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Hospitals and health clinics are where the rubber hits the road in the implementation of Globalist Big Pharma genocide, thus one of the major fronts of World War III is being fought by employees of the healthcare system.

Nurses who were being hailed as “heroes” by the propaganda media a year ago are now being called “terrorists” for refusing the vaccine mandates.

Rather than to ask nurses why they don’t want the vaxx, these erstwhile heroes are now being cast as “ignorant” and “uneducated” by the bribed elitists in the gaslighting industrial complex.

It’s estimated that over 50% of the nursing staff in the US will be forced to walk off the job in the next few weeks.

But exactly who else is better qualified to evaluate the effectiveness or harm caused by the vaxx, if not the nurses who treat those who are vaxxed, every day?

As Katie Kirn, RN from Michigan says, “We are being forced to decide between risking debilitating injury or death from this experimental vaccine with the highest mortality rate in history – which of course, will not be covered by the manufacturer, government or hospital – or losing our jobs and financial stability. Many nurses are leaving healthcare, altogether.

“Exemptions are not the answer. We should not be forced to apply for an exemption from a mandate that is Unconstitutional, in the first place. Freedom is the answer. We went from Hero-to-Zero, essential to completely expendable.”

Another nurse wields her nursing handbook  and says, “Battery is an assault and it includes willful, violent angry touching of another person’s body, clothing or anything attached to them.

“Forcibly removing patients’ clothing and administering injection after the patient has refused it are all examples of battery. This is in my nursing book from 4 years ago. This is what they teach us.

“If we did this to a patient – if you told your patient informed consent and they said ‘No’ and you did it, anyway, you would go to jail, you’d get your nursing license taken away and you’d be a criminal.

“So, now what they’re doing is putting us in a position of saying, ‘Either you become a victim of a crime, both voluntarily and the nurse giving the injection, when they know you don’t want it, is committing a crime, that nurse can lose their license and we’re being told to be a victim of a crime in order to keep our employment.”

Ask yourself, if you ended up in the hospital, who would you rather be treated by: healthcare workers who stand on principles, even if it means losing their careers, or healthcare workers who are willing the look the other way and follow genocidal protocols, just so they can keep collecting their paychecks?


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  • Instead of focusing on vaccines why aren’t we obsessively finding effective TREATMENTS since vaccinated people are still spreading covid. We had a vaccinated person give another vaccinated person covid in our family! So what’s the point? I will say they didn’t have a severe case, but who can predict? Many unvaccinated didn’t have a severe case either. I say it’s more reasonable for high risk people to GET VACCINATED and for sure any NURSE who works with high risk people should get vaccinated or stop whining and running away from your duties. Do you see cops choosing which calls to respond to? Do you see firemen turn around when a building on fire looks too dangerous? NO. So stop with the you’re scared of covid bs if you’re a nurse or don’t be a nurse. It’s absurd.

  • The bottom line is this.

    Our countries are bankrupt. All resources have been pieced off and sold.

    They have nothing left.

    What is their biggest liability, and largest untapped resource?

    Human Resources.

    Social Security, Healthcare, pensions…BANKRUPT.

    They cannot pay it back.

    So what to do?

    Sell us the the highest bidder…BigPharma,

    Ration healthcare (vaxxed only). Reduce costs by cutting workforces, murder us off while claiming plausible deniability, while making (or saving/erasing debt) money off of selling us for human experimentation (for when future generations are born), remake society with new controls, cut out the biggest liability they have, S.S, ODSP, Welfare, education, etc…fix their problem.

  • Hospital Workers are Legalized Pharmaceutical Drug Pushers. If you are not willing to do your job, they have no use for you anyway.

    It was never about “Healthcare”. It’s a human trafficking Industry and people are making a Killing off you.

    Pun intended.

    You’ve been sold to Big Pharma.

    They are demanding what they paid for.

    Our government must deliver.

  • I didn’t poop in my pants while reading the article. Not even a little.
    And when they come to use force to jab me or to take me to the camp, I will kill as many as I can before they kill me. I am sure there are many like me. We all must die. It is a privilege to die while killing tyrants.

    • Wow – you and me are on the same page. I’m gonna take some of them out as well. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

  • yes, the vaccine will kill, or greatly shorten the life of anyone taking it. but also notice that very few Blacks are taking the vaccine. so when all you facist Krackers die off, only the Black Race will remain.

    we win


    DO NOT RESIGN!! YOU WILL FORFEIT IMPORTANT LEGAL RIGHTS AND REMEDIES IF YOU RESIGN, potentially including rights to unemployment benefits (Force the Employer to terminate you)! Consider filing a Religious Exemption (if you have a sincerely-held religious belief that prevents you from injecting man-made synthetic RNA into your body, which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit according to 1 Corinthians 6:19) as follows: “19Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.c” Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires the Employer to make “reasonable accommodations” to each nurse who submits a Religious Exemption as long as it “does not pose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer’s business”. IT DOES NOT: YOU’VE BEEN TREATING PATIENTS FOR 18 MONTHS COMPLETELY UNVACCINATED AND CONTINUING THE SAME PROCEDURES SHOULD PROVIDE NO HARDSHIP, and the evidence is overwhelming from the breakthrough cases of 4 fully-vaxxed Senators, including Graham, 27 fully-vaxxed on a Carnival Cruise Ship, 74% of cases in Barnstable County Massachusetts, among others, that VACCINATION DOES NOT PREVENT INFECTION OR TRANSMISSION, ONLY SEVERITY OF ILLNESS TO THE INDIVIDUAL if later infected). The inoculations (you can’t honestly call them “vaccines” because they provide NO IMMUNITY) have ONLY an alleged personal benefit (if any) to the recipient and you are choosing to forego that alleged benefit. After you’ve filed a Religious Exemption, if the Employer then takes any administrative action against you, including suspension or termination, you have preserved a claim for Religious Discrimination and Retaliation for having filed a Religious Exemption, and you can call the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to file your Religious Discrimination and Retaliation claims against the Employer. While you are at it, consider calling the OSHA Hotline (800-321-6742) to speak to the OSHA staff about the Employer Vaccine Mandate and the dangerous workplace condition being forced upon you (unsafe conditions and personal health hazard), because there is voluminous evidence reported in the Voluntary Adverse Event Reporting System of serious post-vaccine injuries and death (approximately 13,000 in the US alone) caused by the shots that the Employer is requiring [you should have protected status as a “whistleblower” under section 11(c) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act]. OSHA recently issued Guidance on May 28, 2021 advising Employers that vaccine injuries are reportable on OSHA 300 logs (and the Employer is responsible for the injuries) IF THE EMPLOYER MANDATES VACCINATION AS A CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT. Most Employers will give up this horribly inhumane plan when enough nurses file their EEOC Complaints and OSHA Complaints. ASK YOUR LAWYER BEFORE YOU CONSIDER RESIGNATION AS AN OPTION.

    • Look up Australian education United
      For letters to your boss. Never quite under health and safety act. You are entitled to be paid while on leave. Remember to show up to work on that day

  • The nurses should sue to find out if an employee can be fired for refusing to take an experimental medical treatment that shows no sign of stopping any illness but which will kill or disable a certain percentage of those that take it.

    Can an employer force an existing employee to play a game of roulette that might result in death to hold a job? It should be noted that the hiring requirements did not list this as a requirement.

    It could also be noted that there are 100% safe treatments and cures for the virus in question.

  • I postd a vid sev mos ago of an nterview with Gen Thomas McInerney with Doug Billings of Right Side…he told Billings he had tkn 1 of those kill shots b4 he learnd abt it…

    He said he went 2 his dr, who put him on ivermectin and Z-Pak 2 dsolv the deadly spike protein n the vax [ not vax ]…Gen McInerney is n his 80’s and he’s doin’ fine….

    Since then I hav been postin’ abt ivernectin and Z-Pak 2 both prevnt covid and treat it, safely and effectivly…

    Ivermectin was approvd 4 use n humans since 1986…


    Aftr podcastr Joe Rofan postd abt his ordeal with covid and how he crushd it with ivermectin and Z-Pak, along with vit D3 and vit C…and quercitin, and othr treatmnts….the trolls startd attackin’ n 4ce….

    The Rolling Stone rag reportd that hospitals were now be flooded with patients who were ovrdosin and dyin’ from ivermectin…



    Those hospitals refutd those bogus claims…no1 was bein’ treatd 4 ovrdoses on overmectin….


    The who tweetd ivermectin is a horse dwrmr and not 4 human, cuz its 4 horses. Seriously stop it y’all.


    I knew when I saw that tweet I knew that I was bein’ mockd, y’all…

    I know I’m bein’ trackd, my commnts r bein’ read by the WHO, CDC, FDA, AMA, …goog has flaggd my email on their mothrbrd…or mothrship…whatevah…hahahaha…

    Goog has shut me dwn everywhere…y’all oppose their globalist agenda of kill shots and know the election was stoln… they r trackin’ y’all…

    Especially me cuz I hav been postin’ abt ivermectin now bein’ ordrd 2 be used n Japan and Africa 2 treat covid….all vax clinics has been shut dwn …

    I am their #1 target, now …y’all…hahahaha….


    I jus postd that the AMA is now movin’ 2 shut dwn all mportation of ivermectin 2 the US…they want y’all tkn’ their kill shot…and all provn treatmnt of covid shut dwn…and me silencd!!!…hahahaha…

    The AMA cant hide all the deaths from the kill shots 4evah….and scientists n the FDA, CDC, AMA had bettr get out while they can, ..every1 nvolvd n the killr vax….they r all gonna b tried 4 crimes against humanity, and xecutd…

    NURMBRG TRIALS, 2.0, Y’ALL?!?!


  • I completely agree with the nurses’ stand on this vaccine; no one should be forced to put something into their body that they do not want! Glad to hear they are standing up for themselves. I hope that somehow it helps the rest of us who do not want to be vaccinated!

  • First my heart goes out to these Nurses. Second, its very hard to reason with people due to the fact most are SO brainwashed and delusional that they believe the LIE!

  • Re: the nurse with the sign–Stay Calm, I vermectin saves livez.

    I jus postd on anothr site that the AMA has movin’ 2 ban all mportations of ivermectin…most from India…

    I bleve they r doin’ this bc of the mass publicity from podcastr, Joe Rogan, who postd his ordeal with covid and he knockd it out with ivermectin and Z-Pak, with vit D3 vit c quercitin among othr treatmnt…

    Then a media onslaught came bashin’ ivermectin as a horse dwrmr drug and The Rolling Stone rag did a piece where they were reportin’ ppl were floodin’ hospitals from ivermectin overdoses, and dyin’…hahahaha…


    The hospitals refutd everythin’…there were no ivermectin drug cases….

    I also postd that our milutary r givn ivermectin [ the horse dwrmr ] 2 the Afghan refugees who r bein’ fast-trackd ovah 2 the US…


    They dont want refugees 2 get covid?!?!…or mayb worms?!?!….hahahaha…


    Y’all can get ivermectin and HCQ from….at a reasonable price…

  • Hi, thank you for the video but it seemed to stop playing at around the 9 minute mark for some reason. Perhaps the Australian Commies Party have stopped the video when I’ve been watching it, super pricks.

  • Well, seeing as how statistics show people with higher intelligence are the ones eschewing the drug jab, who are going to be the only ones hired and being hired? The world is going to be full of freaking dummies at all positions.

  • I pray for all our health Care workers especially front line nurses and cried just watching this video I am not vaccinated will not be vaccinated and yes it has separated my family members some of them and we are told we are murderers were shamed this is not right this is not America we are in the United States of America and we are losing our freedoms thank you

  • The hospitals have turned into death camps! God bless these brave nurses! I am praying for you and thank you for your courageous stand! You are all heroes and God will bless you for your stand for truth and for speaking out! The despicable Judas’es running these camps – putting patients in harms way – even to death and collecting a “bounty” will hopefully be brought to justice soon, but will certainly answer to God Almighty for these atrocious crimes against humanity!

  • I am not a nurse but I do work in the healthcare industry. I have been in my field for over 15 years. I truly an wholeheartedly am behind these nurses 1000%. I have seen or heard of some other the ones who have take the vaccine and still caught it. Not to long ago Pfizer just became fda approved for its vaccine but all the while people are still catching this virus. It also tells me that the ones who have taken it are worried because the others have not. That let’s me know that they too don’t believe in this vaccine that was fully given to them. I believe and know it’s more to this that they aren’t stating.

    • —-Not 1 Vax for cv19 has been approved by FDA just had to get the FDA to reauthorize emergancy use that is it!!!! MSM has been lying FDA did Not approve any but Comerity when it comes ava. if it is what they say problem is the ingr. do not match any of the CV 19 Vax’s on market now

  • Girls you know better, face liars with fake tests and fake vaccine. So, PC 🖥 don’t know. Stupid artificial intelligence. Good luck 👍

    • It should NEVER have to come to faking this kind of thing. When that becomes necessary it has gone WAY too far. The stand to make is to never accept this under any circumstances because it will never be removed, and it will keep being added to.

  • I stand with the nurses refusing this evil, experimental jab. I don’t blame them one bit for resigning. This is going to create problems beyond our imagination. Good luck getting routine health care in the future. This evil needs to stop.

  • My heart goes out to all our front line workers. This discrimination and shaming has been happening to many of us who have been saying no for months now. Our Club is growing. Welcome!

  • Thanks for this video. This may be the most important thing happening right now. I am well informed but I had no idea that most of the people in the hospital for covid were vaccinated–this is huge. I want to send my love and support to these brave and wonderful nurses with the courage to stand up against medical tyranny.

  • Alexandria,

    THE Communist Doctors Committee (( CDC ))
    has a history of effecting “social justice” in
    America, beginning with making AIDS everyone’s
    disease—not just sodomitic males.

    Here is another example :

    Forwarded Message :

    Rape Kits Go Mostly
    Unexamined Because :

    CDC had stifled examinations—
    after results were not politically
    correct :

    80% BLK / 20% BRN / 10% WHT—since the late-90s.


    • P.S.

      How many can even add, re the above percentages ?

      Well, for those White parents with children
      heading back to U.S. indoctrination camps :


      Name of the Beast


      Unchained Liberalism

      A vile beast strides unchallenged through the halls of academia and across the land, and throughout Western civilization.

      Clever deceivers promise that as leaves turn and bags are packed, parents will send hopeful young minds off to places charged with imparting knowledge of great, good things.

      But after months in college with that beast, embattled youths lack courage to speak openly of its workings within the classrooms, dorms, and minds of the administrators, professors, and counselors.

      Minds long inquisitive and bursting with youthful innocence meet the beast, while monitors who distrust parents and disparage moral values silence youthful mouths with intimidation and guile.

      Can you name the beast? The clues are all around you. The servants of the beast are sent forth in sheep’s clothing to prey on innocence and chant:

      “do your own thing,”
      “it’s just another lifestyle,”
      “don’t be a bigot,”
      “don’t discriminate,”
      “don’t be judgmental,”
      “live and let live,”
      “don’t be a prude,”
      “don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it,”
      “if it feels good, do it,”
      “they’re just like you and me,”
      “people everywhere are the same,”
      “who’s to say what’s right or wrong?”
      “it’s a victimless crime,”
      “it’s none of your business,”
      “down with dead, white European males and Western civilization,” “up with Asian-, Hispanic-, and Afro-centrism,” “more pluralism, diversity, and ethnic awareness,” “more privileges and payments for historic grievances,” . . . and more special rights for the self-deprived, self-enslaved, self-abused, self-infected, and self-glorified.

      Corruption of the good is the quest of the beast, and its keepers call it “tolerance.”



  • And they are told to ask no questions……. why is that?
    Is management tired of telling lies?
    Is management taking the jab?
    Why not?
    Why are government management not taking the jab?
    But the military must take the jab?
    Are people in the pentagon getting the jab?
    Why not?
    More of the genocide plan for us useless eaters.

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