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    A couple of weeks ago, I was contracted to write a short Special Report for John Michael Chambers’ new YouTube channel, Making Sense of the Madness. Last night, the micro-documentry, ‘Infiltration, Not Invasion’ based on my script was premiered.

    Afterwards, I drilled down on the details and answered some caller questions on John’s podcast.



    With COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter “protests”, what we’ve been at the effects of is a highly-orchestrated global PSYOP being deployed at every institutional level, from the world’s largest corporations to the smallest teachers’ unions. This can only indicate a mass-infiltration by globalist operatives of our institutions, who are now performing their pre-assigned tasks.

    The Scamdemic and the riots are tools to bring about what the World Economic Forum is calling the “Great Reset”, which is a reengineering of the global financial system and governance system, using the police powers created through the healthcare system to shut down a huge part of the independent economy, worldwide. This is nothing less than the vaunted New World Order we’ve been hearing about for decades.

    There are four main arenas where the “Great Reset” is being orchestrated and deployed: 1) Political/Legal; 2) Medical; 3) Internet/AI; 4) Legacy Media.


    We see that George Soros has been instrumental in manipulating the political side of this operation. As we know, Soros spent millions over the past few years, placing his assets into Congress, as Mayors and Governors and state prosecutors all across the country, ready to do his bidding.

    As examples, we see the District Attorneys, Kim Foxx in Illinois and Kim Gardner in Missouri, whose campaigns were financed by Soros. I believe that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Nevada Governor Stephen Sisolak and Phoenix Mayor, Kate Gallego are all Soros operatives, among many others, who we see uniformly and unilaterally invoking healthcare police powers in this Globalist “Flu d’État”, by executing harsh lockdowns, mask mandates, contact tracing, etc. It is they who would impose the forced vaccinations.

    The immediate legal goal is to initiate the dismantling the local police and police unions and to replace them eventually with a Globalist police force. This would be after the social workers now being installed fail to stop crime.

    This follows the well-worn script of what was done in Yugoslavia in the 1990s and throughout the Middle East over the past 20 years. First, you destabilize a country, such as with these “George Floyd” riots and then you dismantle the police and replace them with NATO troops or with their equivalent. This is exactly what House Bill 7120, the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020” does.

    House Bill 7120 does to the US criminal justice system what the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) intended to do to US trade and to US sovereignty. Happily, Donald Trump withdrew from the TPP in January 2017, in one of his first acts as President. Likewise, this bill will not pass as long as Trump or an America-First president is in office. But you’d better believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (a Soros agent) would pass “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” in a heartbeat.

    Besides Soros, there are many UN-backed initiatives that seek to dismantle the US legal system. One of these is known as the Strong Cities Network, launched in 2015 by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, during an address she made to the United Nations General Assembly.

    The Strong Cities Network (SCN) is a move toward international integration of global law-enforcement agencies. This is antithetical to locally-controlled police, who are a part of, and accountable to the communities they serve. It also violates the Constitution.

    The SCN hands over control of local law enforcement to a London-based think-tank called the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. The ISD is focused on abolishing civilian gun ownership (the 2nd Amendment) and local police departments. A quick search of the ISD’s website reveals a Board of Trustees comprised of a Who’s Who of top-tier Globalist, one-world government, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group power brokers.

    Forty-six US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Louisville have already signed onto the SCN, which allocates US Taxpayer money to pay the UN to install Human Rights police review boards, because according to the UN, America is a “racist society” in need of UN intervention.

    The SCN gives the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights and lifelong Communist, Michelle Bachelet the power to dismiss police as soon as a complaint is filed, without an investigation and to fine the alleged wrongdoers. These fines are then awarded to the State – not to the people who were allegedly injured.


    Standing to gain trillions from the COVID vaccines, the medical industry is supporting the political and legal aspects of this financial reset with its suppression of hydroxychloroquine and its approval of the medical martial law now being imposed, with varying degrees of intensity and/or success from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

    A huge funder and orchestrator of the medical aspect of this operation is Bill Gates. He funds and controls both the Big Pharma companies and the regulators that own the patents for the methods of detection and treatment of COVID-19, in addition to the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus, itself.

    At this point, it’s important to recall that if the novel coronavirus is a natural virus that evolved spontaneously, it would be illegal to patent it. Conversely, if it’s bioengineered, then it would violate biological and chemical weapons treaties and laws. Regardless, in SARS-CoV-2, we are dealing with a monstrous crime and fraud; one of malfeasance, cynicism and cruelty that boggles the mind.

    Two films came out this week, which illustrate some of the mechanisms by which this stunning coordination of repressive action by governments and corporations around the world has been deployed.

    The first film is ‘ShadowGate’ by Millie Weaver and the second is ‘Plandemic II’ by Mikki Willis, both of which are superb and that everyone reading this must view as soon as possible.


    What we learned in the incredible film, ‘ShadowGate’ by Millie Weaver is that the “de-fund the police” movement originated at UNICRI, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute Centre for AI and Robotics. This is the aspect of the Great Reset that is being managed online and via Artificial Intelligence.

    UNICRI was established to advance understanding of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and related technologies, with a special focus on crime, terrorism and “other threats” to security. ‘ShadowGate’ shows how Globalist retired traitor generals have been using this technology in Interactive Internet Activities (IIA), which are tactical social media warfare programs that use military grade PSYOP applications to target and influence the populace.


    In Bangladesh, hydrogel vaccines containing nanotechnology are currently being tested by Bill Gates’ GAVI, in collaboration with the ID2020 program. The nanorobots connect with Artificial Intelligence through the Internet of Things, broadcasting your biological data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

    The data generated by these nanorobots could spawn quadrillions of dollars of value, which may even form the basis of a new financial system and its associated digital currency. We would be harvested for our data, like dairy cows are for their milk, as surveillance capitalism goes into hyperdrive. (Not that we aren’t, already).

    It is believed that this nanotechnology-hydrogel-artificial-intelligence connection could also receive messages/instructions, akin to Elon Musk’s transhumanist Neuralink implants now in development.

    Artificial Intelligence is also a major component of the robocops and pre-crime algorithms that are scheduled to replace human police officers through the Strong Cities Network. When we look at SCN’s partners and funders, we find Big Tech companies like Google and Twitter.

    The IIA/online censorship has become so dystopian, it would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. It has snuck up on us and it is now galloping us towards draconian information control similar to that seen in China.

    Helping with the disinformation and propaganda efforts, of course is the gaslighting Legacy Media, which has also become unrecognizable from its former self of a decade ago.

    We’re looking at the New World Order, a new financial order and literally a “Mark of the Beast” system, in which the new cryptocurrency requires that your wallet be implanted in your body, together with all of your medical records and “immunity passports”.


    The Plan is being rolled-out rather chaotically because our putative owners weren’t totally ready, as all of this was supposed to happen with Hillary Clinton in office but now they’re using it to get rid of Trump.

    Therefore, there’s a chance the Globalists may not be able to pull off this diabolical plot. As Catherine Austin Fitts says:

    “Our opportunity is to make a difference together now, while the new system is still being prototyped and the factions competing.”

    We cannot count on anybody saving us. It truly comes down to We the People stopping this horror.

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    • Trump… is scum. Biden… is scum. Captain Mark Richards and Bob Lazar, may team up for a 2020 presidential run

    • I’ve just read the above transcript, really fascinating granular detail. The pieces have been slowly put into position over time, like sleeper agents waiting for the go order.

    • I wonder what this term reset refers to really, I mean presumably 2020 years ago there was also a reset – to the year 0. I think these globalists are part of something bigger even than themselves and their own greed, theres some historical dimension to it.

      • There’s probably an astronomical and epochal component to it but it’s basically about the financial system. I really think they’re looking at harvesting our daily biological data as a basis for a currency.

    • Targeted people have had AI injected into them from police guns by targeting the head and neck. Once inserted and operational, nanobots (single purpose and multi-purpose) are introduced via a second shot location in the lower leg above the ankle on the outside of the leg. This second shot can result in a rash, which the person will notice as it forms a red ring surrounding the infected spot. Cell towers and military, federal or police aircraft will then do the shooting of the programmed bots to accomplish the tasks of:

      * setting the host up with a wetware, networked body that can be tracked anywhere on earth via cell towers, police, military, drones, etc.
      * linking the host to a computer that is either (CIA/NSA Quantum computer or a Biological computer for remote monitoring and control purposes or military.
      * behavior control will now be customized based on the host’s profile for establishing targeted areas of attack. Pain feedback, psyops, etc can be introduced and executed here. This is done by officers on the street or in the air depending on the presence in a given locale.

      Because the carrying agent can be injected as a pinprick shot, it is theorized that the setup is executed with a very small, nano-sized injectable, which a vaccine is not necessary to be given to individuals or the masses.

      Hydrogel, which you reference, is stated to be a clear, collidable gel that needs water as a carrier, which the human body has in abundance. When carried by nanobot, the small size is not seen by the human prior during injection. Therefore, it could theoretically be done by anyone and anywhere.

      Targeted Americans will tell you that such a substance has been injected into their bodies and that it works with nanobots and adheres itself to various areas of the human body.

      Wikipedia says that it can be set up to mimic human cells or act as an environment for cells to be created. It can also develop the man-made, synthetic network throughout the body that uses metals from chemical trails, nanobots, etc. The network will also contain a radio frequency ability to communicate with other parts of the body, as well as AI, which in turn communicates with the policing authority.

      The wiki article also states that hydrogel can be used as a carrier of drugs and act as a delivery of drugs throughout the host body. Lastly, hydrogel can be used as a biosensor with specific types of molecules. Interestingly, a biological computer, which has the significant advantage over a quantum computer of being used specifically to create computers out of human and other living mammals, also has the ability to use multitasking nanobots, which requires much more math and is beyond the capabilities of a quantum computer. It’s messaging is done by networking molecules.

      If it can network molecules for drug delivery, it can also do vaccines, viruses, bacteria and just about any other type of substance for a government warring with any enemy, foreign or domestic, which is a wonderful way to introduce 4-5 virus modifications without being seen, known about or accounted for. And nobody could prove that it was ever done.

      Was it done here with covid? No way to know. But it is possible to do so – anywhere to anybody at any time…

    • Great show! Shared! This Scamdemic has a purpose, to destroy our country, and World, if WE fall, the rest of the World, will as well. Vote Trump!!!

    • I might add that they have been testing the nanotechnology aspect of this takeover of the world via the aerosol program (AKA “chemtrails”). People who are victims of what is being (incorrectly) called “morgellons” actually have a strong immune system that has recognized the nano tech as a foreign invader and is trying to fight it off.
      It amazes me how carefully this has been planned and how long it must have taken to do so. Certain laws removed: Clinton eliminated the anti-monopoly laws on media was a BIG one… Another was the oh so misnamed “patriot” act that did away with the Smith/Mundt act, which prevented American propaganda from being used against Americans IN America. This, IMHO, is what facilitated the various false flags perpetrated against the American people since 9-1-1. SPEAKING of 9-1-1 … that was our own Reichstag fire – these people – these luciferian psychopaths – are using the nazi playbook…

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