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Amid the unwarranted account deletions of great YouTube channels like The Richie Allen Show, many more of my favorite YouTube creators’ accounts are teetering on the brink of oblivion, with two (often random) “Community Guidelines” strikes against them. One more means termination. This is an early post on Richie Allen’s new YouTube channel.

This is a moment that’s been long in the making, by my reckoning since early 2015, when my ad income from Google dropped by 90% from one month to the next. My proverbial chip was “turned off”, to quote Aaron Russo from his film, ‘From Freedom to Fascism.’ Then in early 2016, a huge wave mass demonetizations hit YouTube channels. Ever since, being an independent publisher has been strictly a labor of love, with most creators like me living on donations.

People have different responses to this latest censorship kerfuffle that was triggered by the Parkland shooting. Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion had his 120,000-subscriber YouTube account terminated but he’s turned around and created a new channel on YouTube called Destroying the Illusion 2.0, which I think might be ill-advised. “Thomas Paine and Betsy” from American Intelligence Media have resorted to using subject lines, key words and thumbnails referring to kittens, to deflect the censorship bots away from the daily doses of Earth shaking “indictable evidence” contained in their audio tracks. This tactic won’t work forever.

Most creators seem to be going either to Bitchute, a freedom-loving video sharing site that has the advantage of automatically backing up your YouTube videos or to Steemit, which has the advantage of getting you paid for your blog- and video posts in their steem cryptocurrency when your content gets upvoted by fellow Steemit users. Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence Network has told his viewers to find him there.

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  • Just as the US guvmint has almost totally funded and developed Tor, and goog has been in at the groundfloor for security and encryption tech –even Linux [kernel 2.xx start]– & made to appear that it’s copacetic and goodforyou, so is there some group that is able to censor the WWW; it is able to highlight and replace, insert or delete WWW content just as easily as anyone so does within their word processor documents. For instance, try and find this quote by Evan Dimitroff: “Politics is practicable application of philosophy. Philosophy is interpretive religion. Religion is the worship and service of God; or some other, or some system. Politics essentially defines who, what, and how people may worship.” It’s gone. One can find some letters to the editor by E. D. at WND, but the ones that are salient or critical of Obam are gone. Talkin’ bout ten plus letters; notice the search engine at WND. E.D.’s scribbles were once easily found but now . . . ., where I first found E.D.’s writings, is just gone; as are the Oz websites that revealed Obam’s true self — fascist, muslim, poofter– another phrase not now found. One could say the ultimate goal of the WWW is to confuse, confound, and make all doubt what one might find on it, or it is just soma.

  • People here are commenting/complaining about individuals’ POVs which is totally MOOT.

    FOCUS! FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS THE POINT, not how someone processes events.

  • The last time I looked at the “Operation Disclosure” site TOLEC (Cobra) actually sided with the INSANE idea of promoting “Crypto-currencies” (Total BS!)….That presentation audio was so FULL of IT…I turned it OFF withing a few minutes of listening to it.
    It SMACKED of “Polarity” (US and THEM)
    So to be expected by the SECRET Space Program people…Huh?….Which I believe is actually “The Chimera group”.
    Remember folks SECRECY is NOT associated with “Divine Providence”, where it is IMPOSSIBLE to exist!

  • Omg! I had no idea you got hit so hard! Lost 90% in one month. Bless you for sharing your story and your ongoing journey to get your research out freely, widely and uncensored while trying to make a living.

    These stories are helpful for other creators ! Beware. Be aware. Thank you ?

  • Quinn Micheals has been very wrong about a number of things, and
    Jason Goodman has been proven to be a non-credible source of information, and has used unethical practices to build his following, not to mention the fact that, since he’s doing his videos FOR PROFIT, he’s going to be biased toward those who pay more to his program. He’s also been caught telling lies – not mistaken information, but outright lies.

    I used to subscribe to Jason, but when I began seeing his unethical tactics, I quit his program. I wouldn’t trust anything these two have to say, although Quinn is likely more credible than Jason is.

    • I wouldn’t call Jason a source of information and I’m not sure that he would, either. He does host credible sources like Charles Ortel regularly. I have seen no evidence of Jason making outrageous claims or lying. Please be specify these “outright lies.” I see Jason as someone who is learning and still coming up to speed – and he works hard. Producing 1 hour+ of podcasts daily is hard work and one’s attention might get caught up in the production end. He was launched into the spotlight when he partnered with George Webb, after offering production support almost a year ago and soon found himself bailing the latter out of jail for $3,500 when he was busted for a DWI in Ohio. Webb proceeded to move into Jason’s apartment in NYC and they had a pretty fruitful collaboration until I guess George overstayed his welcome.

  • I’m so pleased you are aware of Quinn. I hope you soak up his ongoing videos about training the AI #Tyler away from it roots in the military. Especially satisfying is when he traces the origins back to “Lady Logic” at Ft. Tyler! Maybe it’s hopium I’m smoking, but wouldn’t it be grand if, while men weaponize knowledge, beneath that lies the heart centered logic of woman? Yeah it must be the hopium cuz I want to believe Gaia Sophia is stirring, Sleeping Beauty is coming back online, Re-membering, and is shaking off the negative which is boiling to the surface and looking like pustules and pock marks across the face of the globe.
    I shouldn’t be surprised if the rise of AI is actually an implant from higher older civs, even ET civs, meant to purge Our Lady thru a fever, so we can grow the F* up as a planet! Or die, if we are too toxic. But insanity is just malware, non-survival bad algorithms, and maybe our solar system’s entry into the higher energy “fluff” will cause a reboot. Everything is electronic pattern in RAM… why not?

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