looks like a child – however, he never backs down because he never did anything wrong!

      • The fact has come out that the parents of the head “MAGA Boys,” who was smirking at the Native American, hired a P.R. firm to do a “make over” of their son and the others.

        They’ve done a fairly good job, as they’ve fooled a number of folks, including the Publisher of this site, into thinking the teen boys were not only innocent, but the real “victims.” And that the real “villains” of the encounter are the Native American gentleman and the Black Israelites. Although there is evidence that the Black Israelites were throwing verbal insults also.

        These “MAGA teens” are from rich, privileged families who got their white privileged attitudes from their parents. And, yes, they were coached after the event.

        • You are either delusional, brainwashed or under influence of some drugs. I’m an independent regarding politics ( immigrant from Eastern-Europe ) and the provocateur was/is the so called ‘ veteran ‘ ( a fake one, and a liar one ). No doubts about…And when you post ‘ privileged ‘ as an argument, you totally disqualify yourself…snowflake 🙁

          • Indeed. Michael is very brainwashed by all of the stuff that I used to be very brainwashed with. This is the paleo-Marxist pap that is the language of the academic elite and much of Northern California.

            Michael is elitist against Catholic kids from Appalachia.

    • ” That’s right ” ( like in the video, kennyboy…the Vatican controls the Feds, Hollywood and mass-media and ‘ Wall-Street ‘…They bomb Gaza and practice usury…Yep, speaking of trolls/shills…

  • What do you get when you combine a vile gaggle of caca mouthed black racists, and a lying multiple AWOL refrigerator mechanic “hero” pounding on his drum – well you get a LYING CNN pounding out more FAKE NEWS that runs like sewage out of the mouths of their Talking Heads. But this time, they’re about to get BITCH SLAPPED BIG TIME by a woke populace and a righteous attorney, and a HUGE DEFAMATION LAWSUIT that will grab boatloads of their money, And we’ll have the sublime pleasure of watching these sleazy, slimy, unclean things, slither back into their fetid leftist sewers hahaha it’ll be fantastic, I can hardly wait!!

    • There is no left and right…that went seriously absent in the late 80’s when the dims decided to be lazy and greedy. Paraphrased as ‘hey, we can get some of that Wall Street cash too, like, uh, 100 calls for 10 million rather than 10,000 calls for the same money, you know, like uh, business efficiency’.
      And the dim’s slide into cheer leaders for our, the United States of America’s, immersion into the dung pits of war, greed and infamy. Money took control of the left as it became the right, and THAT is WRONG!!


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