For the past couple of years, I’ve asked myself how is it that every mainstream news outlet, from Esquire to National Geographic had suddenly become so militant and obsessive about race, gender identity and bashing Trump in lockstep, with such a fiercely bland PC uniformity that they may as well have all been written by the same person? As we Conspiracy Theorists are wont to do, I chalked it up to their being on George Soros’ payroll and pondered over the exact payment mechanism.

With last week’s firing of 1,000 journalists from BuzzFeed and dozens more each from HuffPo and Gannett, it’s emerged that indeed, the arc of this whole “woke” trend was not entirely organic. Both the mass-hirings and mass-firings had to do with a venture capital finance model that had proven unprofitable. Having burnt through their investors’ money, the publishers had fired their staffs.

The quality of journalism was at least partially to blame for this poor market performance, with a recent Gallup poll showing that the Mainstream Media ranked second only to Congress as the nation’s least trusted entities. The clickbaity imperative of the online publishing format had also proved problematic.

Thus, the unsustainable gravy train that paid the bills for many crybully spewers of Fake News had run out, triggering a windfall of Divine Schadenfreude for denizens of Twitter and the -Chan image boards, those final bastions of comedy in our PC-ravaged world.

In recent years, woke opinionators spilled buckets of digital ink on how laid off workers in the coal and steel industries should “Learn to code”. Today, wags on 4Chan and elsewhere are giving these pink-slipped journos a taste of their own medicine by telling them to do the same. Here’s one joker’s rendition of the journos’ odyssey:

*Coal Industry Dies*
Journalists: “Learn to code, miners.”

*Overfunded Tech Company Dies*
Journalists: “LOL Theranos 2. Suck it, techbro man-babies.”

*Overfunded media company lays off 10 people.”
Journalists: “Capitalism is evil and this is the end of our

Snowflakes that they are, our newly-unemployed hacks have naturally sought to get such critics banned from Twitter. Sadly for them, wit doesn’t qualify as a hate crime yet.

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  • 4Chan/8Chan also are/were Q-Anon’s platform. Isn’t that also part of the divide-and-conquer dialectic? Alt right/fake left. Bread and circuses. I wonder whether part of this is simply to keep people in a base level of consciousness. In a way all this helps Trump because the issues become personalised and infantalised. This isn’t good for anyone – except the Tavistock-style ninjas who are behind at least some of this. There is method in their madness.

  • Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise. I’m hoping that people with sense are able to evaluate quality information- to ferrate out the lies. There are a lot of great reads out there…..from terrific authors and investigators of what’s really going on…….its our duty to search them out and educate ourselves & others. Time for all to make their decisions based upon the news from informed journalists….and there are still good guys doing their best….. support them!

  • I tried to post a comment and something went wrong…It’s about the ‘ Godfather ‘ of the ‘ fake news ‘…the actual elected President, who introduced the term, like Solzhenitsyn introduced the term ‘ gulag ‘ in the West ( Occident ). I voted for him, like I voted for Obama first term, as an Independent. Not because I believe it to be real, but to give the man a chance to prove he is real and is still hope for a real change in this Country ( a peaceful way ), without a revolution/civil war ( a violent way ). After two years, I still don’t know for sure if the guy is well intended, or a genial scammer…WHAT I KNOW is that Donald Trump has the real/unique merit to expose the ‘ Emperor without the clothes ‘…a corporate mass-media which lies day by day, hour by hour, 365/year. What most of the herd believe it to be news, it’s an entertainment show, a more of less subtle propaganda, to keep the sheeple/cattle on line. Coming from the other side ( Eastern-Europe ), I can assure the readers who still think that it’s not so bad ( it’s worst in other countries, you know the mantra ), that even the Communists didn’t have the insolence of ABCNNCBS etc. and/or WAPO, USA Today, NY Times, etc. I was there…I saw it, I live it…Now, If I compare with what’s happening here, I have to admit that even them, then and there, under Communism, had a minim of decency and shame. I don’t know if it’s the more sophisticated technique, the money involved, the regress of the humans, a combination of this, or something else. What I know and feel is that ” 1984 ” is here ( and Orwell was kind of optimistic – because it’s on steroids ). PS: lately in life, when I try to understand someone’s actions, I try to put myself in his shoes…What I will do, what I CAN do if I was Trump, if anything ?! When the entire ” system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machines that combines military, diplomat, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations “- ( JFK – The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publisher Association, April 27, 1961 ) is against you ?! What would YOU do ?! When the majority of those supposed to help you, have no clue what’s going on ?!

    • For those of you which/who wants to understand the present and ‘ see ‘ the future, there is a small book for sale on ‘’, named ” The New Order of Barbarians: The New World System “, for less than $12. Please read the introduction to the book, right under the title/price. I posted a detailed comment with extracts/quotations from the book, go and buy it, before disappears in the ‘ memory hole ‘…like many others, in the last couple of years…I promise, you will never regret it !

  • Its OBVIOUS, This site is run by Jesuit agents, because it is sooooooooooo Trumped out of its mind…There is no such thing as a TRUTHFUL Media, because they are operated by the SAME mind control Evil and their so-called “New World Order” people.

    • Dear Kennyboy, you do know that if you don’t like this site, YOU don’t need to come hear don’t YOU? I mean YOU could start YOUR own site. Lots of luck.

      • The ONLY reason I “Watch” this site (Laugh!!!) is to view the Latest LIES I SEE appearing on this site, plus many other sites that Attempt to sell LIES to the “Sheeple”.
        I AM a True “Light-Worker Being”…Can You Understand THAT???
        BUT…I am SEEING things “Develop” that are VERY Clearly are EXPOSING ALL THE LIES…So I may not even continue to subscribe to this site any more SOON.
        TRUTH is like OIL…When Mixed with LIES…IT ALWAYS “FLOATS” LIKE OIL OVER WATER….Understand???

        • KennyBoy….You stated, “So I may not even continue to subscribe to this site any more
          Please, I am begging you, please make your unsubscribe status sooner rather than later. You are an attention-seeking, low IQ moron, that adds nothing to this forum.


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