Lin Wood: ‘I believe the military is in control’

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    Superlawyer, Lin Wood joins Stew Peters to explain what is going on with Biden and Trump from a legal point of view.

    Based on the evidence he’s seen, Wood believes Trump has the votes, both electoral and popular and that he has the law on his side. He believes that legally, Joe Biden is not the President, because his “win” was fraudulent. Wood says the military has the evidence to prove this.

    Further, Wood alludes to United States vs Throckmorton (1878), which states that, “Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.”

    The legal term “vitiate” is derived from “vice”, as in “debased”. Fraud debases, corrupts, perverts and invalidates contracts. Therefore, the fraudulent election invalidates everything proceeding from it; the certification, the inauguration, the political appointments, the Executive Orders, etc. 

    The horror show to which we have been witness is the total collapse and the inversion of the law, as members of our government at every level were threatened or blackmailed to certify the fraud.

    Federal law enforcement has been inverted to persecute patriotic Americans, while coddling Communist hooligans. For the past 8 months, thousands of violent Antifa vandals and looters have been celebrated for their rioting and have been bailed-out by the likes of Kamala Harris, while patriotic activists like Dr Simone Gold and Brandon Straka, who’ve engaged in zero violence have been arrested by the FBI, simply for being present at the Capitol on January 6th.

    Those experts who were personally involved in the volunteer election fraud investigation (since the DOJ and FBI wouldn’t do it) agree with Lin Wood, that Joe Biden is not the legal President, including Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Jovan Pulitzer, Tore Maras, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Scott Bennett.

    Lt Scott Bennett, who worked with Lt Gen Michael Flynn’s team, examining the evidence and affidavits from the technical experts says they provided proof not only of election fraud, but of treason, espionage and cyber warfare attacks. He says, “I can say with absolute authority that the materials provided by the military personnel, the cryptologists, the attorneys, and the analysts prove beyond any doubt that the election on November 3, 2020, was a corrupt fraud and act of high treason committed, and an act of war by China.”

    So far, the State and Federal courts have ALL refused to hear any of this evidence in the 81 cases brought before them, not based on the cases’ merits but on their “standing”. Jovan Pulitzer posted this spreadsheet listing all of the lawsuits with the comment, “Behold the BOGUS REASONS that 81 Cases of which 72 were Illegal Voting Alleged HOW MANY WERE ALLOWED TO SHOW EVIDENCE? ZERO (0) Sadly only 30 cases are still alive: SEE THE SUITS AND NO EVIDENCE SHOWN TO ANYONE.”

    For their part, Dominion Voting Systems is suing both Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani for defamation at $1.3 billion each. In the old days, this would be the perfect occasion to present all of their evidence and to counter sue but with our compromised courts, nothing will be admissible and they will be railroaded.

    We’ve been told that the military supports Trump but we’ve seen lots of evidence to the contrary. We’ve seen the Open Letters from past Secretaries of Defense and from the Joint Chiefs, censuring Trump and his supporters for the January 6th false flag at the Capitol that was, in fact staged by Communist Antifa. The extent of our government’s capture is beyond breathtaking.

    As Juan O Savin has said, the United States is going through a Near Death Experience.

    The question remains as to whether there is ANY military leadership that is not corrupt and whether they will honor their oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    Simon Parkes has repeatedly claimed that there are some 800 US military officers in all branches, from Majors to Generals, who are dedicated to restoring the Republic.

    If it is true that such people exist, they would certainly not broadcast their plans to the panoply of international enemies conspiring with American traitors to overthrow this country.

    Time will tell.

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    • This is far from being over. We’re getting close to the end but just not yet. There are so many things going on that is not given out to the general populace. Trump just had to see who was on the good side and who was on the bad side. Trump won 49 out of the 50 states. The military knows this because they water marked the legal ballots. That’s why he was so far ahead on November 3rd. The bad side had to extend out because they needed to create so many more ballots for Biden because they knew how far behind he was. China supplied most of the ballots. This is all a massive cleaning of the swamp and all those involved. To go along with Satanism and child trafficking. This is the only way they could go to clean this Earth. Have faith and listen to Trump. He’s trying to tell you that it’s not over yet and The Best Is Yet To Come.

    • Most of these type of claims posted here have turned out false and very much appear to be either psy ops or mental illness.

    • Your interview with Lin Wood was fantastic. He is such a great Patriot. Stew you asked very poignant questions. Thank you.

    • President Trump could have fired more of the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Obama/Clinton/Bush officer corps. That is a lot of people so please forgive my impatience.

    • I actually find Lin Woods videos slightly disappointing.

      He should surely know from all the documentation signed and put in place by The President, Donald Trump, that the Military are most definitely currently in charge.

      Perhaps it is simply being a lawyer that makes him cautious. But that does not enable his videos to be as uplifting as they could be.

      • I did also find Lin Wood a bit lightly disappointing also. However, I believe certain Generals and/or MIL-OP higher ups, including special DECLSS orders are having Lin agree
        and on a NDA leash or partial GAG orders. He is giving fairly encouraging clues of what seems to be working MIL-OP possibilities. I think the closer guys are to the real President the more they have to watch what they say.

    • There was something done by President Trump in (I believe) 2018 involving the bankruptcy of the Corporation of the United States, illegally established by Congress in 1871. If this was done, then doesn’t this legally abrogate any legitimacy that the DC government, both military and civilian, has over the “United States”?
      transition to the sovereign American Republic from the bankrupt and corrupt bloody mess we have now would be difficult but it, if done successfully, would undeniably restore Trump as the legitimate President of the new American Republic.
      I doubt if President Trump was unaware of these difficulties cited in the video when he exited the WH, and he should still have some tricks up his sleeve.
      That is The Donald we all know and love!!

      • I believe President trump has lots of tricks up his sleeve – both sleeves! 😝 I have been praying for him all of 2020 and of course still am, and I know that God put him in the White House in 2016 to drain the swamp. And God doesn’t like jobs half-done (not Trump’s fault) so I’m sure he’s going to be back to finish the job – to be done in God’s time, with aid of military.
        I’m Irish, residing in Canada, but our wishy-washy leadership is on a par with Biden’s, so whatever Trump does affects us too. Bigly.

      • Where is the evidence that there was something done by President Trump in 2018 involving the bankruptcy of the Corporation of the United States?

    • There is so much evidence of everything you say most people have never heard. Ten years of research tells me that satanic forces are indeed running the world and kids and sacrificing is paramount to their power and alliance to Lucifer. I thought that was crazy after a friend told me about it. isn’t, whether one wants to believe it doesn’t matter -they do. These people will do anything to not be caught including stealing an election. God will expose these criminals…in his timeline.

    • Hi Stew

      You can upload all your videos directly at the Free Speech Social Media Site/ Not Censored/Totally Independent and they own their own Servers

      Come join thousands and chat with everyone at

    • I put all my faith and trust in Trump. I’m Canadian, my brother calls me a fu….ng idiot because I said I love Trump. I know I’ll be saying I told you so. Long live Trump.

    • Very good interview; God Bless Lin Wood and thanks for all you’ve done. We will trust God and keep praying as well as do whatever we can to help gain freedom from the oppression we are experiencing now.

    • Thank God for people like Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and all those who speak the truth about what is and has happened in our country. I listened to leaders that I thought were trustworthy–Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham only to find out they are not willing to stand behind President Trump when they know without a doubt this was a fraudulent election. I have left Facebook, Twitter and MSM in the dust everything they do and say is manipulated. Speak up People and wake up and look at Fauci and his background and rethink the plan-demic and what he has done to our country. Get off google and install duck, duck go as your server so that you can research honestly. Look behind the scenes at what is going on and PRAY that people will see the horror that our country has become and seek God to help us right our wrongs!!!

      • Hi Marian! DuckDuckGo is a SEARCH ENGINE, fellow patriot, not a SERVER, but they do use their own server/s around the world. Hard to get one’s head around but YES, I’ve been using DDG for many years now and can’t fault it – so far!

        Not slanging, just saying. We all make mistakes, but not GOD.
        He’s in control 🙂 Peace & Best Wishes.

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