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    The secret impeachment inquiry to oust President Trump would be unthinkable without the rise of the Social Justice movement, which now pervades all US Federal agencies, all Western public schools and Universities, the Catholic Church and the major sports leagues.

    This ethos now defines the US Democrat Party, Big Tech, Antifa, the UN, the EU, the Commonwealth and transnational corporations. In short, Social Justice is the doctrine of the Globalists.

    It is a racket and not at all what it purports itself to be. Social Justice disguises itself as a civil rights movement but in reality, those wielding it seek to subvert all norms of rationality and logic and to thereby seize power.

    Academic, Michael Rectenwald suggests that the best way to stand up to this pernicious movement is to have it legally classified as a religion. He suggests that the Social Justice movement should be legally classified as  religion in the US, so “we can use the separation clause to exclude it from the public school system.”

    In this week’s video by Black Pigeon Speaks, he opines here that, “With the death of organized religion, something was bound to fill the void. Just as paganism was supplanted by Christianity in ancient Rome, it is becoming clear that in the West, at least a kind of religious sentiment is being built around the notions of Social Justice. Victimhood hierarchies and hatred for all that are perceived as being contrary to this movement…

    “Where have we seen mobs of people worked into a frenzy, before tearing down monuments, attacking their fellow citizens as not being ‘pure enough’ in their ideology, demanding total adherence to their dogma, inverting and subverting entire nations and their people?

    “Zealotry that does not care about facts or truth but only about ideology, witch hunts and public show trials to condemn the ideologically impure.”

    He runs footage from the 1960s Cultural Revolution and one cannot help but see the antecedents of Greta Thunberg, the Extinction Rebellion and other latter day Social Justice warriors.

    He observes, “As the social justice mobs in Western countries clamor and hope for the removal of the foes, the Communists in China succeeded and the repercussions of the wanton vandalism on Chinese people on their history and their culture can be felt to this day.

    “At the core of Marxist thought, of Communist thought, as well as with the #Resistance and Woke thought today in America, it is the denigration, hostility and really, hatred for all things spiritual and in particular, organized religion…

    “The creed of Woke, as with Communism in China has created an ideology where old social conventions are to be rejected, agreed-upon morality is constrictive and thus, any and all attempts at restraint via morals and ethics is in their mind a form of violence. All previous social morality is to be jettisoned. All hierarchies removed, all restrictions based on old culture, discarded. And what you’re left with is nihilism and a moral compass with no direction and bereft of civic responsibilities.

    “The endgame of Woke is the endgame that has been reached in communist China and is best exemplified by what is now being referred to in that country as Generation Zen. Gen Zen is a term used to describe young people, mostly born after 1990, who to the consternation of the Chinese Communist Party authorities have little in the way of concern, not only for politics, Communist or otherwise but of much of anything else. In fact, Gen Zen in China has become so jaded that they can only heap scorn on their Western contemporaries when looking at their very public and in their mind very socially pompous attitudes and platitudes

    “The term ‘Baizuo’ or ‘White Leftist’ has become a term of scorn in China. While there have been a couple of articles written by Western authors desperate to distance Baizuo with their political leanings, I have spoken to personal friends in China and they have assured me that yes, Baizuo is a thing and yes, it does refer to the snowflakes among us…

    “A short definition from the Urban Dictionary describes the term Baizuo, as being an epitaph meaning, “Naïve Western educated person who advocates for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority.”

    “The Chinese see the Baizuo as ignorant and arrogant Westerners who pity the rest of the world and think that they are some kind of saviors. If you want an example of a Baizuo, look no further than Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    “Having said that, Gen Zen, according to an article in The Telegraph are sauntering through life in a passive and unpatriotic way raising doubts their loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party they are defined as having a blasé attitude to jobs, politics and pretty much anything else in life. They are, in the words of the author simply indifferent…

    “Gen Zen is a perfect representation as to the end destination and the end game of the #Resistance and the Church of Woke’s ideology. When ideology cannot be challenged, when there is no freedom of thought or speech, when conformity and obedience to dogma is all that one is presented with and this has been the only choice people have had for generations, when a populace has been marinated in Woke Social Justice of Communists, inculcated and state-imposed Atheism, when all avenues of spirituality have been either removed or co-opted by the state, when one no longer has a voice and there is no political outlet for dissent, well all people are left with is disenfranchisement and the void of nihilistic meaninglessness.

    “As Western values continue to collapse, the ideological contagion that has infected China’s Generation Zen may spread and leave the people of the world not only disconnected but disempowered. The future that Woke politics is striving for can be observed today in the Gen Zen of China: atomized, disenfranchised, apathetic, apolitical, disempowered, nihilistic, crushed under the Bootheel of ideological conformity and dogmatic social justice.

    “As Western values are continually jettisoned, as income inequality grows, as helplessness and hopelessness take hold of more more people, as the economy leaves more and more behind and as society becomes ever more divided, look to what begins to fill the vacuum left behind by the West’s abandonment of religion and spirituality.

    “That will be your guidebook and that will be your roadmap on to where society is heading and unless we can continue to have frank and open, as well as deep conversations, whether they get us anywhere or not, whether they bring us down or not, the conversation needs to be had and the Woke fanatics of the resistance, that agitate for censorship, as well as the demagogues in Silicon Valley, that are facilitating an accelerating said censorship need to understand is this and understand that freedom of speech is non-negotiable.

    “Generation Zen is our future if we let it and that is a very black pill to swallow.”

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    • I applaud you saying that the bottom line for us to see thru all this fog is the non negotiable right to free speech.

      To which I’ll add that without also the right to keep and bear arms we won’t have free speech for very long, if grudgingly permitted in the first place, and the mass murder, commie style, will begin.

      Mao said that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, it here being understood that the state is the holder of the gun, but for me, free speech in protest of that political power can only be maintained by the people, also being holders of their gun, albeit used with a decided reluctance, that is, only in self defence, as is the nature of the people, unlike the nature of self important potentates, who define their importance in terms of how many tens of millions of people they have murdered.

    • If you destroy the past, you don’t learn from it.
      And that is what the communist invaders, from south of the boarder, and the so called “students” from China want to do to the USA, and they seem to be winning, by yelling instead of thinking.
      Just my simplistic point of view.
      I think you should speak your views as well.
      Or, is that against the rules now?
      Calling it a religion, makes sense.

    • I hear pray tell that Nancy Pelosi wore a bracelet recently featuring orange gems and a brass bullet. During her press conference, she looked down, showed off the bracelet and tapped on the bullet.

      I also hear that Trump spoke to the Dallas rally from inside a bullet-proof vehicle and that there was a confirmed assassination plan that was intercepted.

      I also know intuitively that one has to ass a bunch of red to yellow, to get orange. Of note was Nancy’s fleeing yellow as she exited meetings with the President the other day.

      • take off the heads of the snake Mr Trump and bury them depp. I hear blue blood turns red with an injection of reality.

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