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LA Marzulli joins Alexandra Bruce to discuss his recent trip to Peru, where DNA samples were taken from the Paracas skulls, to see if they replicate the results from the previous tests, which shockingly had European hapoltypes.

Next, he’ll be traveling to Portugal to shoot a film about the Fátima Apparitions, which I translated a book about.

Finally, they talk about his latest completed project, the ‘Watchman Chronicles: In their Own Words’  and LA Marzulli describes a couple of the crazier scenes in the film, involving alien abductions and hybrids, which are recreated with excellent CGI. We’re also reminded that the film will only be available exclusively to FKTV newsletter
recipients for download a short time longer here.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Where can I locate the Fatima movie with the abduction stories you are talking about?

    Mike Christol

  • It’s great that you are keeping us updated on Marzulli’s travels and his new info. Love it. Can’t wait to hear the next installment.

    Please pass this comment onto Marzulli. He just HAS to get a better mic, move closer to the one he has or make an adjustment to avoid sounding like he is in a well far, far away. His side of the conversation has me doing fairly constant sound manipulation. Also, would you note to him that when he presents the visuals (like the skull) do it in front of the camera not off to the side where the example gets cut-off? The examples are critical for a complete understanding of his narrative. I’d like to clearly see what he’s doing so I know exactly to what he is referring. Finally, moving slowly and deliberately allows viewers the best visual when presenting examples in front of a camera. Bottom line: It’s being more aware of the camera. (Thanks for passing my comment on.)

    (On a personal note I agree with Rudi, you look pale. Hope you are not ill. Please take care of yourself.)

    • I was rushing to try to set up the podcast to do it outside and moved about 200 lbs of heavy furniture only to realize that the wind was too strong so I had to move it all back inside, in time for the shoot. My neck was so sweaty that my wet hair was sticking to it!

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