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    Fast and Furious whistleblower, Jeffrey Prather, a veteran of the DEA and the 4th Psychological Operations Group in the Army Special Forces is back with a report on where we’re at in our current world war.

    The election system has failed. The election audit has failed. The Judiciary has failed. The media has failed and the GOP has failed. Maybe we’re finally seeing what was always there.

    They lied to us about 9/11. They lied to us about Iraq’s WMDs. They lied to us about this election. And they lied to us about what happened in the Capitol.

    It’s all so they can install a cadaver in the White House and wrap us completely in a prison of falsehoods and slowly exterminate us with a “vaccine” which Dr. Andrew Wakefield warns, “Is not a vax, it is irreversible genetic modification.”

    Prather begins with the story that is only starting to break in the US but which has been in the headlines in Italy for over a month about how Italian defense contractor, Leonardo and their communications satellites were involved in transmitting the fraudulent Dominion voting data between Frankfurt, Barcelona and points in the US to steal the November 3rd election. This cooperation between elements of Italian intelligence and MI6 was also seen in the fake “Russia Collusion” dossier and in the attempts to compromise George Papadapoulos.

    On the night of the election, there was an international traffic spike and for the first time in history, the internet reached 10 terabytes per second, which cyber spies attribute to the increased data flows to servers supporting the US elections. The traffic should have been limited to the US but it was going all over the world.

    Prather believes it’s not too late to invoke the September 12, 2018 Executive Order about foreign election interference, as there is certainly no shortage of evidence of that. The problem is in the complete breakdown of most of the Government’s systems, due to corruption. The FBI, DOJ and the CIA are all MIA.

    He says the final option is war. “What’s that gonna look like?…It will not be Martial Law with tanks in the streets…It will be enforcing the Executive Orders on a very limited basis, primarily through Special Operations, which includes, by the way psychological operations and civil affairs units…”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The world revolution against the Khazarian mafia is accelerating with the systematic round-up of top KM agents worldwide. At the same time, the KM is trying to shut down the internet, cause a starvation crisis and promote a fake alien invasion as it fights to survive.

      Let us start with a look at all the prominent US and Western power brokers who have recently “tested positive for Covid” ie been arrested:

      Prince Charles

      Nancy Pelosi

      Attorney General Merrick Garland

      Christine Largarde – President of the European Central Bank & puppet head at the IMF (International Monetary Fund)!

      Hillary Clinton

      Barack Obama

      CIA Director William Burns

      Debbie Wasserman Shultz

      Adam Schiff

      Jen Psaki

      Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff

      Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser

    • Jeffery, Please understand that Trump did the work he came to do ! Let him go with his Head held High. Some would call him a “Wanderer,” but others call him one of “the brothers and sisters of sorrow.” –A soul from the 5th dimension, who volunteered to descend to this “treacle” realm to raise the frequency of maybe 15% of the world people, or the U.S. population (maybe 400 million people total)– for the next level of evolution. Always “SORROW” is the CONCLUSION of their life’s work. The rest, the vast majority, who hate and reject him (and us) will get their inheritance, that is to inherit the world they want, –an increasingly desperate PRISON PLANET EARTH. Why do you think there was such guttural and visceral hatred of him from the moment he was elected? He was OK as a Reality TV star, but as Way-shower–NOT A CHANCE! Too many know they will be left behind, because they are not ready. Trump’s Soul is NOT FROM HERE! I am sorry, actually heartbroken and profoundly sad, to say this includes most of my family. BUT PLEASE, LET TRUMP GO IN PEACE. HE DID HIS WORK!

    • This guy is a cgi. His nose is fake. His philtrum is way out of alignment with his nose. At least he has a philtrum, many fake faces dont. Look at his fake smile lines. Look at his jaw and side of face. This is some real crappy cgi. Wake up.

    • Thanks for your site, Alexandra. I’ve been following you for many many years and I so appreciate you and how you manage your site. I think we’ve spoken to each other a time or two. Here’s wishing you all the best in these troubled times…from Alaska.

    • “…the final option is war. …It will be enforcing the Executive Orders on a very limited basis, primarily through Special Operations, which includes, by the way psychological operations and civil affairs units…”

      So there! The Cabal had managed to severely divide the American people into 2 (and also the onlookers in the world for that matter). They’ve convinced both sides that the final option is war. In this case they’ve used Prather and the likes to obtain the average patriot’s consent to employ psychological operations and civil affair units upon the people and that includes you the patriot. The mission is about to be accomplished!
      Problem – Reaction – Solution

      And I didn’t even buy it for a minute…

    • If POTUS is gone in 13 days, why would he be enacting Executive Orders. Is this a hint about “dropping the hammer”? Not attending the Inauguration? Will there be one?

    • I recall the Japanese stance on anything nuclear when their government wouldn’t allow any nuclear powered ship portage in Japanese harbors. That has changed. Fukushima tsunami was just that. lt was not a 9.0 quake but had the signature (2.2 or 3 magnitude and time-play) of an offshore nuke causing an escarpment slippage, ergo, title wave, where we see the most damage. Compare it to the 6.7 Kobe quake and we see so much damage typical of a quake in its demolished infrastructure.

      An Israeli security company had a security contract at the Daiichi Plant and over every reactor was a look-down camera which eerily resembled that of a nuclear gun used in the detonation assembly in nuclear devices. Another thing, for over two decades, the Mossad has been involved with Japan’s Yakuza.

      This information as I recall comes from one or two articles posted in Veterans Today. The author [?] had surmised that Israeli agents had done a switcheroo; trading “supposedly” refined uranium and cash for finished weapons-grade plutonium. When the Japanese discovered the deception, they decided to work with and assist Iran’s development in their nuclear program.

      Jeffrey, thank you for being you… God bless. Keep up the great work.

      • Dear Steve,
        Thank you so much for this comment. It correlates with information that I read years ago about what really caused Fukushima, but didn’t save. I have saved your comment now.
        I remember reading why Fukushima happened, but again didn’t save it, and now can’t remember what I read. Do you happen to know why Fukushima happened? You can reach me either at my domain Email address or at
        God bless,
        Arlene Johnson
        My domain Email address is on the main page of my site.
        To access my e-zine, which is top secret history that’s internationally acclaimed and free to the world, click on the icon that says Magazine.
        To access 35 posts, to date exposing the coronavirus, log onto


    • Q: can Leonardo be rubbed out?
      There are new space flying machines. Are they used using NT tech to protect us?

    • The Only way we’ll ever be free is if the public wakes up and stops complying with the criminal authority. So in other words, we’re screwed.

    • Sadly though the media only mentioned it briefly and was quickly pulled but if you were quick enough some places did mention that. The Drudge report was one of them and Reutors.etc. This was before they ‘cowed’ to the anti Trump train.

    • Actually about the Iraq part the media DID lie but not what you think. There were WMD’s but they were broken into pieces and shipped to Syria. Obama was going to send drones in to blow up Syria because they were found when a chemical plant blew up using the same materials and pieces of the WMD’s stolen. Our generals warned him not to do that as it would bring nuclear death due to intel leaks. This would actually fulfill the bible prophecy Damascus which is modern day Syria having a major disaster making it uninhabitable to the point anything that remains dies afterwards.

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