US Attorney Durham spent 8 hours questioning former CIA Director John Brennan at CIA headquarters on Friday. Journalist, Adam Housely tweeted that, “Brennan can say whatever he wants to about Brennan. Brennan is a target and is in trouble.”

Housely was referring to news reports that Brennan is “not currently a target” in the probe. The statement came from Brennan’s spokesperson, who is under no obligation to communicate the truth but rather, to lay the groundwork for Brennan’s inevitable claims of political persecution when his indictment is unsealed.

In this video, Dave at the X22 Report reminds us that Durham is not going to be releasing a report, he’ll be issuing indictments, as we just saw with FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who pled guilty on Wednesday to falsifying an email used to support the surveillance of President Donald Trump’s former campaign aide, Carter Page. The length of Clinesmith’s prison sentence will be determined by the degree to which he cooperates with the Durham investigation.

George Papadapoulos, who worked briefly for the Trump campaign and who was spied on and later convicted in a perjury trap by the Mueller Investigation tweeted that as a result of the Durham-Brennan interview, we should be on the lookout for announcements about the involvement of UK and Australian intelligence deployed against the Trump campaign and about Brennan lying to Congress that the Steele dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton and by the DNC had no part in the opening of the Russia investigation.

X22 Dave says, “Durham wanted to speak to Brennan. Brennan decided to agree to speak to Durham. Now, the question is why? Because Brennan wanted to find out how much Durham already has. Why did Durham want to see Brennan? Because he’s going to show him how much he already has and he’s going to lay it all out in front of him and say, ‘Would you like to make a plea deal?’

“Do you think Brennan’s gonna take the deal? I don’t think so. So, he’s gonna realize – and I’m talking Brennan – that Durham he’s not on a fishing expedition. He’s not looking for info from Brennan. This is why, when people say, ‘Well, Durham hasn’t interviewed Brennan. He hasn’t interviewed Comey.’

“Why? He doesn’t need to…The only reason he wants to speak to Brennan is to give him the option, ‘Would you like to make a deal? Because, what I have right now, I have it all. And there’s nothing you can do about it.’

“Brennan is going to realize this. I don’t think he’s going to be making a deal. I think he’s going to relay this information to others because, remember, there have been no leaks. Nobody knows a thing.

“Now, Brennan is going to realize that Durham is serious. Durham has accounted for everything that they’ve done. He knows what Brennan has done. He knows what he was up to. He knows how he did it.

“This is not about interviewing Brennan to see if he’s gonna tell him anything. This is about telling Brennan, ‘Listen, you have two choices. We have everything. I don’t need any information from you. Would you like to make a deal? Would you like to point the finger someplace else, up the line? If not, that’s fine too.’

“Period. This is how these investigations work. You don’t bring someone in to say, ‘Hey, can you tell me the truth? Can you tell me what really happened?’

“Durham doesn’t need that. He already has the paper trail. He already has the documentation. This is why he’s been working behind the scenes in silence without leaks because he was really running an investigation. He was tracking down everything and he wasn’t doing it to make a book report, he was doing it to indict people. This is what we’re watching right now…They got Clinesmith. That’s just the beginning. That’s small potatoes compared to what he has right now…

“Remember, this is not just one area of treason, sedition, spying on Trump. This is about Julian Assange, Edward Snowden. This is about Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, the email scandal, the infiltration from within what they were trying to do with this country, it’s about crimes against humanity.

“All of this, together is The Storm…and it’s here, this show, the movie, whatever you want to call it, that’s what you’re watching now. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

“You might have expectations. You might say, ‘Well, wait a minute. I thought they were gonna drive around in this big van and just load everyone up in there and arrest them!’

“No, that’s not how it was going to happen. What they’re doing is, it’s like a vice and they keep turning it and squeezing them and squeezing them. They’re feeling pain. They’re panicking. They want them to panic. They want them to do stupid things.”

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  • Si La Copia del Servidor DNC, arrojo El Fraude Activo contra El candidato Socialista B. SANDERS. Eso demuestra Cuan avanzado [infiltrado] va El Comunismo [PPCH] en EE.UU. Cual es entonces La Verdadera Lucha de Poder?
    Comunismo vs Globalismo? Para quien estaba jugando Brennan… Globalistas? UE?

    • ¡Buen observación!

      I think he said, “If the DNC server copy revealed active Fraud against the Socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders, this shows how advanced the Communist, CCP infiltration already was in the US. What, then, is the Real Power Struggle?

      “Communism vs Globalism? Who was Brennan playing for… Globalists? EU? BRUSSELS?”

      My answer: Communism = Globalism.

      Yes, Brennan is playing for the Communist/Globalists: EU/Brussels/China and affiliated banks and corporations (which is virtually all of the big ones, because everyone involved is totally blackmailed and controlled.

  • Yeah but once “arrests” come, they will be fall guys lined up in suits and Marched into their country club suites to “serve” with time off for “good” behavior. Nothing EVER happens to DC elitists. There is no justice at this level…

  • I am not convinced that ANYONE is going to be indicted, much less punished for the laws they have broken, I will continue to believe that “reports” such as this are simply hope porn until i see just one of the high ranking globalist traitors dangling from a rope.

    • If Trump loses it’s over. How long did it take the Russians to shake off the commies, 50 years or more. If we don’t get really rough with these people that’s where we are headed. The federal government is already lost even with Trump in the White House. It will be up to the states to form alliances and rebuild. There will be blood.


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