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George Webb has been in DC, posting up a storm on his YouTube account, now joined by sidekick, Jason Goodman from Crowdsource the Truth.

Webb sees the Seth Rich murder as just a small part of a much bigger picture of high-level racketeering by Hillary Clinton, her minions and whoever she’s fronting. It’s an outrageous amount of money that’s been amassed over some twenty years and it’s Webb’s intention to solve it ALL within the next 2 weeks.

A few days ago, Webb consulted with a professional forensic gun wound investigator, who says there’s no way that Seth died at 5AM, with the injuries he sustained, which she also believes came from a 22-caliber pistol or smaller. This aligns with the MedStar Resident’s post about Seth dying 8 hours after being checked-in.

Webb says (in other posts), that organ harvesting, alone can easily bring in $500,000 per body and he wouldn’t be surprised if Seth’s 27 year old organs weren’t donated (that is, if, indeed he did die and not disappear into a witness protection program). He’s identified as Seth’s attending physician at MedStar Hospital (who presumably oversaw his death – if he died) as Dr. Jack Sava, MD. Webb visited the latter’s Rhode Island Street property, to see his luxurious mansion, currently under construction (this is all viewable, as micro-posts on George Webb’s YouTube account).

Webb says that John Podesta is currently in a buying frenzy, buying up art, gold and diamonds, in an attempt to unload $40 billion from the Clinton Foundation and to spread it out all over the world, before those assets can be seized, following the appointment of a new FBI director.

Webb says, “McCabe knows all about the $40 billion.” It’s being converted into these hard assets and “Moved into as many different countries as possible, so it’ll be so difficult to actually go seize. You’ll have a contractual issue or an international issue,” every time you try to go seize these assets.

Webb then proceeds to use the jelly caddies, salt shakers and other hotel breakfast table accoutrements to illustrate how the drug-running between Afghanistan and Punjab, to Pakistan, to Turkey’s Incirlik airbase to NATO, in Mons, Belgium.

Webb says, large military transport planes, like C-130s are used to transfer raw opium from Afghanistan to Pakistan, where they are refined into opioid medications, which are then contracted-out by mobbed-up doctors, to places like the VA (US Department of Veterans Affairs), where these generic drugs (usually watered-down to half- or quarter-strength) are distributed from Belgium.

He says information about all of the above can be found in the Congressional Blackberry phone network.

He describes these activities as, “Just Mena [Arkansas] Airport, on a global scale, just longer distances…It’s very simple: drugs go one way, arms go the other way…” Half of the cargo gets left in Belgium and the rest comes to the US. In the past, he’s mentioned Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska, as well as an airport in Rockford, Illinois, where drugs were smuggled in shipments of mangoes and Basmati rice. Except that instead of the $1 million per day worth of cocaine being brought in at Mena, Webb claims, in an another one of his blizzard of micro-posts, that Offut AFB receives $1 billion per day (!) in opidoids.

As an aside, this ratline has been disrupted, in the aftermath of the 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt. External electrical power to the US’ Incirlik base from Turkey was cut and Turkey has imposed a no fly order for US military aircraft in the area, except to conduct anti-Daesh air operations in Syria. Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook confirmed that, “US facilities at Incirlik are operating on internal power sources.” EUCOM spokesman Navy Capt. Danny Hernandez said about the situation, “All our assets in Turkey are fully under control and there was no attempt to challenge that status.” There are NATO nuclear weapons at Incirlik and yesterday, Angela Merkel suggested that she might withdraw German troops and weapons from Incirlik, to which, Turkey President Erdogan wished her “A happy journey,” should she decide to do so.

It’s complicated on purpose. I’ll let Webb explain the rest.

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  • The doctor in charge of Seth at the hospital, his house isn’t in Rhode Island. The street address is Rhode Island.

    • Oops. Thanks. That makes more sense. I went to school in RI and have spent very little time in DC.

  • Stunning how much freedom of presumption can manifest when war is the umbrella social context…Camo painted aircraft, cash to lubricate, diplomatic immunity for invisibility and government players around the world filling bank accounts invisible to any examination making the golden highway an 8 lane thoroughfare. Oh, and let us not forget the psychopaths trained to eliminate with stealth and soulless, guilt free execution.

    • If it is true, that Offut AFB receives $1 billion in opioids daily from C-130s coming from Pakistan-Turkey-Belgium and whatever, I just have to wonder what all those Air Force guys involved are thinking? Do they know what’s going on? Have they signed deadly NSA agreements? WTF?

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