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    Dr David Martin joins Seth Holehouse on Man in America and Seth begins by saying that legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst, Martin Armstrong believes that ALL governments on Earth will collapse by 2030-2032 and David Martin agrees and he believes that in the US, it could come as soon as 2028, because that’s when the Social Security trust fund officially goes to zero.

    David says, “I believe the socialist experiment around Medicare and Medicaid, which Roosevelt put into motion in the 1930s, I think that is the illiquidity event that we can’t survive in our current form.”

    David also says that most of the banks where we have our money are already illiquid and are not backed by their deposits, saying, “We have a maturity date on long-dated assets that we cannot manufacture our way to get out of. Historically, Seth, the only way we’ve gotten out of this problem in the past is war and it has to be a world war.”

    He says, “We have four good years left and if we go back and we look to…a humanity-preserving strategy that’s not just based on a fear of loss, it’s based on being the architects of a better future…What would the best of humanity look like and how would be build a system to get there?…

    “The end of this era is to be celebrated and potentially, even accelerated. What is part of our energy is using the collapse in our favor? Rather than lamenting the systems that are going, what if we harness them and harness the energy of their collapse to actually structure something that was new and vibrant and worth pursuing?

    “And this, Seth, for me is my passion now! My passion is to say, ‘It’s not even much of a vision. It’s actually really simple!…

    “How do we do the things that allow us to start feeling our agency, to be part of our own solution? We have always depended on – and we’ve been conditioned to depend on – a someone else out there. Reclamation of your own agency is an absolute necessity to move into what is coming next and you’ve got 4 years to stretch those muscles and to grow those networks and to build those ecosystems.

    “And then, when the actual apocalypse happens, you don’t have zombies, you have zealots for a future that’s so worth pursuing that everybody wants a part of it…And that’s the opportunity we have and the good news is, we’ve been given the advanced warning, so we have every opportunity to do it right.”

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    • A fab chat. So encouraging for our future. David has such fantastic knowledge and speaks with such energy. We all have our place in this moving forward, but people like David and his wife offers the energy to get us going. I have always dreamed about a caring sharing energetic world and I feel I will get to see it happen before my times up. Thank you. Claire from the UK.

    • You have given me great hope.

      The abscess needs to be lanced.

      We need to start afresh.

      Our way … with kindness, humanity and most of all common sense.

    • I love David Martin and have been listening to ‘his take’ ever since my own, 2018. But, I do hear a tinge of bow tie fellowship rather than the real working and blue collar American’s.
      Was he always in their spin for all of us, all along? Does it matter?

    • Dr. Martin mentions that our current system is run on fear. Bingo. In fact, people on this planet live fear based lives, and/or partially so. This is the core cause of ALL our problems, large and small. And, because we are conditioned to believe that this is normal, it is invisible to us.
      If we were to live love based lives, all our problems would go away. For example, war. War is a fear based activity. We fear our “enemy” will conquer us and take away our life, lifestyle. How do we transfer from fear-based living to love-based living ? By simply identifying what we do that is fear based, vs love based and then stop feeding the fear. Any thought, deed, belief that separates, isolates, distances is fear based. Anger, hate, judgements are all fear based. Any thought, deed or belief that unites and/or brings us closer together is love based. Praise, encouragement, gratitude are love based.
      As with the drug addict, nothing will cure him/her until he/she sees that one is addicted and then desires to stop the addiction. All the problems on Planet Normal will disappear only when we realize that we live in fear and then desire not to. Doing anything else is just dealing with the symptoms, not the real cause of our suffering.

    • the shift to the next grift carbon change is stillborn the same baby eatin people who want to save the planet from gas ovens is mostly because of their hysterical historical fear of dying in said gas ovens . war is not coming to save the banksters from us the ultimate bag holders setup to hit the skids after the skim runs down to zero . the long view rescue plan can’t come from the death cults sudden change of heart all of the goodness has been rung out of the system they forced on us whats left is putrid and deserves a proper funeral . the return to GODs grace will solve all of these problems and HE is waiting for us to stand up and agree to be rescued right now . how much more shaking is it going to take to wake the brain dead idiots the F up . great plan doc. pushing your shitty cake parties to the shareholders might increase your sales force cut of the sugar coated plastic waste food byproducts company but building your new empire from the garbage pile of a failed system will not jumpstart us out of the shitholehouse disaster recovery problem .

    • Martin’s vision: Vision, visuals, videos, images, imagainations, images, a slippery slope and dangerous without road markers and a reliable steering wheel.

      I think I know Martins steering wheel. It’s his Mennonite heritage and I absolutely respect that. I have studied Anabaptist theology and history. It’s not perfect, nor are any of the other sects that claim Christ. I have studied them all, their theology and their histories and concluded that at the core they all agree that the Decalogue represents our Maker’s will for mankind, but that it must be rightly interpreted according to the “sermon on the mount”! Right there is where people resist, because it curbs their physical pleasures and their imaginations of pleasures, even their religious pleasures for which many of their sects dare to amend Christ’s instructions for life. This has been an ongoing problem for the church for nearly two millennia!

      I recently commented on FKTV about someone I named high up in the political controller chain of command saying that they believe “in the Christian religion”, all while walking in the way of Christ’s enemy. Only a fool would say such a thing as this and only fools believe it. That Christian religion is drowning in a sea of worshipful “Christian” symbols, while ingoring the truth behind the symbols. That religion rejects the very first and premiere premise of the Decalogue, which Christ emphatically affirmed repeatedly, so that there remain no excuses when we all stand naked before our Maker.

      Today at ninety I see how quickly life passes, how quickly strength, vitality, physical beauty, physical pleasures and visuals all pass from daily experience and there remains little other than inner worth, purpose and love for G-d and neighbor. Not only is the mirror helpful, but so are some of my neighbors doing their best to deny what time and old age has done to them. Temporal life is a vapor that dissappears much more quickly than I once thought.

      Martin’s vision is noble and worthy, certainly closer the Gospel than the irresponsible something for nothing opiod of pie in the sky in the sweet bye and bye which a generation of unthinking shepherds preach from the nations pulpits. Loving G-d and loving neighbor are not Christian options, they are commands.

      What could be more odious to G-d and to true believers than Christ claimers encouraging violators of these commands and worse, pledging themselves to abusers and murderers?

      • When someone insult or hurt a jew or a Muslim, the entire clan from around the world come out to defend. THERE IS NO SUCH A THING EQUIVALENT IN CHRISTIAN PEOPLE. This one observation can be addressed first, before any reform can take place on earth. Love each others comes first, then putting ourselves in danger to defend each others will follow.

      • But as long as Religions exist, war will continue,by the way Religions, all of them are simply Stockholm Syndrome !!!!

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