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    During a Presidential Campaign and a first year in office rocked by a blizzard of scurrilous claims on all sides, the Seth Rich murder had seemingly become another sad footnote of this era. It’s becoming increasingly clear, however that this case is the lynchpin of something much bigger.

    The integrity of the US Government rests on a fair investigation of the Seth Rich murder. If the DNC emails were leaked by Seth and if he was murdered for what he knew and did, “Russian Hacking” becomes moot and the Mueller Investigation is revealed as an attempted coup.

    May 2017 was a watershed month. This was when the Mueller Investigation was launched. May 2017 was also the month, nearly a year after DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder, when Private Detective and former Fox News Reporter Rod Wheeler and tech tycoon Kim Dotcom each declared they had solid evidence that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. May 2017 was also when Brad Bauman, Democrat crisis manager hired as a spokesman by Seth Rich’s family emerged as an attack dog against anybody’s claims of Seth having provided the DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

    Bauman went ballistic on Twitter, fulminating about the innocence of Seth Rich and about how the bereaved must be spared all such “conspiracy theories”. Bauman then had several high profile articles published and TV segments produced by top Mainstream Media outlets, which angrily warned everyone to back off. Each of these PR pieces seethed with a hostility that was suspiciously inappropriate for a grieving family wanting answers about their son’s murder. Plus, they seemed improperly focused on Seth’s innocence of any “hacking” (sic).

    If one interprets these antics as deflecting exposure of DNC crimes and considers the enormous stakes involved, this belligerence makes much more sense and Rod Wheeler’s sudden retraction and lawsuit against Fox also make much more sense. That the investigation into the murder had ceased caused many  to suspect that the family had been threatened, bribed or both, considering the infinitely deep pockets and Arkancidal tendencies of those involved.

    So it was a surprise to see a report on March 1st, 2018 in the Washington Times, when it was thought that the trail had long since gone cold, that Fox News Commentator, Ed Butowsky told the Gateway Pundit that he’d spoken to Seth’s father, Joel during the afternoon of December 17, 2016 who confirmed to Butowsky that, “We know what our sons did, but we just want to find Seth’s killer.”

    Sons, plural. Another reason to publicly maintain innocence of any hacking/leaking, as brother Aaron is still alive and could be subject to both legal and illegal reprisals from the DNC. Butowsky also shared that the family vehemently did not want Seth to be remembered for helping Donald Trump to get elected.

    Reporters attempting to confirm Butowsky’s statements, however were met with denials by the Rich family.

    This report from Black Pilled has more.

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    • The question is: will we ever see justice?
      Because justice must be proven and the possibility for money making lawyers, I guess there will never be justice ever. There has never been justice on earth, other as justified justice for and by the powerfull elite.
      Is it possible that simple human beings can justify justice?

    • of course, there is no Republic! hasn’t been in a long time!!! Turn off your Television! Start to think!

    • This pretty well covers all the bases. The high level perps will not face justice in this life because the same organizations that murdered Kennedy are still the masters in control and after the coming war all of this will be forgotten.

    • Seth Rich’s parents must be encourage. through any honest and legal means to appear on Fox and or OAN to inform the American people that their son was the source of the DNC leaks and likely the reason for his death. Their personal safety must also be assured.

      The president must then be pressured through petitions, nationwide demonstrations and DC marches to take decisive executive action to investigate and prosecute the murders.

    • I have never understood (and still don’t) why the Russia 2016 election campaign meddling and Trump/Russia possible collusion investigation is attached to the question of whether or not Seth Rich leaked Clinton/DNC emails or they were hacked by Russia. As I have studied available information from the very beginning up to the present it continues to seem to me that these occurrences/non-occurrences are not mutually excludable. Rich most likely did leak the emails in my opinion at this point, but that does not mean that the Russian’s did not meddle in our election and definitely does mean that Trump campaign personnel did not collude with Russia. Could someone explain to me why they see these occurrences mutually exclusive?

      • Fake conspiracy websites published by Russian interests out of Macedonia, etc. exist but websites do not constitute “hacks” and these did not affect the US Presidential Election. According to the US Intelligence Community, there is no indication that Russian hackers in any way affected the voting machines or tabulation process. The idea that “Russian Hacking” threw the 2016 US Presidential Election is a massive deflection campaign.

        What DID completely destroy Hillary’s campaign was the release of the Podesta emails on October 7, 2016, one month prior to the election and to a less dramatic degree, WikiLeaks’ May 2016 release of the DNC emails, as well as the very serious concerns raised by Hillary’s “homebrew” private email server and the highly suspicious activitiesof the Clinton Foundation.

        Whenever you hear the term “Russian WikiLeaks” from Hillary, Donna Brazile and others, you’re hearing DNC-Deep State lies. WikiLeaks is not a Russian operation.

        Guccifer 2.0 is being used to push the “Russian Hacking” narrative. The DoJ is about to falsely blame Guccifer 2.0 for the DNC leaks of which there is evidence was accomplished by murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich. Guccifer 2.0, who was extradited from Romania and is currently in custody claims that he is a Romanian taxi driver with rudimentary hacking skills and old computer equipment. He’d previously hacked into Dubya’s computer and posted weird self-portraits painted by President Bush II. The USG wants to claim that Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian spy, however former US intelligence officers claim that he is an FBI patsy.

    • The narrator says, “if there is no justice for Seth Rich (sic), our Republic is gone..”

      It was gone a long time ago – now, we’re all waking up to that truth.

      Civil War is coming..

      • or, the powers of good finally bust the Clinton and Bush (Cheney) Crime family. Let’s also add in:
        – Larry Silverstein
        – Donny Boy Rumsfeld
        – The FBI (clearly corrupt. Look closely at Sandy Hook..)
        and every other compromised motherfucker who sullies people like Seth Rich, a True American Hero.

        • Don’t forget Waco Texas, and what the “FBI” did there to women & children. But yes, there will be no justice given for Seth Rich. We have not had a republic in a long, long time. You can petition them, but they will respond by setting up something like the “Warren Commission” and I believe we know how well that went to finding JFK’s murderer. The power “elite” do not respond to threats, they have wet teams, correct the mater. Just like on the 911 “investigation” what a crock of shit this country has become. Pardon my five letter wording. Best to all. Except the power elite of course.

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