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    At first glance, Mars seems familiar: polar ice caps, large valleys, liquid water under its surface and a day barely longer than Earth’s. It would seem to be the ideal place to colonize. Unfortunately, Mars is a cold radioactive desert, where the ground is poisonous and breathing is impossible.

    Mars is awful. The pioneers on Mars will have an intensely stressful life, filled with incredibly challenging problems never encountered before but there are plenty of people volunteering to do that work and the technology exists to enable them to do it.

    Munich-based design studio, Kurzgesagt has made this short animation showing all of the steps necessary to start a Mars colony, leaving you with a deeper appreciation of Earth!

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    • I don’t think any planet would benefit if humans dragged their dirty clothes and drowned to begin rape what actually lived on Mars. Our earth may need a lot of TLC right now, and spraying traces of chemistry is adding nausea to our skies; Kill breathable air; Polluting our soils is poisoning our food supplies. I didn’t realize how hard the surface of Mars was. This is what I found interesting.

    • The world introduced the theory about the space day by day . Many people who wants to study about it so they have a lot of new invention in this field. Before days this claim is done that Mars is the planet where human live their life but after more research this claim is wrong and in the Mars gas of CO2 is present which is poisonous gas for human being . Well good article for awareness.

    • In order to go outside of Earth orbit, the so-called Homo Sapiens has to solve a huge problem/obstacle: Van Allen Radiation Belt. Unless NASA wants to make another SF movie, like Apollo landing ( too bad Stanley Kubrick is not around anymore )…:-)

    • Before some year back, the study of astronomy is not too common but nowadays as the world grows up day by day and the interest of this academic category increases. Such kind of blogs really good for those students who have the interest of it.

    • In order to go outside of Earth orbit, the so-called Homo Sapiens has to solve a huge problem/obstacle: Van Allen Radiation Belt. Unless NASA wants to make another SF movie, like Apollo landing ( too bad Stanley Kubrick is not around anymore )…:-)

    • Is earth a terraformed planet? If so what were the original conditions that had to be overcome to make it a most beautiful and liveable world that we are so fortunate to have as ‘home’ compared to …….? I wonder if those in the know know more about Mars then what we have be informed about. I mean, it’s not exactly waving a “Come on Down” sign to those that figure it’s worth a shot at colonization. It would make more sense to further more exploration beyond our galaxy……if possible…..then to try and make a go on Mars. Our earth could use a lot of TLC right now & spraying Chem trails add nauseam into our skies; killing our breathable air; contaminating our soils which poison our food supply….and pretty much the entire planet, is not a very intelligent move for such advance explorers of outer space.:) Maybe Earth was a Mars at one time and somehow or another it evolved into an intricate world with living beings, plants, animals, fish etc. . I don’t think any planet would benefit by humans dragging their dirty laundry and plunking down to begin usurping what’s already living on Mars. We don’t have a very clean history of treating native anything with respect or dignity….let’s fix our own backyard up first before we start to get to know the neighbours.

    • This is a terrible video, because it is based on old-fashioned propaganda programming. The ability to move FTL exists, obviously, as ET’s are here, so their entire space-faring discussion is just wrong. We won’t be using rockets, it will be anti-grav, or Spacetime bending. That means transporting goods, from food, to any materials, will be easy – about 15 minutes door-to-door. The energy source powering the spacetime warping engine will power their heat, cooling and light requirements.

      Diet is solved by hydroponics. The issue of muscle atrophy is significant, so everyone will spend half their time exercising. Eventually, this will be worked out, too, such as creating 1G habitations, likely using the same tech that powers the flying saucers.

      The British are so FULL of themselves with their elitist, erudite and somewhat snarky puppy attitudes, like they know better.

      Hint. They don’t’.

      When will the people rise up and throw out the damned bums ruining the planet through the greed of the petrodollar and never-ending warfare? All Americans should get to DC and demand we beak up the National Security apparatus, defund the Pentagon, and re-create our country with strong borders, a Public Protectorate to prevent violent crimes (and investigate serial murders and corruption, etc.), and an International Rescue to provide aid when emergencies happen. We need sustainable living through sound ecology & environmentalism; we need healthcare for all (and take the profit out of the entire system – especially ph-rmaceuticals); We need a better system of governance to reduce corruption and partisanship. We need to re-focus all military industries on the conquest of Space. Then, get the world to join in, or f**k off.

      It’s that simple. But a leap of faith required – to stop playing their game. It might require sacrificing lives for the greater good. For if we don’t get serious now, to fix these glaring problems, then the evil wins, and the planet dies.

      Then, Mars won’t be an option, even with Elon Musk’s rocket ships.

      • I agree with most of what you’re saying. You mention the British here and feel compelled to explain.

        This video was conceived and produced by a German company. It’s narrated in English because English has a greater reach than German. The narrator is British because they’re in Europe and Europeans consider British English to be standard for obvious reasons. The narrator is voicing a script created by a very scientistic/materialist/Atheist/Nihilist German mindset, that does not know from interdimensional travel, etc.

        I didn’t realize how harsh the Martian surface is. That’s what I thought was interesting.

    • There “Those” among US that have NOT learned to “Live and Let Live” among US Now, on This planet….and there is talk about bringing this disunity to Other planets?!?
      NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOLKS…Until WE “Awaken” to “Oneness with ALL Creation”!

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