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Catherine Austin Fitts is firing on all cylinders in this episode of Dark Journalist!

“If you look at the solution to the Central Banking Warfare Model, if you look at wealth on planet Earth today, it’s 1.1% of what it could be because it’s so controlled and centralized and mind controlled. If you could really let markets work, wow! The wealth is incredible! There’s wealth enough for two civilizations. There’s wealth enough for three civilizations! But you have to have transparency and I think the leadership rightly feels that, ‘Well, there may be enough money for three civilizations but it may not be us who’s in charge, when it’s all said and done’. They don’t want to be subject to a Meritocracy.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • What we’re lacking is an example of another way of organising our society. We’re told a utopian society would be impossible or would be a nightmare. But seeing is believing. If we’re capable of creating enough wealth for 3 civilisations then we must be doing something right. We don’t need these psychopaths running our affairs

  • Human beings survive by being a person (family) and as personalities (jobs).
    Because of this survival system there will be allways a pyramide, never mind whether it is a democracy or other organisation as a religion etc.

    By finding out how a human being lives in love, a new matrix will come on earth, whereby all live by self worth. Again the question is: who/what am I as a human being?
    In an other language this means, who/what am I as a buddha?
    Inside this system, not the amount of money decides, moreover how is oxygen used.
    This seems to be funny, moreover when the plants are gone, no more oxygen is present and all dies. See what happens with nature, plants etc.

  • Accounting adjustments. So, that’s what they call outright stealing from the public by the unseen government, through our elected government. And that is how they are hiding the financing of their civilization. On her note of public responsibility? I’d like to see that for myself. The “cycle of disrespect” engaged or changed by Trump? Never thought it would happen but I’d like to see that, too.

    Her theory that immigrants are coming in large quantities through ports where underground bases are located but have been disappearing from the rolls, if true, can only mean that the breakaway civilization is dealing in human trafficking/slavery which makes it as Nazi treacherous as has been told by whistleblowers many times before.

    I seriously love KAF’s intelligence, humour and insights. However, IMO she puts too much emphasis on the current model of so-called leadership which clearly does not work. Real leadership requires honesty, integrity and transparency (all produce respect), NONE of which can be achieved via the current system. The USA has no leadership. It has a system of control exercised through power politics at all levels via monetary influence. Leadership, under this system, is forever corruptible for a buck or via blackmail. She appears to support, at least in theory, the monetary system. Sorry KAF, love you but the model does not work. It’s death and slavery to everyone but the banksters.

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