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I’ve never really paid attention to Steve Bannon before because of how much negative press he got during the 2016 election and during his chaotic exit from the White House. After seeing this video of the Eurasian Media Forum held in Almaty, Kazakhstan last weekend, I now understand what an important thinker he is.

It’s like getting struck by lightning!

I’ve included just a small snippet but you can toggle the progress bar on the video screen to see the whole thing. Bannon is joined by George Galloway, a fellow populist but a British politician on the Left, plus a panoply of airhead Globalists who bristle at Bannon’s very presence and can’t even begin to hold a candle to him intellectually.

Bannon and Galloway run a tag team on the Globalists and torpedo their ideas about Left and Right, debunking their smears. It’s very exciting. I feel that what they’re saying here represents a Great Awakening for humanity.


HOST: Steve Bannon, you’ve called China the greatest existential threat ever faced by the United States. Can you tell us more about why you think that?

STEVE BANNON: It shouldn’t be raising its head today, that’s the problem. The problem is that the elites in this world, the capital markets guys from Frankfurt, the City of London, Wall Street, the international corporations, they’ve been running this scam for 20 years, financing and providing the technology to a radical cadre of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] that’s built up this kind of Frankenstein monster; that’s essentially gutted the working-class people throughout the world.

Brexit and 2016 are inextricably linked. Why is that? It’s a revolt by working-class people, particularly in heavily-, formerly heavy manufacturing countries that live in a new serfdom. We have this massive concentration of power, this massive concentration of wealth and that the middle class and the working class, which I come from – I come from a working-class family – have been eviscerated. And there’s not a bond of trust, because you shouldn’t trust them, they’re not trustworthy.

This whole revolution that’s going on now throughout the world, that you’re going to see on Sunday night, that George Galloway just mentioned: It’s working-class people in the United States and in places like Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania, in places like Italy and France and the United Kingdom and others that are saying they’ve had enough, that they understand now, they’re starting to understand what goes on.

And what shocks me are the mainstream media – of all these organizations and all that all the money – you know, we’ve been beating this dead horse, of this this hoax, of this Russian collusion with the Trump Organization.

For the last 20 years, the most significant story was the radicalization of the Chinese Communist Party to suppress their own people; the noble and decent people of the People’s Republic of China and to turn it basically into slave labor for the West, so they can make goods for the corporatists at higher margins and sell it back to the unemployed and underemployed in the West!

That day is over. What you saw in President Trump and others, we’ve now engaged in what we understand is an economic war against the industrial democracies, an economic war against working-class people and that war is by the radical cadre the CCP, by Wall Street, by the City of London and by the international corporations – and that is over…

Globalization: the elites use that as a cover, globalization. There this whole thing of the globalized world and globalization was nothing more than to find the cheapest source of labor. They treat it like the second law of thermodynamics, like it’s some physical property that can’t be undone. That is a lie.

This all came about through human agency: the City of London, Wall Street and the corporations will always look for higher margins and therefore, they will always look for the lowest source of wages.

You talk about trust, right. Here’s where the fear is: Fear is not the word. When I go around working-class people, you see them starting to unite, you see this vote. You see it in Italy, you see it in France, you see in the United Kingdom. You’re starting to see it in Germany, you certainly see it in the United States.

The fear is in the party of Davos and its political apparatchiks in Brussels and all the happy talk that goes along with them. They sat around and made all the money…the industrial democracies of the West are not a declining power. That is a lie. The way we got into this is our elites thought it was too hard to confront a radical cadre, another dictatorship, just like in the 1930s, the same elites would not confront it. It took working-class people to confront it and who were our allies? Russia and China. Russia and China, the great fascist wars okay…it’s just so much happy talk you know. This is a world revolution going on right now and you have to see reality for what reality is…

GEORGE GALLOWAY: Steve Bannon is right. The only way you have any chance of controlling the elites and the monopolists and the exploiters is on a nation-state level, because everything else is either too big or, in the case of the European Union, the rules the Constitution are rigged in advance so that no democracy can influence or affect them.

And I say to Professor Siegel, if the Democratic Party had not rigged the primary system to pick the elite choice, Hillary Clinton rather than Bernie Sanders we’d be talking here today about president Sanders, not president Trump.

It was another classic example of the elite overreaching…They think that we are fools and that by throwing out words like “racist” – I have four mixed-race children and an Indonesian wife, sitting there. I’ve been a lifetime on the Left – and I’m accused of being a racist! I’m accused of even worse than that, the F word the N-word.

It doesn’t work anymore! And you’ll discover Sunday night, Monday morning that the revolution is on – and it’s not about color, not about race. It’s about class. It’s about the mass of the people saying to the elite, “We’ve had enough of you, for all the good that you’re doing. In the name of God, go!”

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  • In my former industry, I can recall going to trade show after trade show, watching the Chinese sneak cameras into the show and take photos of products while nobody was watching. Most shows prohibited this.

    According to an acquaintance who was a patent attorney, he relished his trips to China, as he had close to a 100% win record in those cases.

    All this, for at least the last 30 years.

    They were stealing ideas, designs and re-engineering products, putting them on the market at the mentioned slave labor, while the international globullist machine yelled, FREE TRADE!

    F these people.

  • Stephen Bannon has maybe half of it right BUT HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THAT SATAN’S CHILDREN OWN AND RULE THE WORLD or else Bannon is knowingly providing cover for !

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