With our government guilty of pushing a deadly experimental vaccine, robbing the nation of its wealth and starting a war with Russia, who has a superior nuclear weapons arsenal, one has to ask: Be it angry mobs or atom bombs, where do these crooks plan escaping the fallout?

[Cut to Denver local news story about The Denver Office of Emergency Management’s announcement that it will give away free bug-out bags]

The City of Denver is letting the locals know they should be prepared for an unexpected order to get out of town in a hurry and many people are connecting dots between this and the Denver International Airport.

The Denver International Airport has long been rumored to be sitting atop an underground military base, built deep beneath the surface and connected to several underground bases. These rumors are the result of several interesting facts.

From 1995 until he was found dead a year later, Phil Schneider gave dozens of lectures, claiming to be hired to build Deep Underground Military Bases, known as DUMBs for the US Government. His father was Captain Oscar Schneider, a former Nazi stationed in Florida working Black Operations for Naval Intelligence.

Phil Schneider was showing samples of what he claimed were unknown exotic metals. He provided maps of the underground DUMBs and showed-off dramatic scars that he claimed were from a violent skirmish with a non-human species deep underground.

In January of 1996, Schneider was found dead in his home, days after he mysteriously died of strangulation. Investigations were never completed and it was ruled a suicide. His evidence went missing.

Before he died, Phil Schneider used his clearance to take investigative author, Alex Christopher into the top underground levels of the Denver Airport, where they took pictures of a long road heading off to multiple destinations.

Built upon 53 square miles of land, 25 miles from Downtown, the Denver Airport was billions of dollars over budget. Different contractors were hired for each section, some of whom have come forward and claimed it would take days to show you what’s down there.

Inside the otherwise unimpressive airport, there is a capstone, with cryptic Illuminati and Masonic imagery, marking a time capsule buried beneath, to be opened in 2094.

The airport opened with a famous 4-piece mural depicting biological warfare, death and destruction, the surrender of all national sovereignty and the emergence of a new religion.

On the floor, for no apparent reason, is what appears to be the symbol for gold and silver in a mining cart, Au-Ag, which is also the abbreviation for a deadly strain of hepatitis, discovered in 1965.

Outside on the surface, the runways form the shape of a swastika and passengers are greeted by what has become known as “Blucifer”, a 32-foot horse with glowing red eyes that reportedly killed its creator when a piece of the sculpture came loose and severed an artery in his leg.

This is why many people are talking about Denver’s bug-out bag program, which is good, because now that we know who is committing these historic Crimes Against Humanity are, we can’t just let them slip away into some hole somewhere.

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    • The Big Dipper Constellation in all its Seasons= Ursa Major & forms a Swastika. It is an Ancient Holy Symbol. That’s what all the fuss is about, they don’t want you to know, because it exposes all their Science Lies!

  • You should know, by now, when any media, including Gregg Reese, is B/S.
    Trigger words as Illuminati, Nuclear, Nazi, Swastika is all a Bunch of Propaganda.
    Go with what you physically see, with your Own Two Eyes!

  • I’ve always wanted to research more into the Denver airport…..AND all of the underground shit, that they’ve build, around this country……but I’d never gotten around to it. Is there anybody out there who HAS done the research? We REALLY SHOULD KNOW where these all are……for when we’re in the ‘last days’ of SHTF, and we need to go and FIND these COCKROACHES! WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO FIND THEM!

  • Hi,
    Years ago when the underground tunnels or DUMB’s Deep underground military bases were talked about , The elites let slip silently that they will concentrate on building automonus cars and trucks to deliver supplies into the DUMB’s ,
    Well we have robotics now, and vehicles are becoming automonus.
    The guy who said it would take days to show ya is correct.
    Do enough research and you can see these tunnels connect to cities underground, The tunnels go from Virginia to Seattle to many many many many points connected and spread out ,, you couldn’t fathom what’s down there.
    Remember The Bible says: In The end times they will put rocks over there heads to hide.
    It’s also another way for them to be closer to the Bottomless Pit and They don’t realize that or maybe they do.

  • Crazy stuff are all around us and the sheeple are happy and singing all the way to the slaughterhouses. Our rulers provided division and hate, plus bread and circuses.

  • Yay! Supposedly a connection in Delta, CO near me! I’ll go get breakfast in Denver…
    Philadelphia Experiment Murder!!

  • There used to be more clips on youtube showing DUMBs, but many seem to be buried or disappeared.

    It is probably true at some extent, and there is some spiritual matter going on while our eyes can’t see.

    It’s also true that our “belief” can make a lot of changes.


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