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    Friday evening was Big Tech’s version of Kristallnacht. The Twitter accounts of President Trump, Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn, and scores of other brilliant people who I followed were summarily terminated.

    America suddenly began to feel like China.

    Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, etc. all acted in concert. Companies that collectively control the information flow for 3 billion people. Companies, without which, modern life is impossible. These companies have just announced they are in control of the US political system. Even Trump’s mass email service canceled him (which happened to me twice in 2019).

    And to think that Kamala Harris hasn’t even taken power yet.

    To his credit, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is a Leftist (but not a Globalist) condemned Facebook and Twitter for blocking President Trump.

    When I first began publishing ForbiddenKnowledgeTV in 2010, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, who’d existed my whole life in an exclusively Liberal bubble but because there was no way I could support Hillary Clinton, I was able to overcome my lifelong anti-Trump and anti-Republican bias to appreciate the good things he had to say and to vote for Donald Trump.

    Almost immediately after making my new views publicly known, Google demonetized my site by more than 80%. Although I didn’t connect the two events at the time, the unrestricted war that has since been waged against those who support Trump over the past 4 years has proven that these two are connected.

    This includes the latest False Flag “storming” of the Capitol being blamed on Trump but incited by Antifa, as anyone can see in the numerous videos taken at scene – though the FBI will deny this.

    This purported “storming” of the Capitol is now being used to enact Chinese-style de-platformings from social media, with de-bankings sure to follow – if Michelle Obama gets her way.

    More importantly, this False Flag is being used to muddy the uncharted fraud that stole the election from Trump – and the 80-120 million Americans who voted for him.

    I don’t understand the depths of my friends’ and family’s demoralization, that they are celebrating this; that they cannot see that a coup d’état against our Constitutional Republic is under way; that they are cheering the handover of the United States to China and the Globalists!

    It’s become more than clear that Big Tech is not in the business of making money via the services they provide to their users. They are so vastly wealthy, they don’t need money. Their real currency is the control of the human mind.

    They seek to corral the zeitgeist of the global population and to transform it into their One-Party Rule, like that of the CCP.

    The absolute power held by these tech giants has corrupted them absolutely. They are one with the Deep State. It is long past time to put them in check, assuming this is even possible.

    JP Sears has done a hilarious piece about it all. We’re going to need all the humor we can get over the next few years.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Sorry – I don’t find it appropriate to discuss any of this in a humorous way. Won’t be sharing.

      • I understand how you feel Donna, so many of us are only barely holding back from giving up in despair at the momentous crimes being perpetrated on us by the psychopathic predator class. I am also becoming increasingly cynical and I find that discussing these matters using humour can be a useful tool to be used to wake people up from the media/fluoride induced torpor.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I can but hope that President Trump’s team have found sufficient incriminating evidence on the laptops retrieved, to arrest the despicable, unbelievably ‘Evil’ Nanci Pelosi?

      Of course the reason she is so determined to get rid of Trump, is that she is guilty herself of such criminality, that she knows that at the very least, she will serve a long time in Jail.

      God Bless President Trump and all whom support him.

      May the owners and editors of the MSM all find themselves in Fema camps, awaiting military tribunals.

      • The only thing I can add is that my eight colleagues that work within ACIO, each has soaring Negative Energy. And, so that there is no confusion for those whom are not knowledgable over ‘Grounding’, the earth’s good healthy energy is negative, as should each of ours be. Whereas, anyone of ‘Evil’ determination has positive energy. Likewise, those suffering of Cancer have Positive Energy.

        Please bear in mind that my colleagues can go forward and backwards in time, and hence have first-hand knowledge of what the future holds. I appreciate that this statement is hard to reconcile given the false education humanity has suffered ever since the formation of the Federal Reserve. Although in truth, the Church and the Illuminati have thrust deception and lies upon humanity at least for the past 500 years.

        You will recall that I said that ACIO is spearheading the fight against ‘Evil’ and thus if matters were not going as expected, my colleague’s energy would be Positive.

        Instead, their energies are soaring Negative and thus we should endeavour to retain the gift of true hope in our hearts.

    • Well, I didn’t get demonetized yesterday, but I did get suspended from twatter, for posting the video of biden talking about having the best voter fraud setup that was used to get he and obama elected in 2012. I almost got it posted, then bam, instantaneously, “You are suspended” !

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