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    Are you shocked or annoyed by evidence that the way the world operates goes against your fairy tale notions?

    Looking for a solution for your stress?

    Then, check out this hilarious episode of James Corbett’s The Eyeopener, as he examines the theory of and how this stops people from confronting the uncomfortable truths about the way the world really works.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • My hat’s off to another great video by Mr. Corbett and, of course, to you, Ms. Bruce, for pulling it out of the information ‘black hole’, where I might never have seen it! I’m so grateful to Mr. Corbett for giving me a better description for what I had previously termed peoples ‘willful obtuseness’, which didn’t quite seem to fit, but was as close as I could come to explain how people could, seemingly, blithely ignore, angrily deny, and/or justify acts and behaviors that totally flew in the face of logic, justice, and humanity, for the past 30 plus years (I know that the Elites have been cementing their control of our world for much longer than that and that their great plans have been in the works as far back as 1775, but I can only start from the point when I, personally, became awake and aware, in my early 20’s.). I’m also aware that events are ‘coming to a head’, ‘spiraling closer to the drain’, and ‘speeding toward the event horizon’ and that I, financially and time-wise, was born at the wrong end of history. Here’s what really baffles me, though: How does someone, whether through fear, avarice, or blind obedience, PARTICIPATE in their OWN DESTRUCTION?! Does no one else see that movies, like ‘The Hunger Games’ and the newest one, ‘The Purge’, should TERRIFY people? They do me! Morlocks really do exist and WE are the Eloi!

    • I have just gone through this with watching the Comey congress interview on Hillary Clinton. On one hand James Comey tells us that wrong things were done that there is no accountability for! Then the second interview tells us more about the Hillary Clinton’s lies. I posted the findings and that it is still being looked into! People just went nuts saying they feared Trump to become president and you have to vote for Hillary. I was not even addressing the election just the FBI’s investigation and what was found and how it was the opposite of what She has been telling all of us! She did not have clearance to have a separate unprotected server and she lied to congress when she was under oath about it. She was not under oath talking to the FBI, why? the whole sequence of events leading to the resolution by the FBI was as soon as Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch it all was over in a heart beat! Part of the info was not included from Congress because the FBI can not ask them for help they have to offer it and they did not know! The IG that called for the investigation did not know until she was out of office that she had a home unauthorized server that she was using! Wow! People knowing all this info will still vote for Hillary out of fear total cognitive dissonance. Through it all I watched and heard all the info and watched the democratic primary go through horrific blatant fraud and never once did it correct itself or come clean. Peoples affiliations changed voting places closed. winners announced while people were still voting and the lack of election staff in one state that allowed the parties to declare their own winners. The X-president Bill Clinton violates Massachusetts State law for campaigning at a poling place while people are voting no consequences what so ever. You tell people this and they tell you , you are nuts or agree that something is wrong but have no idea what should or could be done. I say vote for who you think should be president regardless of them being chosen by a party!

    • Hey HOBA HOBA, if you’re not interested in conspiracies and such, why are you wasting your time here? You seem like a paid psy-op or else it don’t make sense that you’re wasting energy on debunking conspiracies with nothing more to say than: “you’re a nutjob”. All the best to All!

    • I’ve lost ALL respect for Chomasky. Noam has been bought off (or threatened). And 9/11 is not a conspiracy THEORY, it was a CONSPIRACY, and it has leaked out. Why is Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, et. al., NOT being put to death? Because the rich get away with anything. Clinton is a lying sex pervert, as are most politicians, Why we don’t go to D.C.and literally pull them out of Congress and behead these traitors shows how materialistic, petty, and useless Americans have become.

    • For those of you acting as if conspiracy theorists are all whack jobs; try learning your history. Look up the Gulf of Tonkin (which got us into Vietnam, and didn’t happen). Look up the USS Liberty (Israelis shot it up becuase Johnson wanted to blame the Arabs so we could get into that one. Gladio was a historical event as well. We even had a CIA agent as president of Greece (1948 I believe). Conspiracies are a big factor in history. The sinking of the Lusitania, Maine, and even Pearl Harbor are all results of conspiracies. For those of you who automatically dismisses those who claim there are conspiracies with the label “conspiracy theorist” as a pejorative, you are also the victim of a conspiracy. The phrase being taught to you so that you can label someone as a whack job. If you don’t believe in conspiracies, then you might also want to tell that to the Justice Department, as conspiracy is a legal term and thousands of people go to jail every year for it. Yet, so many people claim there is no such thing as a conspiracy. That really cracks me up. I believe Wikipedia actually has several thousand verified ones on their site. All governments engage in them. The US just has the most docile population and so it works best here. Baa Baa little sheeple.

    • Dear HOBANADA, sorry about your views of the world not matching reality, but that’s the way it is. Try, just try to see beyond the box of containment, I know it will be a surprise, but, you can see if you open your mind, see just a few of the lies we have all been told. Did you know that once upon a time that the United States was a place of freedom? It is a place of confinement now, our government runs tests on us to see our reactions, or manipulate us to believe what they tell us. Want an example? Building 7 of the World Trade Center, just how can a fire burn down a steel framed building? They did not have a way to heat the steel up hot enough to melt, so how did it fall at free fall speed, twenty min. after it was reported to have fallen?

    • Awesome video James … should have cut in the scene from “The Wizard of Oz” when the curtain gets pulled aside from the fraud magus … perfect fit. Hey obanada here’s one your sheeple can’t debunk … building 7 hee hee … Try it i dare you.

    • I’m sure the lying sacks of elitists will put me away first because I don’t give a rat’s behind.
      I enjoyed the video. The first clip with Bush about 911 explains pretty well why I don’t believe a single word of any politician/elitist/paid stooge.
      Will be signing up for more.

    • This video is so BS. How about showing the cognitive dissonance of conspiracy theorists who in the face of facts debunking their theories can not let go of the conspiracy they are so invested in. Everything you say is pointed at those criticizing conspiracies or conspiracy theorists when in actuality it is the conspiracy theorists who are the epitome of cognitive dissonance, the best examples of the points you are trying to make are not in this video but are the conspiracy theorists. Just like them you are the worst offender of cognitive dissonance yourself by the way you have presented this video. No, I take that back, you are just a nut case.

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