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Pete Santilli’s comment about Rep James Comer’s display of threatening FBI Director Chris Wray with Contempt is:

“Did he not, at any point in time say, ‘This is so egregious.’ He is knowingly covering-up – and to do that is a dangerous thing. That means that the FBI is the President of the United States, when you hold that much leverage…That is overthrowing our system of governance, period. He needs to go to jail. We need to arrest Christopher Wray. Why is he not calling for that?…

“Christopher Wray needs to be arrested. Arrest Christopher Wray – or arrest Comer for Dereliction of Duty, how ’bout that?…

“Why doesn’t anybody within the FBI launch a fricking mutiny and arrest everybody on the 7th Floor! Shut the place down. You guys got the badges and guns, you’re the proper law enforcement authorities. Why are you not doing your duty? Oh, you’re complicit?…

“[Christopher Wray] is in charge of the coup d’état. Him and Comey and all of his little Homies.

“Arrest Christopher Wray now. And those that don’t arrest Christopher Wray, arrest them, too!

“I’m trying to snap everybody out of it. We’re in a coup d’état…we’re in a coup and we’re countering it with Fox News Clips, selling Big Pharma! That’s how we counter the coup! We get the do-nothing Marxist-enablers and say, ‘Oh, my goodness, we found copies of this!’

“Never once does he say that it’s dangerous to have the FBI covering up a serious crime perpetrated by the man that’s in the Presidency and them covering it up and having that – that’s leverage, OK? That’s called blackmail in the safe.”

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