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A funny thing happened after YouTube was founded. Whether foreseen or not, YouTube became a robust platform for dissident citizen media.

YouTube was fertile ground for citizen cynicism about 9/11, Neocons and their policy of Endless War; it was a place where everyday people awoke to Realpolitik.

Citizens posting and learning each other’s views in a relatively uncensored environment caused mass awareness to increase exponentially. It was rightly “credited” (or “blamed”) for Hillary Clinton’s upset failure in the 2016 US Presidential Election. In desperation, the Establishment chalked up this rising consciousness to “Fake News”.

Absurdly, they claimed that the increasing awareness of the people was a result of “Russian propaganda” and “Russian Bots”, as if branding it with hackneyed pejoratives from a bygone era would make it not be true that an increasing number of regular people do not like or trust their governments – and they definitely don’t believe that the Democrats are the “good guys”.

This growing group of regular people in America, in the West – and the world over are not “Fake News” and we are not “Russian Bots”. We are keenly aware of the degeneracy and corruption of our leaders and their Mainstream Media mouthpieces. They can call us whatever they want. Pronouncements from these shellacked minions have lacked the ring of truth…forever.

In the 1950s, innocent Left-leaning Americans, who wanted working people to be protected from the depredations of Corporatism, which is what the Left is the US is supposed to be about – but the furthest thing from the truth today were Blacklisted for imagined “Russkie” associations. How can the irony of this be lost on today’s so-called Left? How ironic can it get, that today’s Left are accusing their political enemies of Russian “entanglements”, at a time when Russia has long since ceased to be Communist – and as if the “Russkies” were anything other than a manufactured threat to begin with!

If these Think Tank idiots actually believe that labeling a growing majority of normal people as some kind of ridiculous “Red Menace” du jour rather than knowing us for the “normies” that we are, they need to find some honest work for a change. Time to grow out of that inane “Strategy of Tension” and to get real. I don’t like Lindsey Graham but he got it right when he said, “Russia has an economy the size of Italy.”

Ron Johnson joins Sean at the SGTreport to discuss the termination of his very popular YouTube channel, which was among dozens of leading Alternative News sites that were deleted in recent days without warning or recourse, due to (bogus) claims of “bullying.” These allegations are completely without merit, made under the guise of “protecting” victims of the Florida High School massacre and for the actual purpose of squelching a critical analysis of events.

Sustained repression of the truth will hopefully have a Streisand Effect and all attempts to obscure it will have the unintended consequence of publicizing it more widely.

It is the end of an era for Alternative News and the beginning of a new one – one that will necessarily take place away from YouTube.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 9/11 was an inside job. Research who put Thermite in the 2 towers. No airplane is capable of taking down those buildings.
    It was a controlled demolition….How else can you drop those buildings in their own foot print….Check it out!!!!

  • My email box is currently being bombarded by both RP (Reps) and DP (Dems) propaganda, sound bites, and beg $letters$, all because I’ve signed petitions; agreeing with one position or another, but I know I’ve got to be pissing these senders off because I don’t agree with the rest of their agendas (read: crap)! I often wonder if these ‘Party Goers’ are simply or *stubbornly* obtuse! At times their fanaticism, in the face of overwhelming evidence: Video of young men carrying an ‘injured’ friend after the Orlando ‘shooting’ and finishing with putting the guy down and standing around *laughing*! Video, capturing a ‘grieving father’, laughing and cutting up, *hours* after his ‘child’ was so-called ‘tragically slain’ or the innocent statements by the child ‘survivors’ of Sandyhook saying that they were told there was going to be a ‘*drill*’, the next day, so they had to practice *the day before*!! Or the videos, released this past week, on the newest ‘FALSE FLAG’ op in Parkland, FL!

    THIS AIN’T ‘FAKE NEWS’! This isn’t one ‘talking head’ speculating to another one on the radio or TV; this is unrehearsed, unscripted, and unprompted RAW footage that absolutely HAS to be seen and heard–at least by those of us who were already highly suspicious and skeptical!
    Does any of this make me a ‘Party’ person? Hell NO! I’m a rock-solid believer in the Bill of Rights–ALL OF THEM! The RIGHT OF DISSENT (1st) and the POWER to DEFEND THEM (2ND!) Adolf Hitler said, “The first step in controlling the people is to DISARM THEM!” Worked pretty good for him, huh? (6+ million) Stalin; same. (50+ mil) Mao Tse Tung; same. (45 mil in 4 years)
    I recently starting receiving something called the ‘Daily KOS’ (whatever that means!) because I signed a PRO-CHOICE petition (UNASHAMEDLY!), but I left a rebuttal that stated that I subscribe to ‘Forbidden Knowledge TV’ and ‘Brasscheck TV’ and that I’m probably more ‘awake’ and ‘aware’ than most of their readers, are and/or their ‘owners’ wanted :D. I was soundly dismissed as another ‘Conspiracy Theorist’! I told them to go and read “Tragedy & Hope” by Carroll Quigley, written by an actual *scholar* given unprecedented access to files and writings by the REAL conspirators, working to subjugate OUR COUNTRY since the late 1800’s! Then come back and tell me, *I’M* delusional!
    I’m of the opinion that YouBOOB, being a privately owned business ( I don’t believe anybody put a gun to their heads to *sell-out* to GooGoo, did they? [Hell, maybe they were strong-armed; who knows…] No: Their GREED dictated that move!), CAN choose to allow or disallow anything they want…BUT *somebody* had better get busy and put up a TRUE ALTERNATIVE; especially now that you can see the way the wind is blowing!
    Thank YOU, Alexandra, for all that you do for us!

    • And B.S. stands for “blind stuff” i.e. the official story. The war is not on terror, but FREEDOM. Time to wake up.

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