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by Bioclandestine


Russian MoD opened a criminal probe into senior US and NATO officials who are allegedly “financing terrorism”.

They claim that Hunter Biden’s “Burisma Holdings, operating in Ukraine” received millions in funding to carry out terror attacks in Russia.

Essentially, Russian MIL are accusing the Biden regime (Deep State) of using non-government organizations to launder US funding to pay for terrorist attacks, including the horrific Crocus City Hall attack that claimed 143 innocent lives. The same method they use to fund all their other offshore criminality.

Regardless of who you believe is responsible, tensions have never been higher, and the US and Russia seem to be on a collision course for direct kinetic warfare and thus full-scale WW3.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Note that golden two-headed Phoenix bird (not an eagle) behind the shield. And warrior saint George on the shield, killing black Phoenix bird (not a dragon).

    That tells us we are in the presence of the global elite ruling the world for millennia. On all sides. Farming people and controlling natural resources is their business. For that purpose they produce these theatrical soap opera episodes. The crest behind this female actor/agent tells us that “their” Phoenix bird of the old order (black, charred, dwindling system, lost one head) is being replaced with “their” new-order, represented by re-birthed Phoenix bird (shiny, golden glowing system, two-headed again). For the purpose of this cultural change of the system on the farm (new-abnormal devised by the global Phoenician navy) “they” use heroes battling fake wars of the good against the bad. Phoenician Putin against Phoenician Hunter. Anything goes (whichever bull-crap story-line “they” chose as being good-enough to run with) as long as the farmed people of all farms around the world accept the narrative as sensible and condone the theater by going along with their own self-deception (also paid for by the people themselves).

    Phoenician navy, the global traders, is everywhere, and has been global for a long, long time:

    If you want to know more about people farming down through millennia, here is five part series by Gerry, titled Ancient Spooks:

    Some of Gerry’s conclusions:
    “Let’s take a look at what we achieved.
    First, we found that spook aristocrats were never attached to any tiny nation, but were always globalized, playing countries against each other for profit. Many came from the Fertile Crescent, but had that region razed many times over nonetheless. They hopped to and fro over the planet, always shifting, reshuffling and breaking their empires.
    Second, we saw that the important conquests are not in our history books as such. Rather, Europe was colonized in the Bronze Age already, in patterns that match up with structures we see in today’s spook aristocracy. The entire upper class of colonized regions was replaced, with common people unaware of it, to this day. Some of this colonization is cautiously admitted, just not emphasized.
    Third, we saw that the spooks always held power. The secret behind their power is simply that there is no big secret. They don’t know anything special. They can’t do anything special. They never achieved anything special—other than monopolizing trade. With the power to deceive, even idiots can rule the world for millennia.
    Okay, that was it. This part of my analysis of ancient spookery, linking Ancient Israel and Ancient Phoenicia, was the most difficult, both emotionally and because of all those glyphs. I hope it has not offended or overly bored you, that you still believe in whatever you believed before, and that you got some new insights out of it nonetheless.
    While it’s a downer to see that aristocratic scamming goes back to ancient times, I find it at the same time consoling that we common people have survived practically all of history with these idiots around, and still made a lot of headway. I admit it’s a giant handicap having to drag the aristocratic dead-weight along, but at least we can safely ditch all those end-of-world scares. We kept our world spinning, and we will keep it spinning.
    Okay, we’re done for today. What do we get out of all this? We learned that the maintenance of their family trees might have been a prime occupation for the top families even in antiquity. That’s not new. But we also learned that it was apparently something of a religion to them, and an international phenomenon with shared symbolism, which they don’t like to admit. That was new to me. We saw that rulers and their succession were apparently decided from above even in ancient times. And we got a very long text, where the narrator is a king and repeats over and over again that he cannot change anything. I had not expected that either.
    Most disturbingly, we encountered much evidence that wars were managed in ancient times as they are now. Presumably this was done by those people who had combined their family trees, and who also appointed the kings. As usual, it appears these wars were less bloody than officially stated, as with the Persian armies entering without a battle.
    In our quest for the origin of our modern-day spook aristocracy, we have seen that the spooks are indeed connected to the ancient Biblical scriptures, though their own interpretation of these scriptures seems to be something completely different than what common-folk believers see in it. We would have guessed as much, but for me it was a surprise that even the spook version seems to be just a tale to them, and judging from their jokes they don’t seem to take it all very seriously.
    When analyzing the Flies of Valor from Egypt, we also saw that some central symbolism of spookery seems to be much older than even Judaism, and to come from a completely different cultural background. Personally, I wasn’t prepared for this. I didn’t like the Egyptians popping up, since there is so much silly mysticism spun around them. But don’t worry: I’m not going to argue that they are the dominant Ancient Spookian face that we’re seeing in today’s aristocracy. Even the Egyptians are just a later face of the monster. Before I found the flies, I had neatly arranged my theory so that spookery would have emerged in one big bang sometime around 1200 BC. I have since revised it. We have to go back much further.”.

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