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Dr Naomi Wolf interviews Dr Corinne Michels and Dan Perrier, two distinguished and productive members War Room /DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Researchers, on their bombshell findings about how Pfizer hid deaths to secure Emergency Use Authorization and claim efficacy.

Dr Corinne Michaels is a distinguished professor of biology with a BS from Queens College and a doctorate from Columbia University. She focuses on genetics as a tool to understand the mysteries of life. Dan Perrier is an electrical engineer in Washington State.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 1223 deaths AFTER Pfizer trials, confirmed even by Dr. McCullough! All LONG time ago published in FOIA documents. Why is that not coming out here?? Placebo deaths equal the one after genetically modifying injections?? Clearly somebody here wants to genetically modifying HUMANITY, while requesting money! It is CRIMINAL, daily cloud.

    • DARPA actually had a documented stated goal at one point of genetically engineering humanity for exoplanet exploration. I remember reading an article that basically stated the program was to genetically engineer humanity (not just a human) to be able to handle space without suits, or be able to handle the crushing pressures of some atmospheres. Ie; genetically engineer the humans to match the demands of the exoplanet. My understanding is that this ‘goal’ has since disappeared from their pubic-ally available information, however, there are other publications & articles that refer to this DARPA project.

  • what about the genetic background of the specialist, who does not mention in a single word a genetic modification of all the really injected?? Another WHITE WASH by money hungry ‘truth’ pretenders! Truly disgusting!!! Where are you all coming from and what were you doing for the last 4 years while GENETICALLY MODIFYING THE CLUELESS VICTIMS??? Reading the very first Pfizer paper in 2020 was ENOUGH to see the crime… The idiocy of the digital news grows exponentially with every single day.
    Why don’t you all join the Nobel committee in order to prize the synthetic genetic GOD-less world?

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