During a recent appearance at the Press Club Brussels, Catherine Austin Fitts says, “Robert F Kennedy said, ‘You can’t stop tyranny by complying.’

“So I ask you, we cannot comply with the mandates, we cannot comply with the passports, we cannot comply with any part of the financial control grid, whether they change the name from ‘passports’ and do it with biometrics and ID – whichever way they do it.

“This is the fight for freedom and liberty and what I will tell you again, as an investment advisor: most of our wealth in the West comes from the benefits of freedom and when you give away freedom, you give away anything.

“When the World Economic Forum says, ‘It’s 2030 and you have no assets and you’re happy,’ what I hear is, ‘It’s 2030, we have stripped you of your assets – which may include stripping you of your children – and you’re mind-controlled.

“Ladies and gentlemen, don’t let that happen.”

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  • That’s easy for CAF to say from Friesland in Noord Holland. Do the WALK Catherine not just the TALK. Are you worried about them coming after you? Well then your suggested remedies aren’t really worth much are they? Harsh but True! The Amerikan people have ignored the malfeasance of their leaders for a long time and there is NO WAY to avoid the coming pain. The Universe demands Balance!

    • Wanted to add, Catherine’s group was in the middle of investigating that Department of the Federal government. It was pretty brutal for her that came with death threats to her family as well.

    • Sort of like Whitney Webb encouraging the masses in the U.S. while living in Chile or the U.K. She might be what she seems to be; I don’t know. I don’t trust anyone. Brendan O’Connell had some things to say about these two.

        • To the whole lot of you:
          1. If CAF was worries about threats to her family: they’re still here so any spook et.al. that wants to can wack them. So that’s incorrect.
          2. I was a Soleri subscriber and the site was not getting updated because CAF was over at CHDF doing lot’s of free content for Kennedy while milking her subscribers.
          3. My partner and I spent over $100k in the early 2000’s in legal expenses to become Dutch residents ( we’re older and it costs) and were told in 2015 that our residencies wouldn’t be renewed to make room for African “Asylum” seekers and we had to come back to this hell hole the USSA. CAF is there because she has $$$$$.
          4. Her Know You Sherriff, Know You Banker etc is total BS. Her real advice that WORKS is: You Have Money You Get What You Want. YOU DONT THEN DONT.
          5. She should do the walk of STFU. especially if she REALLY worried about her family.

          • You Clearly do Not Know the History of what I referred to. Catherine was put through Hell on All angels.
            I do not follow where she lives or why. I am stating a Fact on her history.
            Perhaps there is another reason why she is living where she is living. (where it all began) She has many expertise advice on Banking!


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