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BioLite is the coolest company that I’ve run across in a long time! Founded with Kickstarter funds, they develop a successful line of really smart outdoor products for markets in the developed world and for emerging markets, they make a very efficient biomass cookstove that cuts fuel consumption in half, reduces toxic emissions by ninety percent and charges mobile phones or LED lights. Revenues from their outdoor markets are reinvested into building a commercially sustainable business that can bring safe, affordable energy to families living in energy poverty across India and Africa. Their recreation market gives them the resources to build a business that they say will bring energy everywhere™.

The company now has over 80 employees working in the US, Uganda, Kenya and India. Their energy ecosystem has expanded from one stove to over 20 products for cooking, charging and lighting and they continue to design solutions that they say are revolutionizing the way people worldwide experience energy on a personal scale.

While millions of people remain without power in South Florida, Mexico and in the Caribbean due to recent natural disasters, I couldn’t help thinking how many there might benefit from these great ideas and also how many of us living in areas at risk of disrupted energy transmission might want to have these clever BioLite products on hand.

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