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The good news is that Dr Stella Immanuel has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Anderson Cooper and CNN.

The bad news is that the world financial system is about to collapse.

Former Assistant Housing Secretary, financial manager and publisher of the Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts joins preeminent Antivax activist, Del Bigtree on his show, The Highwire.

Del starts off saying, “I think we have obliterated this vaxxine discussion. I think if it was just down to public health, then this would be over…then, why is our nation still pushing this vaxxine, when it clearly doesn’t do anything? It certainly doesn’t protect anyone around us, so how could your force teachers to take it? How can you force firefighters to take it? How can you force police officers to take it, when the only “advantage” they’re seeing are the injuries that they’re seeing all over the internet?

“Something else must be going on…I am not satisfied with just proving this vaxxine doesn’t work, which we’ve done in spades. There must be something else going on, keeping this runaway train on the track. So, now, we’re going to start investigating places that are a little less comfortable for me, that maybe will lead us to what’s really going on, here.”


He says to Catherine, “I want to start in your wheelhouse. When we look at banking – I go to speak at these large conventions with people that are speaking out on different areas – one of the things I hear a lot about is central banking and the central reserve banking system and how all of that is what is really controlling the world and we’re not paying attention to it.

“So, is there a greater power than Pharma that exists and central banking, is it an equal player? And what do we mean when we say ‘central banking’?”

Catherine replies:

“Central banking is a critical bureaucracy in controlling and managing the financial system. So, the financial system, I would describe it as part of the governance system. So, one of the ways you govern the entire planet is through the financial system and there are very important bureaucracies within that financial system and the one at the top of the food chain is clearly central banks…

“The fundamental model that we’ve been operating on for all of our lifetimes is called the ‘central banking warfare model.’ The central banks print money and the military makes sure that people use it and they basically police the model.

“And what’s been happening now and it’s been going on for 20 years is we are coming into a significant change in both the governance and the financial model. So, the currency system is in flux, globally and that’s part of what’s happening. It’s part of why there’s a demand for a ‘Reset’.

“In anticipation though, for the last 20 or 30 years, the central banks have been moving significant money out of the sovereign governments. So we have known for many decades that there was going to be a problem when the Baby Boomers retired. And the reality of it is that the central banks have moved that money out of the government.

“I call it the ‘Financial Coup’ and there’s been tremendous funny business going on with Federal accounts in the United States for a long time. And we’re now in the consolidation, where, if all that money has been moved out of the government and the retirees want it, you need an excuse as to why it’s not there. Enter the ‘Magic Virus’. So, from a financial standpoint, COVID-19 is helping provide the air cover for the fact that many of the promises that have been made are not going to be kept…


“Here’s what you need to understand: The Western democracies and the United States have been run with a two-pronged financial system. On one side, you have private banks, with the central bank, the Federal Reserve, who are managing monetary policy. On the other side of the house, you have an electorate voting for representatives, who manage the tax flow and the credits that relate to that – so, the treasury market.

“So, you have this balance of power, between the people and the bankers and now, what is happening, under the guise of COVID-19 is the bankers have decided they no longer want to share power with the electorate or the peoples’ representatives and…the central banks have decided, essentially, they want to take over.

“And the ultimate completion of this will be when they introduce digital currencies, controlled and operated by the central bank. Why is that important? Because they won’t be currencies, Del. They will be a financial control system. To implement that system, they need the vaccine passports. And the goals of the vaccine passports have nothing to do with health. They have to do with implementing a new, digital financial transaction system, which is, in essence complete control.

“I call it a Slavery System. Dr Naomi Wolf said, “Vaccine passports are the end of human liberty in the West” and she’s absolutely right…

“So, what this means is you will no longer have currency. You’ll have a credit at the company store. If they don’t want you traveling more than 5 miles from your home, your credit card, your bank account won’t work more than 5 miles from your home. Let’s say they decided they you shouldn’t be able to buy pizza, you can’t buy pizza. You’re talking about complete control at a very intimate level – of both surveillance, because remember, there’s no privacy. They’ll be able to track every transaction you make. So, we’re talking about a credit at the company store and literally a slavery system.”


Del then asks for her opinion on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. She replies:

“So, the central banks would issue their own central bank digital cryptocurrency (CBDC). The question is, would the regulators increasingly regulate cryptocurrencies, which I think the answer is ‘Yes’. Will they allow them to coexist? Maybe.But if you look at the way the system will be implemented, you’ll find that the vast majority of retail transactions will end up being in the CBDC system.

“Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies have been very useful to help the central bankers prototype how they might want to run their systems, so they’ve been very useful as a prototype. Whether they’re allowed to continue to exist? Big question mark.

“I think, at the end of the day, I think the central banks are basically planning on being the dominant player in the market. It’s a control system. This is a re-engineering – so, here’s the question, Del. So, if I’m the central banks and I’m going to destroy the sovereignty of governments and the power of the electorate to affect the budget, the question comes down to, ‘How am I going to collect taxes, there if the electorate has no power and doesn’t feel like they’re sharing in the financial system? And the way you do that is with a CBDC system, you can just take the money out of the account. This is taxation without representation.


Del then asks her to describe the “Cosmic They”, the “Cabal”, the “Conspirators” or what she famously refers to as “Mr Global”. She replies:

“If you listen and look at the people who govern the financial system; so the owners of the central banks, the people who manage the intergenerational pools of capital, at the people who manage the insurance industry, if you look at how the financial system works, at the heart of making the financial system go, it’s risk management…

“Now, one of the decisions that is clearly evidence…is called the Going Direct Reset, which is a plan voted on by the central bankers in August 2019. The takedown of the economy, including the pandemic rolled-out, as a result of the Going Direct Reset

“If you look at that group, they have decided to radically centralize control into a much smaller group of people and that’s one of the reasons why what you’re watching is the destruction of the small business economy and a printing of money by the central banks, so basically the private equity firms can engage in a shopping spree to pick it all up, cheap.

“Which is why, in the videos you were showing, the billionaires are getting richer and richer, what you’re watching is what George HW Bush used to call consolidating the wealth into ‘Tighter and Righter hands.’

“So this is a plan, it’s being engineered. I’m not saying it’s 100%, they kind of make it up as they go, but if you look at who’s responsible at the very top of the global financial system, they are in the room. If you look at the list of participants on the vote for the Going Direct and the people who put the plan together working for BlackRock, you can see a lot of those players.

“Now, if you look at the whole Going Direct, to get the control, the financial control system into place with the passports, you need the pharmaceutical industry, you need the tech industry, you need the telecommunications industry – it’s all part of putting together the SmartGrid, because the SmartGrid is the hardware and the infrastructure for this financial control grid.

“So, it’s a lot of people and there is no doubt that the US Government and the central banks have been absolutely instrumental and created massive incentives to get everybody to play. That’s the magic secret here, Del…we’re building the prison. In a highly-centralized system, Mr Global is not a lot of people and yet, if you look at who’s building the train tracks for the control grid, it’s all of us, which means we have the power to stop banking with them, we have the power to stop associating with them, we can snub them on the street, we don’t have to buy their stocks, we don’t have to go work in the companies.

“You can make a list of the 20 companies who were most instrumental in making this all go. We don’t have to support them. And 5- to 10% of the people just walked out the door tomorrow. And we have to do it before the vaccine passports go into effect, because once you get CBDCs and vaccine passports, essentially you’ve got, at a very central level, as [Bank for International Settlements General Manager] Carstens said, complete control.”


Del says there are vaccine passports being rolled-out in New York and California and we’re seeing it in France and the UK and he says it’s the first time that we’ve seen something like this, where all the world governments seem to be in on it, like its a world war against the citizens of the world. He then asks if she can name a few of the 20 corporations she referred to, above. She replies:

“There’s $21 trillion missing from the US Federal Government, the US Federal Government bank accounts are run by the New York Fed, who’s owned and whose member banks operate as agents for the US Federal Government. So if you look at the largest banks, who own and operate the NY Fed and run the government financial statements and financial system and bank accounts, they’re responsible.

“So if $21 trillion is missing, they effected a great deal of illegal transactions. They’er responsible. Why are we banking with them? Pull your money out…This is war. Don’t finance your enemy!…

“If you go to, I have an article on ‘How to Find a Good Local Bank‘ and it walks you through how to find a good local bank or credit union and what you’re looking for is what is an institution that has good governance, good ownership, good management and has a demonstrated record of really caring about the people in that community. They’re business is banking, they’re business is not trading derivatives on Wall Street.

“And right now, figure you’ve got 4- or 5,000 of those in the United States and the more they shrink down, the less freedom we’ll have. The best thing for the small business economy is a healthy infrastructure of good banks and credit unions in your community, so get your money out of the big banks and head into them – but do it the way that’s good for you, because you deserve a bank that cares about you and is clean.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the Madoff fraud but that’s good example of why you want to get out of JPMorgan-Chase, in my opinion.”

I’m not going to transcribe the whole interview but watching this video should be part of your continuing education curriculum!


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • And what is really sick is the Best treatment for Covid, Ivermectin, has been totally suppressed, censored, deplatformed, and blocked with lies, even after India stopped Covid dead with mass distribution of Ivermectin kits – but the Lying US media refuses to cover that.

  • CATHERINE is my favorite! I try to listen to everything she does. First time listening to you Del; I will begin to follow your channel. CAF recommended transacting in silver and gold. Kinesis is the platform I use to do that.


  • Great video. She definitely has a good perspective so it’s hard to argue with her. Banking has the intelligence agencies in their pocket so their reach is enormous and they will be nearly impossible to replace without them losing a worldwide civil war. Until that happens crypto only survives because they allow it to. It’s going to be an uphill battle because they have the resources, laws, media and pretty much every other industry under their heel. They have a money printer so for the time being they have unlimited resources. Not to mention they’ve already stolen all the gold from fort Knox and raided all the pensions and social security. Greedy pigs. Look at the head of the Bank For International Settlements and you’ll see what I mean by pig.

  • Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes are, self-evidently, British Agents. They speak with British accents, they come from Great Britain, they are British, not American. Period.
    And who is always at the bottom of every dog pile? The Brits.
    At least this time, they are being up front about who they are and, more or less, what they are peddling. It is now our part to recognize who they are, and respond to their offer of a “new” Declaration of Independence with a resounding:
    “No, thank you, we are not that stupid. Why don’t you go home and work on learning your own Constitution?”
    That’s called an offer, and a counter-offer.
    What they are offering is this noble-sounding piece of Bar Association drivel: “Man Of God – Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity – Final” which was prepared by Bar Attorneys, not “the People” of this country and not by men of God, either — unless you count an ancient Babylonian Sun God as “the” God being referenced.
    The actual People (State Citizens) of this country have already created a Peace Treaty among the Several States and have issued the appropriate International Peace Proclamation formally ending the so-called American Civil War.
    No more legal presumption of unresolved war of any kind on our soil and shores. No more slavery or peonage exercised in any jurisdiction of the law related to our country and our people.
    The International Peace Proclamation comes as a result of action taken by the actual American People who have declared who they are, recorded who they are, and qualified their standing to speak as “the People” of this country, not a bunch of Bar Attorneys pretending to be “the People” of this country.
    The problem of second declarations (this is the second time they’ve tried this same schtick) is that if you accept a second declaration, you void the first declaration, and have to start all over.
    You lose everything that you gained as a result of the first declaration.
    And that is why we would be profoundly, infinitely, unforgivably stupid to accept their declaration as anything pertaining to us or our country.
    Our first and only Declaration of Independence issued in 1776 covered all the bases and speaks as clearly to the abuses of the King’s Government today as it did in 1776. All the same evils are the same.
    If you don’t believe it, take time out today to sit down and read The Declaration of Independence and the long, long list of British Abuses that prompted it to be written over two hundred years ago, and you will recognize that the same British Abuses are still being practiced today. Nothing has changed. Not an iota.
    The British Government and its predatory sidearm “the Crown” are still as crooked, corrupt, inept, incompetent, cruel, unjust, predatory, unreasonable, greedy, hypocritical, deceitful, dishonest, and, overall, despicable, as ever.
    Apparently, they never learn anything better. They parasitize their own people to satisfy their egos and their lust for blood and their lavish life-styles, and do the same to everyone else they can entrap.
    They keep on singing the same old song, over and over and over, albeit, in a different key. If it isn’t a Monarchy, it’s a Constitutional Commonwealth, and when that second evil is recognized for what it is, they relabel their same old sack of rotten turnips and restyle it as Corporate Feudalism.
    It’s all the same nastiness, with the same abuses, the same evils, the same players, over and over and over.
    It’s time for the British People who have been promised a Christian Constitutional Monarchy and been delivered a Fascist Pagan Corporatocracy instead, to tell Queen Bess and the Parliament and most particularly Boris and “Natasha” Johnson what they really think of all of them.
    It’s not the Americans who need another Declaration of Independence. Ours is alive and well and as valid now as ever.
    It’s the British People who need their own Declaration of Independence— and it needs to come from Bristol and Portsmouth, from Devonshire and Exeter, from Ulster and Edinburgh, from Liverpool and Glasgow and Galway— and not as something concocted by Brits “for” America.

    by: anna von reitz

    • Have you heard of a mathematical language procedure to certify all treaties trusts and contracts globally.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Thankfully, events have overtaken Catherine. It is called the Quantum Financial System!
    And the Cabal will not be able to control it or, have anything to do with it.

    I am most surprised that you have not reported on this Alexandra?

    It was released to Charlie Ward, yesterday?

    I believe it will be proven to be aline in the sand for the free continuance of humanity on planet earth?

    Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity

    WHEN in the Course of recent human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to
    dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume
    among the Powers of the each State in the United States, the separate and equal Station to
    which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them! A decent Respect to the
    Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the
    Separation from the authorities imposed by those oligopolists that control all via corruption
    and influence.

    We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are
    endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
    Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are
    instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that
    whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the
    People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on
    such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely
    to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long
    established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all
    Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are
    sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed.
    But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object,
    evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty,
    to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security. Such
    has been the patient Sufferance of these States in the United States; and such is now the
    Necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The History
    of the present influence of oligopolists supporting the secret societies such as the illuminati
    cabalist is a History of repeated Injuries and Usurpations, all having in direct Object the
    Establishment of an absolute Tyranny over not only the great people of the United States
    but all people of all nations in the Globe. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid

    They refused Assent to Laws by corruption of the truth of which is evidenced by the
    2020 US Elections Fraud and Misrepresentations at every level, we the people have been
    usurped of our legal right to exercise and see through our basic right to vote, the most
    wholesome and necessary for the public good and proper representation.

    They have forbidden elected Officials including Governors to pass Laws of immediate
    and pressing Importance imposing rules based on false reporting and public fear created by
    false narratives and misinformation such as the COVID strains of infection and the true
    cures that can remove the infections. They have imposed fake solutions like the COVID

    injections of poison elements, which is most dangerous altering the Human DNA with RNA
    and thus eliminating the human body from its own natural immune function of battling
    illness. This alone can cause the loss of life in the future up to 70% of all those persons who
    have taken the fake vaccines promoted by all means of media under the control of the same
    cabal illuminati oligopolists.

    They refused to pass or enforce Laws for the Accommodation of the People, unless
    those People would relinquish the Right of Representation by compliance when taking the
    COVID Fake Vaccines and signing a waiver of liability.

    They, in the State Legislature, are not representatives of the people but by Tyrants
    only passing illegal laws subjugating the people to false narratives and mandate promoting
    a global plan of population reduction with tactics including wars, food shortages, food
    modification causing long term illness, disabling of the human body’s immune system.

    They called together State Legislative Bodies at Places unusual and distant from the
    Depository of their public Records, for the sole Purpose of planning into Compliance with
    Measures to ensure the depopulation of humanity and retain resources for their agenda.
    They have dissolved True State Representative Houses repeatedly by vote
    manipulation, placing candidates who are representing only the Tyrant Oligopolist and their
    policies, for opposing Invasions on the Rights of the People.

    They have refused for a long Time, after such Dissolutions of legal lawsuits by
    representatives of the people, to cause others to be elected illegally using compromised
    Dominion voting systems and technology; whereby the State Legislative Powers, incapable
    of proper and real representation of the people, have not responded to truth so now this
    power and authority must be returned to the People at large for their exercise and
    correction; the State remaining in the meantime exposed to all the Dangers of Invasion from
    within compromised representation and Convulsions within without current resolutions.

    They have endeavoured to prevent the Population of all States to cast votes for
    representatives to all levels of office to enforce secret agendas that specifically aim to harm
    us the people in all states and all nations globally.

    They have grossly obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to
    Laws for establishing Judiciary Power and authority in true Justice. We the people in all
    areas of domestic Law Enforcement, domestic and international Military engagement have
    all been restricted and directed by those compromised authorities above them to follow the
    false narratives of the tyranny of the influence and directions of the cabal illuminate cabalist

    They have made domestic, regional and supreme Judges dependent on their will
    alone, for the Tenure of their Offices, and the Amount and Payment of their Salaries.
    They have erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to
    harass our People, and eat out their Substance with new stimulus funds and disabling
    normal businesses to thrive and function with fake pandemic schemes and fear. This has
    turned from a temporary solution to becoming a state of Nazi Gestapo declaring “Show me
    your Papers”

    They kept among us, in Times of Peace, Standing UN and other NATO Armies,
    without the consent of our Military Leaders who have not been compromised.
    They have been affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the
    Civil Power. They offend the American People with a fake administration causing reckless
    policy to the detriment of National Security.

    They have combined with others to subject us to a Jurisdiction foreign to our
    Constitution, and unacknowledged by our Laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended

    For quartering large Bodies of Foreign Armed Troops near us:
    For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from Punishment for any Murders which they
    should commit on the Inhabitants of these United States with the use of fake vaccines that
    have killed tens of thousands of Americans and Millions of others worldwide:
    For cutting off our Trade with all Parts of the World in closing our businesses with fear
    and new policy surrounding a fake COVID and other Pandemic Measures:
    For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
    For depriving us, in many Cases, of the Benefits of Trial by Jury with assassinations
    of witnesses of truth regarding those in power causing such abuse:
    For transporting and human trafficking for the purpose of satanic human sacrifices
    and the practice of adrenochrome use with the torture and murder of young children:
    For abolishing the free System of Constitutional Law, operating in Maritime or
    Admiralty Law establishing therein an arbitrary United States Corporate Government
    already bankrupt, and enlarging its Boundaries, so as to render it at once an Example and

    fit Instrument for introducing the same absolute Rule of the people not only in the United
    States but Globally:
    For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering
    fundamentally the true Forms of our Governments of the will of its people:
    For suspending our own legally elected Legislatures replacing them with fake voted
    candidates, and declaring themselves invested with Power to legislate for us in all Cases

    They have abdicated the true United States Government, by declaring us out and
    without rights and waging War against us, killing us softly with vaccines altering our DNA
    with RNA, HIV and other poisonous elements.

    They have destroyed the Lives of Millions of the People of the United States and
    continue to kill millions globally recklessly with careful precision.

    They at this Time, transporting large Armies of foreign UN and Chinese Military to
    complete the Works of Death, Desolation, and Tyranny, already begun with circumstances
    of Cruelty and Perfidy, scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous Ages, and totally unworthy
    to Head of a civilized Nations. Their tools of choice include leadership of Federal
    Government Agencies such as the CDC, FDA, UN, CCP, and agencies CIA, FBI, MI6, with
    Government authorities in Central Banks robbing all sovereignty of nations and its people.
    They have constrained our fellow People, Citizens of many nations, taken to bear
    Arms against their Country, to become the Executioners of their Friends and Brethren, or to
    fall themselves by their Hands. Our military and Law Enforcement are being subjugated to
    follow illegal orders and the invasion of their own bodies with the forced fake COVID-19

    They have excited domestic Insurrections amongst us with Black Lives Matter and
    Antifa movements of violence, and have endeavoured to bring on the Inhabitants of our
    communities, cities and government, the merciless Rule of Warfare, is an undistinguished
    Destruction, of all Ages, Sexes and Conditions.

    In every stage of these Oppressions we have Petitioned for Redress in the most
    humble Terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury. A
    Prince, whose Character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrannical group
    of oligopolists who have been unfit to be the influence of Rule of the free People of the
    United States and all other nations abroad.

    We have been wanting attention from our Brethren here in the United States and
    abroad and we have warned them from Time to Time of Attempts by their fake Legislature
    to extend an unwarrantable Jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the
    Circumstances of our lives here. We have appealed to their native Justice and
    Magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the Ties of our common Kindred to disavow
    these Usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our Connections and Correspondence.
    They too have been deaf to the Voice of Justice and of Consanguinity. We must, therefore,
    acquiesce in the Necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold
    the rest of Mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace, Friends.

    We, therefore, the Representatives of the UNITED “STATES” OF AMERICA, in the
    Name, and by Authority of the good People of this great nation, solemnly Publish and
    Declare, That these United “States” are, and of Right ought to be, Free and Independent
    States; that they are absolved from all Allegiance to the oligopolists, cabal illuminati secret
    societies, and that all political Connection between them in the United States and Abroad, is
    and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent United States, they
    have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and
    to do all other Acts and Things which Independent countries may of right do. And for the
    support of this Declaration, with affirm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we
    mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor and start
    immediately with contacting our state legislatures to make the changes to protect our
    individual rights and liberties, starting with guarding our most basic right which is to protect
    our votes and the processes and devices to have true and honest elections.

    We the people have the authority to enforce our rights at the State level which can correct
    all that has gone wrong and control the outcome of our future and freedom to live under the
    constitution without the evil that has become part of everyone’s daily lives.

    Action to take today is that each person in each state write a letter addressed to each state
    representative, legislator, and senator demanding the reforms and corrections to change via
    new legislature the laws needed to eliminate specific corruption in the state government
    protecting its state residence.

    Specifically addressing the following issues:
    1.) Real voting technology that cannot be compromised. Such as the QFS delivery
    software and hardware instead of the dominion based systems.

    2.) Protection of our individual liberties such as the right to choose what medical
    treatments are acceptable and not acceptable such as the issues of the unwanted
    COVID-19 vaccines. This shot contains many elements that will compromise the
    human DNA with mRNA and HIV as well as other negative elements.

    3.) Compensation and liability for harm against those whom have been coerced into
    taking the COVID 19 vaccination via Mass Media Influence and Federal Government
    Influence as well as mandates with illegal passage of the use of the Vaccine
    approvals from the FDA and other federal agencies all influenced by that agenda of
    the globalist oligopolist cabal organizations such as the Federal Reserve Board
    (FRB), United Nations (UN), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Central
    Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Department of
    Justice (DOJ), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank of International Settlements
    (BIS), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and any other agency or group that have
    influence in the affairs of the people of the United States that have assaulted our
    own individual freedom and liberties in the pursuit of happiness.

    4.) Removing all restrictions and to stop promoting fear concerning COVID-19 and any
    other medical issues to control and destroy our individual liberties to work, earn and
    spend which is the basis of a healthy economy.

    We rest with peace and the love of mankind. We desire life not death or planned genocide
    and shall enforce all measures of this being corrected to save our Nation from demise and

    Man of God

    Copyright 30 August 2021

  • This needs to be shared everywhere.
    This identifies the problems and what we as individuals can do to stop total control of our lives.

  • I’ve always used cash whenever I can. First of all, you don’t run yourself into debt when you only have so much cash to spend—I mean, you budget yourself. OK, for big items like a new refrigerator or car, yes, credit. But that’s an easy debt to pay off when you don’t have big credit card bills coming in every month. This sort of reasoning is so basic, why are folks so damned stupid? I’m 100% out of debt, except for utility bills ea. month, & rent. All it really takes to stay out of debt is to use good common sense. In addition, we don’t want a digital currency that, if allowed, will usher in totalitarianism. “Step out of line and you’ll be eliminated.” Hell, we’re already being murdered with suicide shots erroneously called “vaccines”. They are not.


  • what is the date of this video
    what is the episode #
    where’s the original link for this video
    how is the lack of such info good for us?

  • Very scary that Australia is already losing its currency. But Australia was always one of those well run societies that worked. They have tried it in California and we have something between the poor parts of India and Australia. They may have had a plan here but it’s not working because they can pass laws but don’t have anyone to enforce them. Plus, there are so many illegal immigrants who live on cash that the cash economy is vast and out of control. It’s more like the Soviet Union in the last days. People are out of the system permanently, and that constitutes a third of the state. What a mess.

  • Both of these clowns are spitting out garbage. absolutely no mention who is behind all this crap, the Zionist. two big clowns afraid to use the real term, Zionist fascist. Shame on you both.

  • Central Banking, Alexandria ?

    This had been sent to her, but
    nothing in it had prompted her
    to publish on her Page—or,
    it may have been blocked in
    transmission, as it is the
    closest to the truth of EVIL
    “Central Banking” any one has
    ever penned (( by the way, has
    Jon Rappoport been published
    here, as he is a bold Truth-Teller? : )).

    Copy this to paper, then remove :


    — What You May Not Know about the History of the Federal Reserve —
    (June, 2008)

    [[ What you may not know about the HISTORY OF
    THE FEDERAL RESERVE; a privately established means
    to control the West and serve it up, eventually to socialism/
    communism; that is: a banking system created by MARXIAN
    members of U.S. and European organizational interests—to
    eventuate a takeover of the Christian/capitalist/meritorious
    West ( I’ve lost the link to this article by J. Richard Niemela,
    Col. USAF, Ret. ) ]] :

    Americans: This will be a history lesson
    that needs telling. Most of you probably
    never have heard of it before or knew of
    the significance behind the creation of
    the Federal Reserve System by European
    Bankers; assisted by Members of Congress
    whose progeny are still playing the game
    today, a game in which we are all Pawns!

    Most Americans over the age of 50 are
    probably familiar with the Great Depression
    of the 1930’s, and those over 70 probably
    experienced it. Yet how many ever seek to
    know the real reasons for its appearance?

    Most have been spoon-fed any number of
    reasons, from the application of the Smoot-
    Hawley Tariffs, to the Wall Street Crash of
    1929, to the weather. Spoon fed false
    reasons by a group that well understood the
    root cause of the Depression: The owners
    and members of the Banking community,
    mainly those of the European designed, built
    and dominated, Federal Reserve System
    since 1913.

    Smoot-Hawley was not responsible. It did not
    go into effect until 1933, long after the
    Depression had begun. The crash of 1929
    came about because of the massive expan-
    sion of Credit promoted and granted to
    Citizens, enabled millions to buy stocks with
    minimal money; 10% or less, and the weather
    did not necessarily cause the dust storms in
    the midwest – the misguided farming methods
    of that time contributed to the dust storms in a
    period of drought.

    A little known or publicized event however, was
    the real catalyst that led to the Great Depression.
    It was contrived, in the main, by the Federal
    Reserve Bank in N.Y.City when the Federal
    Reserve System was barely 7 years along. The
    details of these machinations of the Federal
    Reserve into the economic and political life of
    America never appear in High School textbooks
    or in College courses in economics or political
    science, as these revelations would have initiated
    a revolution over night. They still might!

    Plus, a controlled Media became an important
    facet or adjunct to the Federal Reserve Banking
    structure. The Media of America and its publishing
    houses, and the world, emerged as party to the
    cloaking of the facts of history—a tactic which has
    been applied to other, equally deleterious events
    throughout the history of the western world, during
    the past 100+ years. Those other disturbed topics:
    Christianity, Education, Politics and the Environment
    are not the subject of today’s revelations however.

    There is a historic parallel to these events instigated
    by the Federal Reserve Bank. They appeared a bit
    earlier, in Soviet Russia and were influenced by
    Internationalists; those running Russia after 1918.

    When the Bolsheviks came to power, they quickly
    won the support of the Urban population and
    seemed well on their way to the complete Commu-
    nization of Russia. But, barely three years after a
    seemingly successful revolution they were stopped
    in their tracks, stopped cold by the Farmers and
    Landowners of the nation who refused to surrender
    their land or their products to the Bolshevik leadership,
    90%+ of whom were atheistic Jews.

    Consequently this alien crowd that had moved into
    Russia with the support, connivance and money of
    American Bankers in New York, (and 250 Jews from
    the lower east side of NY City) saw that the
    predicament to communizing all of Russia came
    from the opposition of the Farmers, Landowners
    and Small Business people, those whom they labeled
    as”Kulaks.” (A middle class, or comparatively wealthy
    peasant who employed hired labor or possessed
    farm machinery) These people were largely self-
    dependent and self-sustaining and could shape
    policies that had a national impact on issues and
    events. Let the farmers stop buying, selling, shipping
    for a few months and note what happens: to transpor-
    tation, to stock and bond holders in commercial
    companies including Colleges, Churches, Hospitals, etc.

    Since the Russian Kulaks would neither cooperate
    with or surrender to Stalin and his cohorts, he solved
    the problem by the simple but effective method of
    killing tens of millions of Farmers and deporting another
    ten million or so to Siberia. When the Internationalists
    who had funded the Bolsheviks to power in Russia
    began their own plan to capture the American economic
    system, they were well aware that in America, as in
    Russia, a massive resistance would come from the
    Farmers and Small Businessmen, and consequently, that
    opposition had to be removed! But, in America, killing
    was certainly not an option, at least then.

    It is clear that the solvency of the Kulaks hinged directly
    to food, raw materials, income of workers, solvency of
    industry, the transportation system and the value of
    stocks, bonds and securities issued by the industrial and
    transportation corporations. The same issues that lay
    behind the American system of Capitalism as well. But,
    what kept them both working and solvent was an attitude,
    a natural trust among the people involved, stimulated by
    the doctrines of Christianity as the common denominator.
    Destroy that trust and create, Chaos. To destroy the
    solvency of the Kulak, or the American Farmer, is to
    guarantee the destruction of the Christian basis and the
    entire economic structure of these nations. They are and
    were, tied together.

    Now perhaps, this historic parallel of the destruction of
    the Russian and then the American economic system is
    exactly what the Internationalists planned for these once
    free enterprise systems before setting up their own
    Socialist system of a regimented economy under the aegis
    of aliens to Christianity. This “dominion” is a main theme
    of the Talmud
    and from this ancient Babylonian set of instructions came
    those other, more detailed sets of instructions, the
    Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and the two Manifesto’s,
    the Communist and the Humanist.

    Now, perhaps we can see clearly that the Internationalists
    chose wisely when they directed their first attacks against
    the Foundation of our American System – the solvency of
    the Farmer, first the Russian and then the American!

    But, to find out how they did it, we shall quote from a
    well documented and obscure little booklet written in
    1944 by a member of the Republican National Committee,
    T.W. Hughes, titled, “Forty Years of Roosevelts.”

    This author well understood the actions of Franklin
    Roosevelt during his Administrations and sought to
    prevent a fourth term from becoming a reality. But
    unfortunately, the War obscured and cloaked much of the
    facts and the truth about what Roosevelt had been doing
    to the Bill of Rights and the sovereignty of America. War,
    as a cohesive tactic is always used by some elements of
    society to cloak their deviancies.

    The war on Terrorism is no different. Its true targets are
    not Semitic Arabs, but the knowledgeable Christian of
    America. He is being forced to suffer indignities by
    internal forces and agencies that a deflated Congress
    refuses to inhibit.

    But, I digressed a bit there, as the real issue remains the
    historic cause of the Great Depression. T.W. Hughes
    offers facts that are well corroborated, even in the
    Congressional Record. Here is what Hughes has to say
    about the parallel events in Russia and in America of the
    1920’s and 30’s. His first reference is made to an edict
    issued from the Federal Reserve of New York that the
    Re-discount rate to small banks of America was to be raised,
    and raised dramatically—from the historic minimal, 2%
    to a massive, 8%!

    Quoting: P.30: When this described order was being
    debated at a secret conference of the Federal Reserve
    Bankers, Mr. John Skelton Williams was Comptroller
    of the Currency – one of the most important offices in
    the Federal Government; and hearing that this secret
    order was being considered by the Deflation Committee
    of the American Bankers Association, he did everything
    in his power to prevent its passage (see Congressional
    Record, May 2, 1933). In relating his efforts to the late
    John A. Simpson, Mr. Williams said, “I told the other
    members of the Board, ‘Do you know that this will break
    lots of the little country banks?’ They cold-bloodedly
    answered me, “THEY OUGHT TO BREAK, THERE ARE

    I then told them, “Don’t you know it is going to ruin lots
    of farmers?” and they cold-replied to me, “THEY OUGHT

    But, like the Kulaks these Internationalist Bankers
    realized that the American Farmers, the local Kulaks,
    could be disposed of far easier and without the blood-shed.
    By a completely LEGAL method, by Bankruptcy.
    And that by bankrupting the American farmer they could
    end both his independence and his contributions to the
    national welfare, the real backbone of America. So, to
    achieve this end, they set their plans in order. Lets go
    back to T.W. Hughes.

    To achieve this end the International Bankers in May 1920
    began their long-range plan which is still in effect and
    which will certainly and completely succeed should the
    1944 election again return the New Dealers to power.

    It was on that date, May 18th, 1920, that the International
    Bankers made their first move toward the destruction of
    the American Farmers—the order to the Federal Reserve
    Banks to raise the Rediscount rates to the small banks
    (the country banks of the nation), from 2% to 8%! The
    trick involved, in this secret order may be explained as
    follows: If a country bank loaned $1000 to a Farmer on a
    Promissory Note bearing 6% interest, and thereafter the
    small bank needed additional funds, the small bank could
    take the Farmers note and collateral to a Federal Reserve
    Bank where the Farmer’s note would be rediscounted at
    2% and the $1000 in cash handed to the country banker.
    It will be seen that by this transaction the country bank
    made 4% on its loan to the Farmer, the other 2% called
    for in the Farmer’s note having been paid to the Federal
    Reserve Bank as a re-discount.

    So long as country banks could take the notes and
    collateral of Farmers and Small town Merchants, and re-
    discount them for 2%, the country banks would always be
    able to get the funds needed in their business. But when
    the re-discount rate was raised from 2% to 8%, as by the
    order issued on May 18th, 1920, the country banker could
    no longer get additional funds from the Federal Reserve Bank.
    For how long could a country bank stay in business if it
    loaned money to Farmers at 6% interest and then had to pay
    8% interest to the Federal Reserve Bank?

    Obviously it couldn’t be done, and when the order raising
    the rediscount rate from 2% to 8% took effect, the country
    banker could no longer lend any money at all to Farmers
    and Smalltown Merchants. Worse yet, the country banker
    had to call in or refuse to extend loans already made!

    It should be apparent that the International Bankers made a
    wise choice when they moved against the American Farmer,
    particularly those in the Midwest as their focus was primarily
    handled from the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, the onus
    for responsibility removed from New York and Washington to
    what is called today, “fly-over country.” So it is clear that the
    Bankers knew against whom to direct their attack, Against
    that part of the American System upon which all other parts
    depend, the Agricultural Industry, the foundation of the
    American System.

    (Now note that a similar move has been going on for the
    past 5-10 years with what remains of America’s industrial
    base: it has been moved out of the country and as a
    consequence, depleted the solvency of the tax base by
    reduced and low paid employment—all “planned” and
    “programmed” by the self same People.)

    Yet, many will ask, what did Congress do and why did they
    not step in to resolve this massive fraud being perpetrated
    on America? Why was there no reaction to these events?
    Well, to get the answer, we must look at Congress today:
    why has there been no Congressional response to the
    current Tactics against Terrorism, against contrived military
    moves that are being used to deplete the last surviving
    elements of America’s past, its Freedoms! Again, let T.W.
    Hughes tell about what happened.

    From this testimony by the Comptroller of the Currency,
    as reported in the Congressional Record (Vol.64, Part V,
    67th Congress, Fourth Session), and from events which
    immediately followed this secret conference of bankers,
    it is clear that the Committee which passed this resolution
    knew that a panic would follow, bringing ruin to Farmers
    and local Banks throughout the country; in other words,
    “they had planned it that way.”

    As a result, this first attack against the Agricultural areas,
    came the Farmers Panic of 1921, and as a result of this
    panic, 5,000 country banks were closed, 150,000 small-
    town Merchants failed in business, the money and savings
    of the 50 million people living in rural areas was drained out
    of the country and INTO the big cities; and 5 million Farmers
    were so completely ruined that to this day 80% of them have
    not recovered solvency.

    And lest the Reader think that this was the only direct
    attack on the American Farmer, let me cite a similar incident
    occurring sometime earlier; and I now quote from a letter
    sent out by the Big Bankers to their agents throughout the
    Nation. “We authorize our loan agents in the Western States
    to loan our funds on Real Estate to fall due on September.
    In September 1894, we will not renew our loans under any
    consideration. On September 1st we will demand our money,
    and (when the Farmers cannot pay) we will foreclose and
    become mortgagees in possession. We can take two-thirds
    of the farms west of the Mississippi, and thousands of
    them east of the great Mississippi as well, at our own price!
    We may as well own three fourths of the farms of the West
    and the money of the country. Then the farmers will become
    tenants as in England. (Note, modern reader, the implication
    of where “dominion” was sourced—London)

    After September 1st, the interest we receive on coupons
    will be accumulated. We will not lend any of our funds
    after that date, as we can make more money by withholding
    our interest income. When it is remembers that between the
    dates mentioned in this secret letter, the letter having been
    written September 1891 and to take effect on and after
    September 1894, that between these dates the International
    Bankers would spring their “1893 Panic” which would spread,
    wreck and ruin throughout the agricultural areas, it is clear
    why the Big Bankers knew as stated in their letter that when
    the Farmers notes fell due, in 1894, the Farmer would be
    unable to pay. Thereafter, as the secret letter implied, our
    American Farmers could either go out of business or become
    tenants as in England. As a matter of fact they did both.

    Now, was Congress aware of these events. For sure, they are
    well documented in Congressional Records as to be beyond
    denial and they both occurred before the New Deal of
    Roosevelt and his kinsmen cronies who were shaping policies
    in conjunction with the International Bankers. But then T.W.
    Hughes was not content to use only the events before the New
    Deal became the law of the land, he uses some of their own
    events that also played a big part in the attack against America
    and its economy. Again, let’s listen to Mr. Hughes.

    The next attack of the Internationalists against the American
    Farmer began in 1930 and continued until 1934, when the
    Internationalists cause Russian farm products to be dumped
    on the European market and sold for less then the cost of
    production and transportation. By this stroke they drove down
    farm prices in America and set in motion a new series of bank
    and business failures in the farm areas.

    The next attack by the Internationalists came in March 1933,
    when by removal of their gold deposits from America to England,
    (England again) they closed every bank in the nation. And when
    ten days later one-half of these banks were permitted to re-open,
    80% of the banks that were kept closed were banks
    LOCATED IN AGRICULURAL AREAS. And again, a succession of
    business failures swept through the farm areas!

    Finally, came the Regimentation Era of 1941-44. Here, under the
    pretense of being necessary, farm prices
    were “stabilized” at less then parity rates; farm sales were
    restricted by O.P.A. regimentation and the purchase of farm
    machinery, trucks and tires made almost impossible. And again,
    a series of failures swept through the farm areas and is still
    sweeping. (Bernie Baruch et. al. were the instigators here).

    To these specific incidents of direct attacks on the solvency of
    Farmers, Bankers and Small Merchants of the rural districts,
    may be added the over-all attack made for twelve years past
    by the New Deal, in which our Tariff Laws have been nullified
    and evaded to the end, that billions of dollars worth of foreign
    agricultural products have been imported into the United States
    thus robbing the American Farmer of his own and only market!

    To get a better understanding about who was doing what to
    whom during WW II, we saw Roosevelt appoint Bernard Baruch
    as the overall manager of all of America’s assets, the allocation
    of its production and the distribution of its product, a big step in
    the planning processes necessary to shift into a socialized

    In this approach, Baruch was assisted by many other, similarly
    minded Jews who Roosevelt had chosen for his assistants.
    Henry Morganthau as Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury,
    took this national position as being one to also deplete the
    assets and value of Germany after the war ended. Displaying an
    attitude of vengeance so characteristic of the edicts of the
    abominable Talmud, he wrote the Plan that Germany was to be
    reduced to a simple pastoral country dependent on England and
    France for its sustenance.

    So now, Americans, you have discovered that those events which
    have come and gone, have not happened in a vacuum, they have
    been planned and programmed. These historic events have been
    dominated by “hidden hands” whose influence has affected
    millions of Americans, even hundreds of millions of unsuspecting
    people. Despite that fact that over 50 years have passed since
    this booklet was written, the diabolical events described by this
    author confirm the persistent determination of alien forces seeking
    to destroy Christianity in America, in the world. It is this single
    feature of our lives, the true cohesive factor that has bound our
    People together in trust, in dignity and integrity.

    Even since our own Revolution the internationalist bankers
    conspired to achieve a dominion over the lives of Americans.
    Alexander Hamilton, who himself was Jewish and had studied
    under Talmudist bankers in the Caribbean islands where he was
    born, was the red thread of federalism who favored and sought
    a central banking system with its fiat funding that came from
    ancient Babylon; brought into favor by the Talmudists whose 70
    years of training in this credit funding became their hallmark.

    The red thread of this usurious system became interwoven into
    America’s financial structure in 1913 when alien Bankers subverted
    a few member of the Senate and Congress and then coerced (by
    blackmail) President Wilson to adopt a system designed for and by
    these aliens to the constitutional right of Congress to coin monies.
    Thus they granted to an antiChristian international cartel of Bankers,
    total dominion over the lives of Americans, the impact of which has
    so insidiously infected all aspects of American life that its once Bible
    Common Law and Justice System and Natural Law Morality now
    follow other Empires into the trash heap of history.

    “My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge, because
    thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.” (Hos.4:6)

    Thanks for Listening.

    J. Richard Niemela
    Col. USAF (Ret)



  • We got quietly and understatedly notified today online by our New South Wales State Gov’t (NSW, Australia) that they will be removing cash currency from circulation as legal tender in Australia next year on June 30, 2022. This preludes that one world currency/one world government and “The Mark of the Beast” (aka “666”) from ancient prophecy that only takes a few years to be instated by the antichrist and his cronies, once they have completely deceived their naive populaitons into accepting the technology that has their accounts and records on “a single subcutaneous (under the skin) microchip that can’t be hacked”, except by their technology gurus ‘coz they will maintain ownership of “Your” personal microchip, thereby owning the one the chip possesses (“Possession is 9/10 of the law”).

    They maintain the right to switch “Your” microchip off and effectivley stop that indiidual from accessing their own hard-earned monies and medical records, etc, from trading or taking ownership of their wages and/or profit from investments, etc. It is likened to owning the money in your bank account, only this way, your access to your monies will be impeded at the first point of civil disobedience where you fail to comply with their draconian restrictions or being fored to worship the beast or the image of the beast (read “1984” where the population all get corraled to participate collectively in a mass assembly and pledge alliegiance to “Big Brother”).

    It won’t be long and Jesus Christ will return to establish his kingdom. Just be sure to get your soul right with him befroe it’s too late because if you take that chip in your body, you’ve effectively given yourself over to the beast and there’s no coming back from that. At that point, you’ve chosen the wrong side and will be condemned to a regretful eternity. The only option is to learn the good news about how we turn away from the destructive lifestyles that only lead to death, and how to go about turning away from the death those lifestyles lead to, and how to go about acquring a future with Jesus Christ and a eternity in the kingdom of heaven.

    • All religion is based on Ancient Mythology. Jesus christ never existed anymore then Moses or Abraham. The Kingdom of Heaven is right above us. The son is the Sun that travels with the 12 Constellations (12 disciples). Jesus, the Sun is reborn on the ‘Winter Solstice’ based on actual movement of the Sun through the ‘Tropic of Capricorn.’

    • Steven James — I agree with most of what you’re saying, except I am pretty sure that Yeshua will not be returning. He never wanted to be worshiped and I believe (I’ve heard) it has caused him angst. Darlin’, he never said he was ‘the’ son of God, because he wasn’t the one and only son of God. (After all, what does that make you? Some sort of sausage?) How absurd to believe that “savior” stuff. You know, it’s no wonder that people have been so easily Shanghai’d into the NWO folds. If you can be shepherded into a religion that’s whole purpose was to control the masses, you’re a sitting duck. The worst part about your belief system is that all you bible thumpers sit and wait for Yeshua ben Joseph to come and save the day. WAKE UP !

      You know that 144K, written about in Revelation? The Creator changed Its mind and send millions of us. And by the way, Rev. is the only part of the bible that hasn’t been tampered with. ~ MG

  • Fitts should start calling the ruling class what they are, pathological psychopaths, rather than give them a cutesy name (“Mr. Global”) as if they’re some harmless entity. By her using fake language she helps cover up the real reality from the public.

    It all comes down to this… “When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth, they will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest!” (Anonymous)

    Throughout your entire life you continually DECIDE to either stop being mistaken –or stop being honest– when learning the truth. Which one of the two true answers applies to YOU in terms of the Covid-19 truth? Find out in “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at

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