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For fans fans of Viktor Schauberger, this German production, created in 2008 by Franz Fitzke and Jörg Schauberger, grandson of the renowned Austrian naturalist/inventor is a real treat! It explores the hidden qualities of water and the amazing characteristics imbued in water by means of a vortex. We see all kinds of interesting vortex-promoting devices, from plows to tap water swirlers and finally, the last copper repulsine engine ever constructed by Viktor Schauberger in 1945, which sort of looks and even sounds a lot like one of Billy Meier’s Pleiadian UFOs!

We learn is that water doesn’t naturally flow in a straight line, it swirls and curls forward. Viktor Schauberger said, “One regulates a river through itself, through its center.” Normally, hydraulic engineers shore up the river banks with stones. However, those who are instructed by Schauberger carefully place stones in the center of a river, thus drawing the water from the banks to the center, forming a chute. Thus, the banks don’t need to be destroyed or disturbed at all. All of the work is done in the river, itself.

Viktor Schauberger despised what he considered to be the technology of death; the explosion-based combustion engine and he sought to develop an alternative free energy system which would be in harmony with nature. We see his repulsine engine, which had been lost in America for decades and was brought back to Austria.

This repulsine engine is said to be the source of urban legends about Schauberger developing UFOs for the Nazis. There were tales of one levitating out of control in a lab and crashing apart on the ceiling. Notes in the old technical drawings claimed that the repulsine could silently power an airplane without the need for fuel. The basic premise of its function was that by means of a vortex, it created a vacuum at the leading edge of a craft, sucking it forward.

Although missing two or more critical parts, the repulsine is tested to see if it can produce lift for American physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff. At 2,000 rpm, they decide not to push the old thing any further but Puthoff is impressed by quality of its construction. Grandson Jörg retraces his grandfather’s footsteps in Texas just prior to his death and then briefs on Viktor’s vibrational energy ideas.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • All his discoveries can be used inside the vision of a spiritual evolution, where the laws of nature are copied inside human energy, present inside the entire body.

    I have been very active inside ecology of the surroundings of a human beings.
    After some time, I discovered there is a need for an innere ecology ALSO, where a spiritual/material being is involved. Here I found finally a doubled spiritual vortex, which reorganises the poison spiritual energy inside human matter. Such a poison, I can declare f.e. jealousy. This double vortex acts by gravity and by anti-gravity,

    By this system a brain wash appears by these spiritual vortex, where the human being becomes conscious of what he is doing. He transforms the mind of the painfull past.

  • As a crop farmer who has helped feed the masses for over 60 odd years, your comment is the silliest I’ve ever read.. Live in one of those concrete anthills in the big smoke do you?

  • A flow of energetic information is like a river.
    This is the same with spiritual information, flowing inside inside morhic fields.
    By being a morphogentic field as a human being, this being is a “resistance” inside the morhic field surrounding him.
    Now these informations whirl around inside the brain, where the centre of the brain attracts these information to the inside, to the point.
    Here it is possible to enter the vortex inside the brain and receive those information, which are needed for living in love.
    Speaking by self-experience…… the question: Who am I?

    There is a morphic field of love and of not-love.
    By searching for love, there is an self-directed-impact for finding this morphic field of love.

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