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    As some may know, Millie Weaver, the director of Shadow Gate was arrested last Friday, along with her brother and her husband. It was on the same day as the of the release of her incredibly eye-opening film, which I urge everyone to watch.

    They were arrested by Portage County, Ohio authorities without a warrant, on a “secret” Grand Jury indictment for “burglary”, which is as fishy as a tuna boat at high noon. They were held over the weekend without bond until they appeared before Judge Doherty on Monday.

    The arrest arose from an altercation between Weaver’s mother, visiting from California last April during the height of the COVID lockdown and her children and the destruction of the mother’s $50 cellphone.

    The mother posted on Facebook over the weekend that she had long since dropped charges and was stunned to see this arrest carried out, especially due to her experience with California law enforcement, who don’t even respond to such calls.

    Alex Jones, who contracted with Weaver to produce such documentaries reacted to the news of her arrest with weird claims that she had disparaged Roger Stone in her film, which was not true. As of yesterday, Jones had apparently severed business ties with Weaver.

    It’s interesting how this works. People who regard Jones as a “Mossad shill” or whatever is claimed about him (and anyone associated with him) may now tend to give more credence to Weaver’s report.

    Montreal litigator turned YouTuber, David Freiheit offers his insights into the technicalities of Weaver’s arrest.

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    • WHO WAS HER LAWYER!!!!!!!! 100K FRONT PAGE STUFF NO LAWYER NAME OR FIRM… GOFUNDME RESPONSE SAID SENT TO HER LAW FIRM??? A guy in canada… Was collecting her gofundme?? No lawyers mentioned at all? No law firm. Can someone get or find the defense lawyers name? Was there a lawyer at all. Where did the 100+k go to?

    • More than a few articles written on this subject matter juxtapose InfoWars with Conspiracy Theory or Far Right. This incident gave the “less than ethical” media outlets and many novice video makers claiming to know so much a platform to discredit this documentary, the people involved and all those who genuinely seek the truth.
      Those who claimed that this was staged revealed their foolishness. I live in the area. Supporting people were waiting outside the jail for her release and posted on FB.

      I have lived in North East Ohio close to 60 years now and five years ago I moved to the county bordering Portage. I’ve more than disliked this area from the “get go”. Ohio has a lot of corruption especially in big cities. This area is filled with darkness. So few people really wanting to be a part of the solution not the problem.

      I believe this event is being used for nefarious or less than honorable purposes by less than honorable persons for their Agenda.

    • The latest I saw in the family situation is that the Mother has told arresting Authorities that she does not want to press charges.

      This is obviously connected to her Documentary with Whistkeblowers statements in how the 3rd Party Intelliegence spying entities. These 3rd Party Organizations connected to or created by Governmental Top Officials is conducted and used to compell various Congressmen/women to manipulate decisions or to gain beneficial outcomes for these Deep State Power Players.

      Done in order to circumvent FOIA in order to conduct espionage/illegal intelligence gathering of anyone they want!

      This is including Members of Congress, U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressional Committee Members, U.S. Senate Hearing Members, U.S. Citizens or Foreign Governments-Any Companies or individuals and even recently to spy on the President Of The United States!

      This is the biggest Secret that has been hidden from Even those in Government that is “Not In The Know!”

      This is obviously this Deep State Group of Officials taking revenge against the Documentary Creator. She should be freed and then get a team of Skilled Attorneys and sue the Police and those they can prove ordered this reciprocity action!

    • This incident stank from the git go. It never made sense and still doesn’t. There’s more to it than this. Bizarro!!

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