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Here’s some eye candy with which to ponder the miracle and the mystery of life.

This remarkable microscopic time lapse video by Dutch filmmaker Jan van IJken is of a single-celled zygote dividing over and over until all of the cells fold in on themselves, forming a spine and finally a hatched tadpole of an amphibious alpine newt, a creature native to central and southern Europe.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The video didn’t come through but I have watched ‘life’ (where ever it comes from) form and become miracles…..from the tiniest living member of planet earth into magnificent huge whales that are a glory to behold. Wish that all life-forms that inhabit the planet cherish not only the life that they have been given but the unnumbered, zillions, trillions, billions….of life forms that surround us and those we are not even aware of as of yet. If there is life beyond our planet….. wish for them the same miracle of life that we have been given. It needs our consciousness to survive & the absolute mind boggling ability to find its way. All we need to do is live and let live.

  • Life insists on becoming ! At first it’s looks slow but it pushes , extends, turns … how marvelous ! It’s a reminder of the unique processes we life is made of . Thank you!

  • Embryo of an Alpine newt. Of course we all know this came about totally by accident according to evolution. We popped out of the sea, developed legs, became monkeys and wah la, you and me! But where did the insects come from?

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