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For a very low-budget, simple video, this piece by The Vincent Vendetta Channel is very affecting.

We’ve touched on the topic of our Very British Coup d’État in the past but not often enough.

As the DECLAS unfolds, we’ll be hearing more about how the American Nightmare we’ve been living is actually the product of fevered British imaginations consumed with the Great Game.

Before the dodgy work-product commissioned by Hillary Clinton’s campaign became known as the “Pee-Pee Dossier” or as the “Steel Dossier”, it was referred to within the FBI as the “Crown material”. Why, one might ask?

Vincent Vendetta tells us, “Maybe it’s because Operation Crossfire hurricane, which is what they named the operation to take down a duly elected American president mostly occurred on UK soil…I think it’s important to understand that Operation Crossfire Hurricane was a UK state project, a cross-party project, meaning they were all involved [and] Theresa May is guilty of committing an Act of War against the United States, by order of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her Privy Council…The declassification of these documents will show how the UK Corporation risked all our lives in order to cover up their crimes.

“Would you like to know why [Theresa May] really resigned? You didn’t think it was about Brexit, did you? They never expected [Hillary] to lose and since the day she did, they’ve been pushing for a nuclear World War III with Russia!

“Expand your thinking. The Skripal Case, the Russian Dossier, all of it was lies. They risked a nuclear war on all of us, in order to cover up their crimes.

“What they were blaming Russia for, they were guilty of themselves. It was her majesty’s government that meddled with the US elections. It was the UK government that did their very best to overthrow a duly elected president. It was the UK government that wanted to overrule the American people. Now, ask yourselves, why on Earth would they do that? Their actions are, to put it mildly an Act of War.

“This is a message to the people of the United Kingdom as a nation. We need to start preparing for what’s about to come. The storm is here and this is a storm so big, it has the potential to devastate our political landscape and demolish the throne of this Kingdom.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • British, Americans and the world in general have a ridiculous belief that royals everywhere are just historical anachronisms benignly smiling and presenting themselves at various ceremonial occasions for public viewing. The British fake “House of Windsor” is a most diabolical and criminal family far surpassing the Mafia. Fixing elections and financing wars is nothing new for them. The Scottish referendum was squashed by the Queen because the Royals had already leveraged all of Scotland’s North Sea oil futures and if Scots went forward with independence the Royals would have been righteously exposed as the thieves and murderers they are. All the adult male members of the family are degenerate perverts with Andrew leading the way with Epstein at his side. HRC as president would have accommodated them quite nicely as planned long ago when Bill Clinton entered Oxford, hillbilly Arkie drawl and all.

    • Fantastic comment Alan, it is refeshing to hear the truth spoken from time to time. And Epstien, another turly accurate reference. He set up his ‘island getaway’ in the 1980’s and has been blackmailing U.S. politicians and elites ever since. All covered up by corrupt American courts which are manipulated by the ‘Royal’ elites.

  • Islam ———————- is the Greatest Evil we as a Species as Ever had to Face ———— In all of Human History —————————– Hostile Advanced Extra Terrestrials Authored that Vile Book of Hate

  • “What they were blaming Russia for, they were guilty of themselves. ” – Alexandra Bruce

    Here. here.

    Projectionism was perfected at Tavistock and the CiA their finest clown suit.

    Hail to the Queen!

  • Why did the sun never set on the british empire??

    Because no one could trust the british in the dark…

  • Many of us in Britain have been jokingly asking for a regime change op since the Tories got into power. They have killed many thousands of us, a lot of the dead being disabled and seriously ill people. They have impoverished great swathes of the population – look at the UN report. May ‘lost’ (did she hell) 1000s of pages of vital evidence in the inquiry that was investigating the historic paedophile cases against politicians. The Tories have been a disaster. May has been the worst PM for centuries. A liar, a narcissist, and hateful person.
    Most of us saw through the Skripal bullshit despite our vile media trying their best to persuade otherwise. Some of us saw through the Steele crap as well.
    I can perfectly believe the Tories are guilty of this, especially as it failed. The rest who are accused…that is not quite so believable.
    Where is the proof for these claims?

    The lead contender to replace May is Boris Johnson, another lying, power hungry member of the elite – old Etonian, privileged, and totally focused on his own ambitions. He will be worse than she was and just as likely to follow orders from above.

    • I got this very interesting feedback email that I thought belonged here:

      Why the Crown hates Trump

      Trump is clean – corruption wise. The DIA and NSA vetted him first before asking him to run. What does Trump detest? Child sacrifices/child trafficking and human trafficking/enslavement. What’s the top items for the Monarchy? The same! The Chinese elites? The same!

      The Chinese in the Sino Soviet war in the 1950s was ended when the Soviets served the Chinese their answer to mass wave attacks – a nuclear weapon – detonated above their army. This registered on seismic recorders around the world and it was triangulated to the War area. I knew about it because I later worked with nukes.

      Why does the Monarchy hate the Russians? Because the Bolsheviks wiped out their cousins – and they nuked the Chinese. Plus, the Russians know the Monarchy are all Nazis. And child sacreficers. They’re supporters of the Rothschilds and the Central banks – which have hold over the Russian economy. Putin doesn’t have the economy and population to counter the UK (NATO) and the UN forces. However, teamed with the U.S. and Trump? And, if Russia becomes a best trading partner with the U.S.? There goes the Chinese’s tech theft as manufacturing returns to the U.S. The UK will fall along with the Monarchy – and Britons get their country for once. What the Chinese are really worried about? The U.S. switching over our currency leaving them holding worthless bonds in Dollars. Their intellectual property theft will settle up our bill.

      If Russia is a part of the Earth Alliance, this would position both us and them to make the changes to bring in the new technologies to markets. The petroleum economies based in the Middle East and elsewhere would dwindle, lowering their political and economic weights. Less money for wars. Less money for “Royals”.

      • Alexandra;
        Nice article.
        Long time, just got back to see your work and site.
        I hope everything is great in your world!

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