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    Harry Vox joins Robert David Steele to say that the Deep State, which is to say the central bankers who control the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the UN, the World Economic Forum, all of the major corporations, Big Tech and the military industrial complex and importantly, the top military and intelligence brass have determined that it’s time to implode America and to make China the global super power and there’s not much we can do about it – not that we shouldn’t try.

    Many people are going to find the things he says here offensive, because he really harps on Israel and the “Jewish Bankers” but in the interests of Free Speech and in offering a counterpoint to the happy talk of Simon Parkes and others, to whom I gave a platform, it may be worth our time to get the Black-Pilled perspective.


    VOX: They’ve proven that they can pull the plug on us anytime they want…Who’s gonna start up a business in New York – or anywhere in the United States, when your governor, at the behest of the Israeli Jewish bankers that are pulling the strings on this one can just shut your business down? So, the idea of small business or mid-size business? That’s not gonna happen anymore…

    The entire foundation structure of the United States of America, when it deals with foreign policies, it’s all Israeli intelligence, with Jewish financial money backing it up. So, if you have the top brass of the Pentagon; Air Force, Marines, the Joints Chiefs of Staff, the NSA, FBI, CIA all of them with their faces right on the websites of JINSA or the FDD, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies – it always has a lovely name – with the word “Democracy” or “Freedom” in it – it’s Israeli intelligence!

    So, if you have the top generals and the heads of the intelligence agencies as essentially, spies for Israel, then we have to start to ask the question, “Have you read the long, documented history that Israel is anything but a friendly – it’s a special relationship, alright! They are parasitizing our country, stealing our military secrets, stealing our economic secrets, stealing our computer technology – and they’re selling it to China and they’re seling it to Russia, and they’re selling it to Iran – our REAL challengers.

    So, these spies – they’re spies for Israel – they need to be stripped of their uniforms, stripped of their decorations and their citizenship and go and live in Israel, if you want to work for Israel. That’s what I say.

    STEELE: Harry, I see the United Kingdom in partnership with Israel. Do you have any perspective on the Pilgrims Society and that whole MI6, MI5, House of Lords, taken over by Israel through bribes, blackmail and intermarriage?

    VOX: The City of London is an instrument of the Jewish banking system, the Rothschild system…

    STEELE: I don’t consider the Rothschilds to be Jewish as much as Zionists. Do you draw that distinction, at all?

    VOX: No. They’re not Jewish but like I say…if Jewishness confers privilege upon people who claim that they are, then it’s all the same, to me. So, I don’t care if you’re the real thing or just operating under the rubric that you’re that. It doesn’t matter…

    STEELE: You’ve come to the conclusion that Donald Trump has accepted the Deep State’s theft of the Election and the installation of Biden. While I might disagree, I respect your opinion very, very much. Do you feel the election was in fact stolen and this is obviously 70% of the country?

    VOX: Well, of course, it was stolen. It’s not 70%. We are the most partisan, divided country, ever and so the people who identified with the Republican Party and Trump are of course sure that it was stolen. It definitely WAS stolen. And those who claim that they have a Liberal mindset – of course, that word doesn’t really apply, because there’s nothing Liberal about people who are pushing for war, pushing for the Deep State, wanting to suck off the FBI and CIA – that’s not Liberal – but that’s what they are, teaming-up with the Deep State, now! That’s Liberal! Doesn’t make any sense, the terms are being turned upside down…this inversion is happening all throughout our society and that’s obviously by plan, because…you’ve got people caught, not only in the Right-Left paradigm but in the Democrat-Republican paradigm? Please!

    You’ve got people on the Internet saying, “Oh! This is all the fault of the Democratic Party!” No. It’s the fault of the people who run the Democratic Party.

    STEELE: The Supreme Court, which is led by a Satanic pedophile [Chief Justice Roberts], subject to proper investigation – but the Supreme Court appears just as compromised as the state courts and it refused to hear a very legitimate case from twenty – twenty states! Saying that the election fraud in six specific states was a violation of the Constitutional provision for equal votes in all of this. Do you think the Trumpers are just going to sit passive or what do you anticipate over the next 90 days?

    VOX: Well, there’s not much they can do. If the Deep State determines that Trump is out, that’s it and…this idea of an insurrection, although now would be the time for such a thing and I would support it, cheer it on…but I don’t think it’s likely to happen.

    I think you’re going to have a very disgruntled population, what I call “The Divided Nation Paradigm”, which is the banking money, the Jewish banking money needs to have our society roughly split right down the middle, because if any side gets too much power, then they can’t sit at the juncture of this divide and with their hands on the throttle, inch it, whatever direction that year that supports their portfolio…

    Trump’s only accomplishment was to service the conservative branch of the Jewish money, which would have been Netanyahu, Likud, Adelson. And now Adelson’s gone and Soros is still alive and who knows what’s going on there?

    STEELE: So, you see no possibility of any kind of military transition or the Insurrection Act or any bringing to justice of traitors, Satanic pedophiles and white collar criminals.

    VOX: No. Absolutely not. That was Q Pie-in-the-Sky stuff. Never gonna happen.

    The bottom line is, they are signalling loud and clear that pedophilia is cool, Man! That’s what the Democratic Party is because…I have to think these people like to have sex with children, because what other reason would there be for them to – for the FBI to protect it, Jeffrey Epstein’s operation for so long?…

    STEELE: So, Harry, do you see any bright spots for America?

    VOX: (Laughs) Uh, no. People are bailing and the bright spot –

    STEELE: Where are they bailing to?

    VOX: They’re under this illusion that they can get rural land – and the rich, who have the money to are doing that. There’s this illusion that they can move South but the Jewish bankers could change that governor in a minute and the same thing then would happen in the South.

    We’re gonna have never-ending pandemics, because they doubled their money. Why would they wanna stop pandemics? They’re gonna have – they can control everything and the problem is, if we had law enforcement agencies or intelligence agencies that were doing anything other than sucking Israel’s dick and doing whatever Israel wants, then we might have a chance but since they’re full-on in this destruction of our nation – our own FBI, CIA, NSA and military are complicit in the dismantling of the Americas, the question is, “What the Hell purpose for?” It’s our ancestors, this is our future, this is where our children are gonna live and they’re just sabotaging it.

    So, no. America is coming to an end and Biden, he’s gonna accelerate the process.

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    • A bit OT but I’m wondering what people more knowledgeable than myself think the effect of a power grid shutdown would be on cryptocurrencies. Seems to me they would al cease to exist… looks like an integral and essential part of the “reset”.

    • Good interview, total agreement on Israel, but there may be a faction of the military that will act against the election steal. I hope we see a battle, and civil war and secession. Let the left form their own cesspool and rot in it.

    • The planet has been in the stranglehold of the Snake people for a very long time.
      However, this may be the first time in planetary history they have been so exposed. In the distant past, when humans woke up, the controllers wiped out the inhabitants and started over. They are parasites and cannot survive without us.
      Knowledge is power. Evil will never succeed in the end. We are all here for a reason.

    • There is only one “antichrist” family who believe they have the divine “right to rule” who practice duality and if you are not in that big club, you/we are nothing more than that “pickle-in-the-middle”.

      I’m at total peace with being that pickle…don’t want anything to do with their dark world.

    • What are we supposed to do with this? I’m definitely not giving up my faith. I’ve made it this far. Dropping my head is not an option.. can you give us any good news Mr. Steele? My faith is in God. God has already won. By saying the deep state has won and pedophilia has won is telling me God lost. This isn’t an option. It’s telling me God is not real. This isn’t an option. I can see how it would seem impossible for one man like Donald Trump to shut down the entire Deep state pedo ring. But it isn’t just one man. He has the entire army of God backing him.

      Give me some good news Mr. Steele. Until then I will continue to pray.

      • Earth to Sadie come in please? Familiarize yourself with the Marian apparitions over the last 2 or 3 centuries and you’ll get your ‘good’ news. The world has rejected God and humanity will suffer as a consequence, just as America and the world is in free fall. currently, evil has won and pedophilia is very real and very widespread. On the other hand all is not lost and through Divine intervention, God wins in the end. The question is will you survive the great culling to see it?

      • Yes …BUT…BEFORE that – they come from Khazaria. Their ORIGINS:
        A Khazarian talmudic turkish+mongolian bloodline. After being allowed to enter Eastern European countries and caught in goyim pedo, bloodletting, poisioning the wells and all usury banking – thus buying up businesses, govt., media etc.
        plus black-mail, gaining even …MORE POWER…they were kicked out and fled to the surrounding countries including Germany; hence, ashkenazis.
        (documentation): “The thirteenth Tribe ~by Arthur Koestler
        Their religion is money, power & total control (IF they can keep it!!
        (bottom line: they’re only humans and AS humans – susceptible to Mr. Murphy=Karmic Laws)

    • We need to consider the other side, I wonder how powerful the allies are now. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the ‘open conspiracy ‘ advocates of HG Wells’ time became so disgusted with the corruption of their idealistic plans that they flipped. The mighty deep state could at this point be utterly infiltrated. Whoever it is that is supporting Trump has managed to keep him and his family safe all this time. So things have to be different now. Don’t lose your faith my dear.

    • Well, if you want to be depressed, listen to Vox.
      I don’t think I will bother with him again.
      It’s not that I want nice cosy predictions of the future, I know that the Patriots have a battle ahead of them, but I don’t like Vox’s remarks about President Trump.
      Nope, Vox is off my list. He’s entitled to his opinion, but I think he’s way off the mark.

      • There is NOT cozy prediction, not prediction at all ,but a cruel reality NOW. There is not Patriots i dont call Diaper wearing men, very scare of none existing Virus(even the CDC,FDA say so) ,the military are dam stupid animals, that to be used for new world order, that is here( Henry Kissinger),so there is not any future at all,

    • Some of us have been posting for years about those who will not name Israel. And so now, you finally decide to act in the interest of “free speech,” and not be fright controlled by those who find this “offensive?”
      Brendon O’Connell laid it out in video after video on his youtube, taken down more than once.
      Did you watch and link? NO.
      When ppl can say Vatican, City of London, DC,…but never say Israel… you know they are still sitting in their safe corner in the Matrix.
      You frequently censor my posts, so this is for your eyes, Alex. I doubt this will see the light of day.
      Likewise, did you ever hear DJ or Dr. Joe, or Fitz, pointedly name Israel? Complain about ADL or AIPAC and everyone taking oaths? NO. Maybe in passing. Passing just was never good enough.

      • Other than O’Connell, who sees Trump as the corrupt/Deep State agent Trump is? Thoughts on Trump being the Trojan horse to implement the plandemic as part of The Great Reset. Would Hilary get away with the EO’s that shut down the US? The Right would have resisted much more but were conned by the psyop Q to “trust the plan” of staying home while the tunnels of children were emptied and all the arrests of the Deep State pedophiles were made. The Qtards are still saying Trump will serve 4 more years and Biden is not the president.

        • agreed with you,100%, soon many will smell the roses, from belove,from Trumpstein Vaccine and yes he implement Plandemic-scamdemic,he is a Cabal(from his book: when my Cabal Teacher asked me how im doing) And to the Horror, they even make him a MARTYR

    • Boy, VOX is clueless! What a joke! The first time and the last time I will ever listen to this clown. Probably a Deep State Plant.

      • Didn’t watch the show. Just read comments. They tell me no need to watch. Consider the sources. Steele is CIA and don’t know why he’d put a negative on to interview? I usually follow Steele but some pro Trumpets are looking like double or triple agents!

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