This is too cool!

Fluidized beds are used in industry for various applications. They’re also really fun to play with and swim in!

By adding air in just the right way, sand is fluidized. Mark Rober shows you how to do this at home!

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  • Very clever to be sure! It sort of reminds me of playing in grain stored in grain elevators. One doesn’t do it because there is a ‘no return’ if you unfortunately get sucked down into one….but the feeling of the gravity pull is very alluring. Now, I don’t think this device will be under next years’ Xmas tree; the concept is terrific. It would have a lot of therapeutic features for many medical treatments….add a little heat and go for a soothing sit in the ‘sand-tub’. The tub would be for kids older than 17 and adults who want to get a relaxing massage with warm soft sand. It’s got a lot of great uses…..and it has its’ drawbacks as well but doesn’t everything. I for one wouldn’t go water-skiing or use a skate board but I think I’d be in for a nice warm & rejuvenating sand soak. It would have to have all the safety features of a regular hot tub…..fenced in…etc. but this invention would go a long way to restoring some much needed downtime.

  • Wow, I totally disagree with using hot sand as a children’s toy. A lungful of that would be deadly.
    Beds of warm encased sand are used to promote healing and comfort in patients with severe bedsores.

  • Sounds like this is what happened in the Jamaican earthquake of 1692, when entire houses disappeared into the sand and bobbed to the surface intact some distance further away.


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