It’s clear that the Biden Regime is committed to sadistically collapsing the United States, with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm all saying over the past week that the world war simmering in Ukraine will not derail the WEF’s genocidal Green New Deal.

They will continue to block US energy independence and not restart US energy production. Instead, buying oil from Iran is now “on the table.”

Complete Upside Down World.

Ice Age Farmer, Christian Westbrook is back with news about the inevitable front in this war: the engineered global food crisis.

He notes that Egypt is the largest buyer of wheat from the Black Sea region of Ukraine and Russia and they’ve been rushing to find alternative wheat suppliers and to stockpile as much wheat as possible as quickly as possible.

Recall that during the Arab Spring a decade ago, the price of bread was the initial trigger for the protests that led to the resignation of then-President Hosni Mubarak.

Christian says, “Egypt is desperately trying to bolster their food supply. Is the EU doing the same thing? Is the US trying to protect its citizens? No. Neither is.

“Yesterday, I mentioned that the EU on Wednesday convened a meeting of their agriculture ministers and is enacting a EU food crisis contingency plan, a crisis mechanism to monitor a food shortage.

“However yesterday, Thursday,  the agriculture minister of Germany announced that despite calls to relax the restrictions on farmers – there’s the EU Common Agricultural policy. The cap under the Farm-to-Fork Program says that farmers can’t use all their land. They have to leave 4% of it or more fallow, in order to receive subsidies which make farming economically possible. The agriculture minister of Germany announced yesterday they would not be relaxing those restrictions.

“In other words, ‘We’re not even going to put our land to use. We’re not going to try and grow wheat, now that we’ve cut off the 40% of global exports from the Ukraine. Just forget it, we want this crisis,’ is what he is telegraphing and that’s why German farmers were furious.

“Here’s one video by a farmer named Christian. I’ll post a link to his YouTube channel below and you don’t have to understand his language to get the message here he is very clear in his words when he says, ‘Hunger is Murder’ by the agricultural minister. ‘What you’re doing is murder.’

“Some of his choice quotes: ‘In the midst of this catastrophe, this Green eco-fanaticism equates to putting ecological madness before human lives.’

“In other words, putting your land and not using it for growing crops, even as people are starving is murder, because that’s the whole thing. They’re saying it’s ‘Global Warming’ and, ‘We can’t grow as much food because of the carbon emissions and we’re not going to relax these restrictions,’ even though there’s a food crisis, even though, on Wednesday, they acknowledged it. But still yesterday, ‘No, we’re not gonna let you grow food.’

“It’s pure madness and that, right there tells you that they want this food crisis. They need it to push their agenda through. The same thing is the case in the US. The Biden administration inside sources have leaked that they are studying whether a biofuel waiver could ease food inflation.

Quote: ‘US President Joe Biden’s administration is studying whether waiving biofuel blending mandates could help offset a surge in prices for key food ingredients like corn and soy oil following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,’

“However, when Reuters contacted them, the administration said, quote: ‘There is no serious consideration of this by the White House right now,’ because ethanol is good for Global Warming and we’ve got to save the Earth. Never mind the people that don’t have food.

“They WANT this crisis and they will not take steps to feed their people; not in the EU, not in the US.

“In my video yesterday, I also asked the question, ‘What does it mean when you enact the EU’s food crisis contingency plan?’ because details are quite scarce and although I wrote them and asked for some details, somehow, I doubt that I’ll hear back and we’ll see but I did scour the web and found only one thing by Martin Armstrong, here that said in 2016, the Merkel administration had put into place a plan that allowed them to seize farms during a food crisis.

“Well, if you look around 2016 new German food policies, almost exclusively you will find headlines that talk about this new plan requiring Germans to have a 10-day food supply.

“Quote: ‘The population will be obliged to hold an individual supply of food for 10 days.’

“Sounds pretty reasonable, right? And that’s all you’ll find. Germany tells people to stockpile food but if you go dig up this plan called the ‘Civil Defense Concept’ and you pull up the plan, right here and you open it up and find the section about Emergency Food and you use Google Translate to figure out what the heck it says, you see that this is exactly the case.

“Quote: ‘When this basic food supply can no longer be achieved by the free market, then a supply of the population with essential food through sovereign management…’ In other words, ‘Through the government, we will take over the farms. We will take over the food and we will distribute it as we see fit.’

“So, this is why the EU said on Wednesday, ‘Yes, there’s a crisis,’ and on Thursday, ‘No, we’re not going to grow food to fix the crisis because this is the plan.’

“This was the plan in 2015, when they convened John Podesta’s Food Chain Reaction game [funded by George Soros] and said, ‘We need more global government. We need a global carbon tax because of these food shortages that are happening.'”

Christian has long been pointing out that we are sleepwalking into disaster and that, just as we went through the the pandemic script from Event 201 so too, now is the Food Chain Reaction game going live, destined to end in localized food shortages and the Carbon Tax and even a ban of meat.


He says, “Let’s move on to what do we do about it, right? We all see it. We all know what’s going on. We see that they’re not even trying to help us, so we have to help ourselves. If you are only now thinking about this problem…here’s what we now do:

“We need to stand up emergency survival gardens for our families and for our communities and the way you structure your thinking around that.

“Number one: calories. Try and produce enough calories to feed your family. If that means that you only grow potatoes, because that’s as much room as you have in your garden, just to try and move the needle, fine, that’s good. And I’ve done videos before about potato growing bags, where even just in a 4′ x 6′ little space, I had a three-story tower with grow bags full of potatoes and I yielded buckets of potatoes.

“Right, you can make a meaningful difference in a very small space that fits on top of an RV, right? There’s no excuse for you – or on an apartment balcony – do not tell me that you don’t have room to grow food everyone has to be doing this at this point so if that’s all you have room for, grow some potatoes.

“If you can get your calories met, then you can move on to the next step, nutrition. Then, you can mix in some beans and other things that will have good proteins to keep you well-fed and other vitamin producing things.

“You can add in some herbs for immune support like turmeric, garlic, oregano, ginger. It’s up to you how you structure this. Then, the third priority finally would be how those things taste.

“If you want to mix in some hot peppers or you know just other flavorful things to make your dishes interesting, then that’s fine. But you have to first take care of the needs: calories and nutrition before you have any fun.

“And of course, Step Zero is go obtain what you can now and put it away. Can it, store it, buy the grains, put them in buckets with oxygen absorbers, if you have them.

“Position yourself with a buffer to be able to weather this storm in front of us. We’ve we’ve known this was coming. We talked in 2019, about the UN discussing openly that we needed global food rationing to whip people into shape to accept the agendas and the Climate Change nonsense.

“And here it is, right from the Mainstream Media. It’s it’s almost surreal and it’s certainly unfortunate but let’s all get to growing food immediately. That’s that’s where we are now and please spread this message.

“If everyone were growing as much as they can, then we would literally remove from them their power over us they would no longer have leverage to control us we just walk away from these toxic practices of industrial agriculture. So help me get the message out, Folks.”

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  • WHY don’t HUMANS ‘GET IT’ yet???

    The ‘WAR ON CARBON’…….is a WAR ON YOU!



  • Readers, please google ‘ Codex Alimentarius ‘ next to ‘ depopulation ‘…You gonna understand what’s really behind those three bbb ( 666 ) from ‘ build back better ‘ , or those three O cut in half ( again 666 ) from ‘ World Economic Forum ‘…And remember: the term ‘ conspiracy theorist ‘ was created by Crime/Cocaine Inc., after the public execution of the US President JFK, in Nov. ’63 ( to denigrate those who didn’t swallow the ‘ warren Commission B.S. – the magic bullet ). In my humble opinion, JFK’s murder was the most important in the history of mankind, after that of Jesus of Nazareth. The Vietnam war, many others ( Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. ) wouldn’t happen, neither Sept. 11, CONvid PLANdemic, Ukraina and so on…1984 it’s here, now…we have to deal with it !

  • There is so many of us👁️how and why do we allow the few to torture the many?Lets allow them to move to their Island and we won’t bother them,we know exactly who they are,I suppose,when things are bad enough 💩 will happen in desperation and a Global correction,it must be permanent,no more plots by these bad actors and their global students!!!

  • How do you grow healthy food when the soil is contaminated by daily chemtrails spewing heavy metals and other poisons all over the earth?

  • It is insane for the general public to think Russia is to blame for this, Russia is defending itself, and actually us also, but the EU, Israeli Government the Jewish Oligarchs in the US, Israel, the UK, and the Ukraine are all involved in this, Klaus Schwab is the spokes person for this NWO!

  • This is really scary. Most Americans haven’t ever had to go hungry. What they’re doing is pure evil. They need to be stopped ASAP

  • The Two Major Hoaxes,
    Covid-19 and Climate Change,
    are Related by Their Shared
    Purpose :

    Forwarded Message :

    — Steps to EFFECTING a Hoax —

    Secretly plan to weaponize normal
    year-to-year cold and flu-bug epi-
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    for STOPPING logic-driven Trump
    and his massive voter-base.

    How would Biden & Team expect
    to win while Biden could not get 60
    people on a parking lot ! (( hidden
    by MSM using cropping of pictures
    and videos )) when Trump was able
    to attract 16,000 into a stadium ?

    I began explaining the “Covid-19
    Hoax” in June of 2020. Why a
    H O A X ? :

    —because gain-of-function efforts
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    E N T R O P Y !

    Every variant of ANY bug handed
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    Another clue those idiotic masters
    of DECEIT had done, was to inform
    us in July of 2020 :

    [ MSM reporting that : ] “The normal
    year-to-year cold and flu infections
    are down 98%.”

    Why the idiots reported that ?—
    because more and more people
    had been asking:

    “What happened to colds and flu?”

    To what EVIL End, all this Kabuki
    Theatre by ELITE, can’t-get-that-girl
    psychopaths ? : the Climate Change
    hoax!, as means to create One-World
    Government, under the auspices of a
    U.N.-directed/-imposed Global
    Economic Socialism/Communism.

    T R U T H
    Change :

    Forwarded Message :

    Dear ScienceDaily Editor,

    I’ve coined a term  to
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    “CLIMATE Change”

    — Cyclical Solar-Effected Climate Change —

    Precession is an Earth-cycle of about 25,500
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    billions of years old, where the tilt of the
    Earth rotates around its axis, causing CLIMATE
    Change—effecting shifts in Climate from
    glaciation-to-warming-and-back-again periods,
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    Anyone there know about that Solar-Cycle ?

    Co2 pollution – re IMPACT on CLIMATE – is
    akin to tossing a marble into an olympic-sized
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    WARMISTS hope to reduce Co2 to ZERO!, even
    though Co2 is food for plants and trees and
    ocean flora !

    If you examine non-WARMIST scientists’ research,
    they gravely WARN us of starvation from a
    coming ( “minimum” ? ) glaciation period.

    It might be coming !

    Find and study the late Robert Felix’s book,
    “Not by Fire but by Ice”—a fine introduction to
    the above paragraphs ( at least, read his last page ).

    If you give it a fair/serious reading, you might be
    prompted to begin to finance Hydroponic Facilities
    across the U.S.

    Curiously, there is one in West Virginia that is
    massive!—and one near my property.

    Why? Do they serve in-the-know military interests ?

    Are you prepared—just in case ?



    Please consider sending
    my letter to friends and

    All about ENTROPY :

    Behind the scenes EVIL Actors—Driving Global Terrorism :

    • Thankyou so much. I’ve started reading the bottom link you attached A wealth of true information Just incredible!

  • Yikes! I started growing veg last spring and even though I had no idea what I was doing I still managed to get a little garden going. So it is doable


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