This is a segment from the 1987 documentary, ‘Inside Pine Gap’, about the creation of the US listening post in the middle of the Australian outback, to receive downlinked data from a geosynchronous satellite parked over Borneo, which collected signals intelligence from both the former Soviet Union and China.

Victor Marcetti, was the Assistant Director to the Director of Central Intelligence and was involved in forging the agreement between the US and Australia to create a listening post in the remote area of Alice Springs.

The location was initially scoped-out by another CIA agent in 1966 and it became operative in 1970, with the stationing of 400 US families in the nearby town. The Australian public was initially told that the base was to be a joint aerospace venture.

Marcetti claims that this was just a cover story. Many UFO buffs disagree!

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  • He certainly exposes the profound and deep arrogance the elite of this adolescent country pronounce upon the rest of the world…”big brother sayin’ to little brother”…how quaint.

  • Love his POV–We HAD to lie to the Australians and, by extension to the American public because the Aussies need protection from threats that they do not appreciate? “We are the Big Brother to the little brother.” What a conspiracy and one he appears to think should be perpetuated if you read his attitude of tone and manner. If this guy thinks the CIA is working beyond their mandate and attempted to stop them by going through channels and subsequently writing book just imagine how bad it really is among these alphabet agencies? My God.


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