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This is an important documentary by former BBC4 producer, David Fuller that explores what he calls “The shadow side of Liberalism”, which is supposed to be an open and inclusive ideology but having won the culture war, it has become the new elitist Bourgeoisie, as rigid, reactionary and delusional as any previous hegemony.

We are in a cultural watershed moment. The institutional biases of the Mainstream Media make them incapable of seeing the forces that are challenging their consensus. Fuller unpacks the deeper political, psychological and archetypal levels of the clash, which is being discussed by denizens of what’s being called the “Intellectual Dark Web”, whose most well-known members include Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, media personalities David Rubin and Ben Shapiro.

As Peterson says here, the time has come to discuss our fundamental assumptions, such as the dignity of the human soul.

“You can’t treat yourself properly without assuming that. You can’t have a relationship with another person. You can’t stabilize your family. You can’t have a functional society. So, what does it mean for this human soul to have dignity?

“Well, part of the idea is that you’re participating in Creation, itself and you do that with your actions and your language. And you get to decide whether you’re tilting the world a bit more towards Heaven or a bit more towards Hell and that’s ACTUALLY what you’re doing. So, that’s a place where the literal and the metaphorical truth come together. And people are terrified of that idea, as they should be, because it’s a massive responsibility.”

Peterson says there’s a lot of talk about “Rights” without a commensurate discussion of “Responsibilities” when they are two sides of the same coin, although almost never distinguished as such. There’s been only one half of the discussion going on.

He asks, what are you leaving out of the discussion when you’re not talking about responsibility? Might you be leaving out the meaning of life? As a human being suffering away, what makes it all worthwhile? Rights? It’s almost impossible to describe how bad of an idea that is! Responsibility. That’s what gives life meaning.

Jordan Peterson says that the new Counter Culture is the idea that you can grow up to become fully responsible and engaged in life and to do something useful; that self-responsibility is the key to healing, self-empowerment and peace. Apparently, Leftists on Twitter have found a way to unanimously despise this message and its messengers.

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  • Great discussion! Lots of good information about where the genders are at this moment in our existence. I do wonder how this ‘responsibility’ will trickle down though. This is not taught in schools, that I know of. A lot of ones’ experience comes from home life and what’s witnessed there. If Mom and Dad have mutual respect & responsibility in all areas of their life together, I would imagine the children from that union will have a big advantage in dealing with the real world. If not….then problems with others views of ‘how things work’ will clash and then emotions start to close down and become very myopic. Great subject, not sure how many will benefit or even understand its crucial importance to our very way of life!

  • This conversation promised more than it delivered because it devolved into the male/female debate, issue, whatever. I live in California, the home and congregation of the Blue Church, and it is the worst place in the country for women’s rights and so I don’t buy into the illusion that the Blue Church is somehow for women. Gender neutrality in the courts’ has meant that women in abusive relationships have to automatically share custody, even when the child is a 6-month-old infant, while the father, in many cases, just turns the child over to relatives. women almost never receive child support even if the X husband loses interest in raising the child. Women practically never receive property, like a house, after the divorce– my daughter had to buy out her X in order to have a place to live. Gender neural divorce is quite simply anti-women, and anti-child. Children are being badly abused, sometimes living in four different houses in a single week, as my granddaughter has since she was two years old. Gender-free bathrooms just mean men have all the bathrooms to themselves, women wait it out until they get back home….

    The dark web is really where the disenfranchized and silenced go for a reprieve and that could be the vaccine injured, or it could be those driven out of homes by wildfires. Recently I sat in a room with people who had lost their homes in fires who had come together with the County of L.A. officials/Fema that wanted to help. But the victims were too afraid of the government to come forward. Out of 1400 possible households, the Country could have helped less than 400 had shown themselves. The people were afraid of their government who they felt wanted to kick them out of their houses with regulations…. Dark web, information war? The Dark web is more basic than the elite intellectual sphere of the leftists, it’s about power and money versus powerlessness and poverty.

    • Whoa. Thanks for that very insightful comment. Hopefully, Californians will rise up and defeat these injustices.

  • What I thought before, I know I don’t know now. We must be responsible for what we do, and if that imply s that I am insensitive to what others feel, I guess that’s true. Maybe I know nothing, witch is closer to the truth. I’m not sure it is not the responsibility of others to know how I feel. Is that the point of this? I don’t understand this world anymore. Not that I ever did that much. Have a better day anyway, sorry if I offended anyone with my lack of, whatever it is.

    • yeah, James.
      Once the meaning of life is sorted out, then we can know what it is we have, which can have dignity, and we can go from there, in fact, we can take off like a colossal red rocket, as my Uncle Jock was wont to say

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