Given what a powerful platform it is for activism and self-expression, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that social media is being studied by government agencies to find the most effective ways to make official propaganda go viral and to disrupt dissent.

James Corbett does a great job of outlining some of what’s going on with the military’s use of online trolls and sockpuppets and it features a priceless live confrontation of Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Information czar by Luke Rudkowski regarding the former’s tactics that he published about how to infiltrate and subvert 9/11 truth groups online.

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  • I always saw social media as a weapon. Early involvement in political chat rooms was/is a haven of hate. I realized then that many sites would be the breeding room of intrusive behavior and I theorized many Ph.D. theses in Psychology will be based on public interaction on the net. I also was aware that Federal, State, and local police organizations will mine all data gained on such sites. I don’t use social media as a result. While “they” watch me I watch them. And, in such a hateful environment in America with its demise, I care not to participate in such foolishness. Therefore, I use the internet for research material.

  • Come, let us go down and confuse their language. That may sound simple, however……. Like with all propaganda, if you say it over and over and over, and loud enough they will believe. Want an example? The Bible, edited in Rome in about 468AD, and it still works today. To control the masses . As I started on a religious note, why have we never been told what the dead sea scrolls revile? I’m sorry if I stepped on anybody’s feelings about their beliefs. I believed until I saw too much, had an experience with death, well comatose anyway. And I have been brain dead ever since. Now what has this to do with “social media”? Everything.

  • Wow, I had thought that social media was a tool to study users. To obtain information about behaviour and preferences. I hadn’t considered that it is an opinion forming tool. I’m not sure which is worse. The massive surge forward in communication technology, far outstripping other areas badly in need of innovation and investment is very suspicious. Not least of these is the clean energy issue. I’ve stopped believing in global warming I now see it as a scaffold that other abuses can be attached to.

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