I’m still trying to get my mind around the fact that I’ve been arrested for silent thoughts going on in the privacy of my own head.

My faith is a central part of who I am, so sometimes I’d stand or walk near an abortion facility and pray about this issue.

Police asked me what I was doing one afternoon near the Abortion Center. I was clearly just standing there, motionless. I was completely silent. I let the police officers know that I might be praying inside my own head.

That’s all I was doing; thinking, lifting up my thoughts to God in silent prayer.

This was enough for them to arrest me and take me to the station.

Before doing this, they searched me on the pavement, even searching through my hair and confiscating the tissues from my pockets.

When I was taken down to the police station, I was then grilled about what I was thinking. Later, they let me know that I’ve now been charged on four counts because of the thoughts I’ve been thinking and where I was thinking them.

You don’t have to be pro-life to see that this is wrong.

Freedom of thought, conscience and belief are the most fundamental rights and are an essential part of our human identity.

My name is Isabel. I’m a friend to some, a sister to others, a charity worker, a Christian.

I’m not a criminal but I’ve been censored.

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  • Spindrift Research began being aware of a conspiracy against prayer in the late 1960s. Spindrift was way ahead of the curve on this topic of a prayer conspiracy emerging in society

    As the Twenty-First Century evolves, with AI technologies that replace sacred trusts and values, Isabel being arrested for her private prayer thoughts is a beginning salvo of the anti-Christian attitudes coming from Western Culture. What has happened to Western Culture? We have lost our way by permitting too much disruption of Judeo-Christian values.

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