In the face of threats from the CCP-DNC-DHS-FBI juggernaut to criminalize “whiteness” and any dissent whatsoever of Biden’s blizzard of “China First, America Last” Executive Orders,  You Are Free TV is here to remind us that this is still America and we still have the right to discuss what occurred during the 2020 Election, notwithstanding Adam Schiff’s proposed Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 (DTPA).

“You should not be threatened to limit your Free Speech because of these Mainstream Media-pushed narratives, which we know through the Propaganda Act, put out by Barack Obama, back in his presidency is still going on and this ability for Mainstream Media to put out that somehow, it’s a ‘threat’ to discuss what’s actually going on in our government. That’s absolutely not true.”

She disguises certain words from YouTube’s Artificial Intelligence by either spelling them out or by using her own shorthand, which may confuse newcomers to her channel. She uses the term, “Tee-ist” and “Tee-ism” to avoid saying the words “Terrorist” and “Terrorism” and by constantly couching her statements with, “For entertainment purposes, only”. She has thus managed to evade being de-platformed by YouTube so far.

She gets into the Davos meeting currently underway, where the banksters are advocating “Carbon Neutral” energy, otherwise known as Agenda 21, otherwise known as the Green New Deal, which is exactly what the Biden administration is rolling out, as we speak, having killed over on million American jobs in under a week.

She correctly points out that this is not about “saving the planet”, “climate justice”, “social justice” or “race equity”. These feelgood terms are a cover for what are really Communism and Fascism: the centralized control over all means of production by the world’s largest corporations.

“This is about controlling you, using your Taxpayer Dollars…taking your money from you and then using it to tell you how you can live, what kind of energy you can use, where you can work…[shutting] down all of Main Street.

“They just killed – like I said, $3 trillion in American wealth of our average, normal, mainstream people…and then used it to control what jobs we can have, to actually work to survive, after killing our businesses and then who can have it, where they can live and what…kind of industries they’ll allow to exist. Folks, that is Corporate Fascism. That is Communism.”

You Are Free TV is not an actress and she doesn’t read from a script, so her delivery is not slick but it is real. It’s like being in a real conversation and she has an excellent grasp of the news of the day.

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  • I don’t know, but it sounds like she is telling “Q”, President Trump and his (military) supporters something. If we don’t get this Globalist lunacy under control, we won’t have a country left, whether Biden is a fake president or not! I think there is a mass awakening going on, and as many people realize that the 2020 elections were completely fraudulent, as there ever will be.
    C’mon, President Trump, you didn’t undergo the tortures of the past four years for nothing. It is time to “Bring the Hammer Down”!! Let’s Make America Great Again, shall we?

  • What is the matter with chemtrails?
    Forbidden word?
    Forbidden subject to unpack?
    Duration, Content, motive, game plan.
    Densification of the atmosphere for better frequency transmission ss in bomb blast just for one person?
    Hea y metal mano particles. Nano.
    Never reach the ground, remain in suspension.
    Thx for your great work.

    • Youuuu yyyooouu yyyooouuuu c c c c could ha ha hav have j j j j just st st stopped wa wa wa wa watching ya ya ya ya know. I guess you wanted the message but wanted to shoot the messenger ….. some people stammer …. some people are kind ….. your lucky I don’t have Tourette syndrome what a #%*@%# post that would have been.


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