François Boulo is the a 32-year-old lawyer and spokesman for the Gilets Jaunes Yellow Vests movement in the northern city of Rouen, who is now calling on the French people to form a general strike on February 5th, as “The only way to force a deaf president to call us to the polls.”

As a lawyer, Boulo says, “I defend people threatened with the seizure of their homes by the banks,” and he complains that the “tax devices” of the Macron government work “for the benefit of the richest 1%,” at the expense of public services.

Boulo says he doesn’t seek to become the national spokesperson of the Gilets Jaunes, saying “One spokesperson is not desirable,” in this decentralized movement. Nor does he seek the support of a political party, as being unaffiliated is more powerful. He emphasizes that he “is absolutely neither Left nor Right,” and that the political “quarrels of people are sick.”

Boulo also affirms, “The problem is not the immigrant, it’s the banker”, that is to say that the European Central Bank is not an organ of the government but instead a private corporation.



We call all French citizens, employees, temporary workers, civil servants, craftsmen, shopkeepers, business leaders, farmers, unemployed people, pensioners, liberal professions, students, high school students, artists, intellectuals to mobilize to organize as of February 5, 2019.


At this moment, we deplore that the President persists in not hearing the demands of the Yellow Vests and in conducting an unfair policy rejected by 75% of the French people.

Everyone understood that the Great National Debate is only a new communication strategy aimed at anaesthetizing public opinion without adopting any concrete action.

Indeed, the President of the Republic categorically refuses to accept any questions about tax measures adopted at the beginning of his mandate, which have only benefited the richest 1%: reform of the Wealth tax, Flat Tax, Exit Tax, and CICE.

He has indicated his willingness to reduce public spending, which coming from him, we know will impact our essential public services: health, education, the police and the judiciary.

Rather than listening to and seeking to appease the people, the President and the Government have only fueled the fire with irresponsible statements about: the “hateful crowd” and “agitators”.

This strategy of chaos has resulted in 1,000 injured among our police and gendarmes, 12 deaths and 1,800 injured among the demonstrators, nearly a hundred of whom were gravely mutilated, disfigured or blinded in one eye. Not a single word of empathy for the victims has been pronounced to date by government spokespersons.

The violence in our country must stop and our demands finally discussed. Consequently, we call on all French citizens: employees, temporary workers, civil servants, craftsmen, shopkeepers, business leaders, farmers, unemployed, pensioners, liberal professions, students, high school students, artists, intellectuals – to mobilize as of February 5, 2019:


We call:

All the Yellow Vests of the country and anyone else who wants to join us, to spread this call to the population on all social networks and out in the field: roundabouts, companies, universities, high schools, public institutions….We also call on every citizen to boycott the “Big Box” stores in favor of local shops, to support them in this time of crisis.

We all have to ask ourselves, deep down inside, if we intend to continue to comply with the injunctions of a leader who has become illegitimate by ignoring the interests of the people and who has lost sight of the essence of his mandate or if it is time for us to finally take back control of our common destiny. It’s a sacrifice to make today for our future and that of our children and grandchildren.

This moment is and must be historic. It is time [for Macron] to resign, for us to change course and to return [the French Government] into compliance with Article 2 of our Constitution, that the principle of the Republic is: a Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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  • GEEEEE!!! WhatCha Spose…The FRENCH have “Figured-IT-Out” about “Governments”…STOP SUPPORTING THEM!!!
    I just Hope they don’t fall into SUPPORTING ANOTHER ONE…To Replace IT!
    Cannot say the SAME about the Other “Version” called “Man-KIND”.

  • Surprised I actually understood most of it despite never having studied French. Amazing what you can pick up just by watching MCM (Je t’aime bien). I say this every Christmas and I’ll say it again: don’t buy new gifts from any of the big chain stores owned by multinationals. Instead, buy them from someone just like YOU on eBay or Allegro. Taxes here in Europe are through the roof, and just the 19% VAT tax is crippling, especially when the already high gasoline tax has been raised in all EU countries so as to raise money for the “refugees.” We’re paying for our own enslavement via taxes, and paying for our own invasion. Even countries like Czech Republic where I buy my gasoline have raised their gasoline taxes for these people despite not having any desire for any immigrants. Yesterday I paid 31.70 Crowns per litre, which comes to about USD 6.50 per gallon. Sorry, but that’s too much. Ironically, even the prices for yellow vests themselves have gone up, and I paid about 40 Euros for mine because I refuse to wear any plant or animal-based clothing. Here in Germany I’m seeing more and more people wearing them, and in Czech Republic as well. The best way to send a message is to simply stay home on 5th February. The bankers have enough money. Ever notice that the Euro notes have no text at all on them except for the word Euro in 3 different spellings and the addendum “©ECB” which means that counterfeiting Euro notes is a mere copyright violation because the ECB is just another private corporation.

  • Hi, Thanks for the repost !! +++
    Have some idea too, may be ?
    It’s the last time to do something that we, very soon, willn’t be able to do anymore.
    In peace, so far…

  • Our American royalty, like the American 99% must awaken to the fact that their pathetic greed and avarice WILL FOR SURE bring out bright torches and real sharp pitchforks…gotta mow the weeds, and as far as a healthy populace’s needs go, the weeds are chokin’ the entire crop…gotta stop!!


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