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    Dark Journalist is launching a 6-part video exposé about “The New Age Deep State,” documenting decades of disinformation and chicanery, mounted against independent thought.

    In this exciting Part 1 episode, Dark Journalist focuses on forces working to dilute and control the narrative around the Black Budget project known as the Secret Space Program (SSP). The research done on this important topic by reliable investigators, searching for the missing trillions has been co-opted and conflated with disinformational stories from a marketing plan that was recently confirmed at last weekend’s Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree, California.

    Recent episodes of Dark Journalist have featured interviews with Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan, who had concerns about the claims of GaiaTV whistleblower, Corey Goode, who claims to be a time-traveling astronaut. Ryan revealed many holes in Goode’s story and suggested his narrative consists mainly of a pitch for a cross-platform Intellectual Property to be marketed in the entertainment business.

    DJ says the unfortunate impact of Goode’s activities is that genuine inquiries into the real Secret Space Program are being associated with his alleged true-life accounts of being part of a phantom space alliance.

    DJ asks whether this is disinformational by design, while presenting the details of the recent launch of a 3-year marketing effort by Goode, to exploit UFO and SSP research in comic books, video games and TV shows.

    There is much evidence that New Age Movement was/is a subproject of MK Ultra; a mind control experiment with the intent of confusing people about many subjects, from spirituality and newfangled “ET Savior” scenarios, to the issue of ET technological involvement with humans and the Secret Space Program.

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    • Dear Sir,

      I am afraid I didn’t find in ” Religion and
      Spiritual practices” what I was looking for…
      ” ” TRUTH “…
      But, dark practices…

      Please do update for heaven’s sake…

    • So what do we do? WHo do we listen to? WHo can be trusted and who has the real information? Do we listen to Bill Ryan? Drake? (Drake had Wilcock on his show once but never again. They apparently have turned against Wilcock.) Alex Jones? (snicker, cough) Do we just say “to hell with it all” and go back to guns, militias, and physical 3D revolution to change things? (The people who advocate this are 1 inch away from starting to go after “targets” because they have grown fed up since the days of Waco and Ruby Ridge listening to “calmer minds” about waiting for positive change in a non-violent manner.) I like Laura Eisenhower, but she continues to compare herself to the “good” General Eisenhower who had death camps for Germans after WW2 ended, made agreements with Churchill and Stalin to reduce the German population by 30-50%, and who made agreements with the bad aliens to abduct and experiment (torture and kill) a certain number of humans in exchange for weapons technology and he also declined a treaty with good aliens to provide us with a “Star Trek” life in the 1950’s with the elimination of sickness, age, suffering but we would have to stop nuclear armaments . SO who can be believed?

    • I feel that DJ is expressing a well thought out and defenceable summary. I believe there are a lot of charactors on the ‘conspiracy’ talk circuit who only have one story to tell so dress up, dream up and elaborate their tale to prolong their shelf life. This can also include adopting the stories of others as if they are their own while always being ready to jump on an in vogue bandwagon.
      Without doubt The Powers That Be are very expert and sneaky at infiltrating and manipulating individuals and movements to induce ridicule and plant outlandish claims that cannot be substanciated on purpose to allow the real agenda to progress under a smokescreen. The truth always floats to the top although it may take a long time.

      • Truth appears ever in the centre of being.
        Never by any ex-pert, speaking out of the left or the right part of being.

        Inside the centre of being a levitational impact is present, when this core is found.

        The strange thing now is, this impact is timeless, where in the centre of being human time is gone.

    • I saw the change in CoreyGoode and thought as an empath he was not used to speaking publicly and thought David Wilcock was coaching his confidence. It is very disappointing to consider your perspective and facts. I beleive David’s work has been sincere and am sorry to think this will have an impact on his work.

    • Your comments regarding “unsubstantiated and unvetted” whistleblower Goode does not address the substantiation from William Tompkin’s testimony. Both of them address age regression technology, the different factions of the space program (Solar Warden, Dark Fleet, etc), cloning and many other points.

      On the other hand, I have not seen any substantiation from the Bill Ryan testimony even though he states he has audio/visual proof of his allegations regarding an alleged conversation between Goode and his wife planning on intentionally fooling David Wilcock.

      Furthermore, I believe you are missing the whole point of Goode using multimedia (Comics, Video games, etc). The aim is to get this message out to the general public instead of just addressing this to the UFO community. Preaching to the choir will not increase the traction needed to obtain Disclosure, this approach has not gotten us any nearer for the last 70 years or

      Your piece is very journalistically disappointing in regards to these points and continues to perpetuate “dis-unity to the community”

      • You must follow the money and all personal connections, Maggie. (Look what has happened in the Seth Rich case.) The CG case doesn’t look good if one approaches both items objectively. Personally, I’m disappointed about the new evidence regarding CG, but then I’m not a “believer”; I’m a thinker. Thinking leads to a widened knowledge base and a changing POV, not “unity in the community” (quote by CG). Thinkers are most typically independents not joiners. The down side to thinking rather than believing is disappointment. That challenges the “reality bubble” (quote by CG). Incorporating new information as it becomes available is key to critically thinking. Belief is a full halt event where nothing more is learned.

        You may notice that the quotes by CG are in stark opposition. One was stated very early in his coming out, the other just recently. How can one keep one’s reality bubble permeable and unite with those who believe?

    • please don’t include the ”jounalistic’ ”stories” of
      gurdjieff, ouspensky and orage with this ”marketing
      of ufo/deep state stuff.
      the two things are miles apart in reality.
      gurdjieff groups do not ”advertise” or seek
      members….people have to find them using
      their intelligence.

      • DJ is not saying that, at all!

        He’s saying the Opposite of that! He brought up Ouspensky, etc.; those individuals in the late 19th century to distinguish their work from the late-20th century CIA subproject (my guess) of MK Ultra which has continued to evolve as the “New Age Movement”, of which GaiaTV is an exponent, as is, to some extent, the kind of conspiracy culture embodied by people like David Wilcock and Corey Goode (wittingly or not).

        This doesn’t mean that everything on GaiaTV is bad! My lovely film, ‘Heal for Free’ is available on GaiaTV!

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